2023 Dodge Challenger Black Ghost Last Call Special Edition

The 2023 Dodge Challenger Black Ghost, a modern-day vision that channels the HEMII-powered spirit of a muscle car that roamed Woodward Avenue in the 1970s.

Foreign what’s good guys welcome back to ron’s rise news welcome back to the channel and welcome back to another video where we have the new 2023 dodge challenger black ghost which is a last call red eye with 807 horsepower now back in the 1970s there was a black 1970 dodge challenger with a 426 hemi v8 that cruise detroit’s woodward avenue it would show up

At random and then disappear for months allegedly putting the hurt to competitors in the stoplight battles on the infamous stretch of road it was called the black ghost and it rise one more time as the sixth last call special edition model from dodge now this is the 2023 dodge challenger black ghost and as the dodge charger king daytona debuted in september 14th

This isn’t a scat pack with an appearance package the challenger hellcat red eye wide body is the foundation but dodge bumps the supercharged 6.2 v8 to 807 horsepower now in the current challenger hierarchy it’s equal to the srt super stock that debuted in 2020 and it will be nearly as rare 300 black ghosts are slated for production and as the name suggests is

Only available in black now in addition to more power there are some unique exterior upgrades for this last call challenger the gator skin vinyl graphics are applied to the roof with contrasted white stripes adding to the quarter panels retro style badging is in effect with scripted challenger badges on the fenders and chrome dodge branding on the nose now the srt

Badge in the grille has a bright finish as do the 20 inch wheels and inside there’s a special black ghost badge for the instrument pedal with bezels made from carbon fiber alcantara on the seats door bolsters and steering wheel further dress up the interior now other highlights of the 2023 dodge challenger black ghosts include the bright fuel door black six piston

Brembo brake system black mopar hood pins and suede headliner and the 2023 dodge challenger black ghost as with all of the other 7 last cost edition models will be allocated to specific dealerships with pricing and dealer information shared on dodgegarage.com when the vehicle ordering opens later this fall so with that said what do you guys think about the black

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2023 Dodge Challenger Black Ghost Last Call Special Edition By RonsRides News