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2023 Dodge Hornet

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The 2023 Dodge Hornet is a new subcompact SUV with a performance-focused, plug-in-hybrid model.

What we’re looking at here is the 2023 dodge hornet uh another name that’s gonna turn into an ev or an electric vehicle i remember the hornets of the of the past the these were muscle cars this is what a muscle car is now now no muscle plug it in anyhow so this is the specs basically the 2023 dodge hornet is a new sub-compact suv with performance focused

Plug-in hybrid model gas only hornet that starts around 30 grand and it’s offered with similar features and options okay with dodge about to enter a new electrified performance era the hornet t-h-e-v hits dealerships next spring starting around 40 grand the hornet is a sub-compact suv that shares a platform with other parts and and alpha male so basically

It’s a shit box okay that they’re force-feeding us with so get your shit sandwich and and everything else the hornet gt okay that’s the base level and then the next one is the hornet r slash t’s which is supposed to be the racing track focused car okay so get ready for this one so the gt turbocharged 2.0 liter inline four makes about 268 horse the engine

Pairs with a 9 speed automatic transmission dodge estimates the gt will go 0 to 60 in 6.5 seconds on its way to a top speed up of 140. the hornet rt is the plug-in hybrid it combines a turbocharged 1.3 liter inline-four six-speed automatic transmission with a 121 horsepower brick motor mounted on the rear axle the total output is 288 work horsepower and 383

Pound feet of torque it also features a power stop function that delivers an extra 25 horsepower and is instant torque for 15 seconds of burst uh while its top speed is limited to 128 miles rt’s lithium-ion battery pack has a 12.08 kilowatt usable capacity and with its 7.2 kilowatt onboard charger dodge estimates a level 2 connection can refill the battery

In about two and a half hours while we’re told it’ll have an electric only drive range around 30 miles so the thing has a quick boost of 25 miles an hour that takes two and a half hours to charge it for a 30 mile range wow that doesn’t seem like a bonus and then dodge says the 2023 hornet gt starts for around 29 995 before destination uh charges which is

Which is a bullcrap charge they shouldn’t be charging you to bring it from the factory to the dealership um but that’s my opinion uh and the uh the rt is starts at 39 995 why charge a destination fee you’re going to bring it to the dealership anyhow why are you charging that extra fee all right that was my video uh about the car i do like the style of it

I you know even though everything’s an suv it just looks like um a jacked up neon to me from back in the day anyhow so uh if you like this video comment subscribe share it when we get to a thousand i’m gonna start a giveaway all right and i’m gonna start giving away cool stuff and you don’t have to buy stuff if you don’t want to no big deal i don’t have a

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