2023 EQS SUV From Mercedes-EQ | Interior And Exterior

2023 EQS SUV From Mercedes-EQ | Interior And Exterior

Another milestone for the electric era calculating the world’s electric route mercedes eq forges ahead with its first all-electric luxury suv it doesn’t just push the envelope in electric it’s transforming the automotive industry entirely let’s elevate the meaning of sport utility vehicle more than a pretty face suvs are built to be practical tough capable and

Now electric enter the 2023 eqs suv the first all-electric suv by mercedes eq this vehicle reveals mobility through a new lens reflecting the pioneering spirit of the next generation of driving the eqs suv shares the long wheelbase of its sedan namesake but is more than 7.8 inch taller providing headroom in spades roomier still space at the shoulders and knees

Signifies first-class travel along with optional third-row seating and comfort features for all passengers dynamic select offers the available off-road mode an intelligent driving mode that raises this suv to tackle varied terrain offroad paired with the responsive 4matic all-wheel drive and the standard rear axle steering with angles of up to 10 degrees makes

This ride everything to write home about hyper responsive technology is ever present with the available mercedes-benz user experience mbux hyperscreen a master control like no other this infotainment system spans 56-inch from door to door seamlessly merging three screens to form a single display the opportunity to communicate with your vehicle has never felt

So tangible thanks to the haptic feedback within the center and passenger displays when it comes to navigation with electric intelligence the name says it all this brilliant mind is capable of planning the fastest most efficient route accounting for weather traffic topography and even driving styles all while and pinpointing ideal charging stations along the

Way and charging is as smooth as the vehicle itself mercedes eq owners can enjoy complementary 30-minute charging sessions with electrify america’s dc fast charging stations for the first two years of ownership this next step in electric mobility was a steep one but we achieved it with supreme efficiency in our commitment to a more sustainable tomorrow so get

Ready to climb in the all-electric 2023 eqs suv by mercedes eq will emerge later this year technology and performance 11.25 hours 10 to 100 charging time 240 v wall box 31 minutes 10 to 100 charging time dc fast charging 355 horsepower eqs 450 plus 536 horsepower eqs 584matic rear axle steering up 10 degrees aromatic air suspension with adaptive damping system

Dynamic select including eco comfort sport offroad 4matic version and individual driving modes active ambient lighting driver assistance package with active distance assist distronic active lane keeping and blind spot assist and pre safe registered plus including pre-safe registered impulse side included design new generation mbux multimedia system with augmented

Reality navigation system including natural language understanding and keyword activation hey mercedes available mbux hyper screen with three displays under a single 56-inch curved glass surface biometric authentication 64-color ambient lighting including a new eq specific color scheme over-the-air updates digital light dolby atmos sound system registered with

A 360 degree sound experience as part of standard burmester registered 3d sound system two standard all-new soundscapes silver waves and vivid flux energizing air control plus with high efficiency particulate air hepa filter so you

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