2023 Ford Bronco Sport Heritage Edition

Check out this 2023 Ford Bronco Sport Heritage Edition!

Hello everybody today i’m at the north american international auto show taking a look at this 2023 ford bronco sport heritage edition the heritage edition is kind of the throwback retro style bronco design you are going to get some heritage edition exclusive colors as well as color schemes so starting off up front we do have the full led headlight and fog light

Package as well as the white grille accent with red lettering that color scheme is going to continue throughout the interior there’s a quick shot of the led fog lights coming around to the side we have this nice plastic fender flare that transitions into a plastic applique along the rocker panels wheel and tire setup it looks like we have a continental cross

Contact and that’s a 225 65 r17 this looks like an old school style steel wheel but it is not it’s pretty cool white in color as you can obviously see there are a couple of exclusive color options you can choose and i think this specific one is based on the big bend trim bronco pinstripe all the way down unfortunately i believe this vehicle is locked i do not

Want to have the alarm go off while i’m walking around it we have a really nice roof rack up top led accent tail lights with incandescent bulbs for your reverse and your turn signal parking sensors are going to be integrated into the bottom portion of the bumper backup camera is going to be right there you also have options to open the glass and the door i’ll

Go over that a little bit later if i can get into the vehicle overall this sky blue or baby blue looks really nice in this heritage edition this is going to be available in a couple of different base trim levels and i’ll go over the window sticker in one second starting off over on the driver’s side door we have all your window controls for the vehicle as well as

Your mirror controls trunk release button rotary diode selector for the exterior lighting of the vehicle as well as the dimmer switch for the instrument cluster working our way to the instrument cluster we have your tachometer on the left speedometer on the right and a nice lcd screen in the middle coming back to the steering wheel we have a nice leather wrapped

Steering wheel with very mild bolsters at 10 and 2. on the left side of the steering wheel we have your lane keep assist button as well as your adaptive cruise control buttons along with your regular cruise buttons we also have your steering wheel mounted audio controls on the right side we have the control pad for the center lcd display when the vehicle is on

As well as your steering wheel mounted hands-free call buttons push button start nice i think 8-inch touchscreen display this is the older style of touchscreen still has navigation apple carplay and android auto under that you have the physical buttons for the radio itself automatic start stop on off it is on by default hazard light button nice little storage

Tray right here single zone climate control i think this is a wireless charging mat if you sew option one as well as another storage mat right here looks like you have a usbc usb outlet and a 12 volt outlet back in there two cupholders and then we have your rotary dial shifter this is your um hole or this is your uh electronic parking brake and this is your hold

Button this is pretty cool uh so if you’re in stop and go traffic and you don’t want to constantly have your foot on the brake you can actually while in drive and your foot on the brake you can push this hold button and take your foot off the brake and the vehicle will not go anywhere under that we have your goat mode which stands for go over anything or go over

All terrain i’ve heard it both ways when you change the mode right here it’ll actually display on the lcd screen itself really nice blue and red stitching throughout on the center armrest we got some pen storage as well as a 12 volt outlet and cut out for court management here’s the heritage exclusive cloth seats definitely a throwback glove box is going to be

Right here and this glove box is absolutely massive for this size of vehicle coming up top to the vanity it’s going to be incandescent lit for your passenger as well as your driver up top on the headliner we have a glasses storage compartment as well as all the buttons for the single pane sunroof and then we have your led dome map light master controls and then

An auto dimming rear view mirror so overall i do like the uh this vehicle the exterior though is is what does it for me the interior has cool cloth seats but it’s pretty pretty um standard besides that let’s take a look at the back and see how much legroom we have so not much legroom back here with the seat situated where it would be if i was driving you do have

This nice zipper compartment and then this molle webbing on the back which is pretty cool rear air conditioning vents as well as it looks like 120 volt or 115 volt 120 watt power outlet down there this center seat does have a fold down armrest cup holder you have two led dome map lights up top and then your grab handle and integrated hanger hooks are going to be

On the sides of the headliner let’s take a quick look at the trunk and see how much cargo space we have so there’s a couple ways to open the trunk on this vehicle the first way is with the key fob which unfortunately i do not have second way is to open the entire trunk with the button to the left of the steering wheel and the third way is traditional way you’re

Gonna come out to it and push the button to open it now you can open just the glass by pushing the left hand side it will unlock and you can open this there is a little bronco right there a little easter egg for you guys or you can open the whole thing and it will open for you this one does have a mat from the factory it looks like and then we do have some under

Floor storage for a full-size spare grocery bag clips right here 12 volt outlet led cargo lighting and i believe those three seats fold down almost flat giving you a load flat floor so there you have it let’s take a look at the window sticker so here’s the window sticker for this vehicle 2023 bronco sport heritage edition the color is robin’s egg blue it’s

Based on a big bend trim so there you have it a 2023 bronco big bend heritage edition if you enjoyed the video please consider giving me a like and share and if you want to keep up to date on more auto show content please consider subscribing to the channel and be sure to check out all the affiliate links in the description below like always thanks for watching and have a great day

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