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2023 Ford Explorer Full Review

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2023 Ford Explorer Full Review – “America sophistication meets Chinese sophistication” is Ford’s way of describing the recently launched 2023 Explorer for the People’s Republic. The midsize SUV is branded as an all-new model, but in reality, it’s just a major update to the current generation. Right off the bat, we can observe the front grille has been made much wider and uses a heavy dose of chrome while flanked by completely redesigned LED headlights.

Hello friends see you again with me supercar in this video i will review the 2023 ford explorer watch the video until it’s finished so you know what is being upgraded to the 2023 ford explorer car continue to support the supercar channel by giving likes comments subscribing and tapping the bell so that you get other latest car videos comparison of the midsize

Suv ford explorer 2023 we evaluate several areas these include performance mileage tow off-road capability safety passenger and cargo space warranty coverage reliability and price the explorer is an icon of ford’s suv lineup carrying three family lines since 1990. ford is introducing the current sixth generation explorer for the 2020 model year which is built

On a rear drive based platform shared with the lincoln aviator ford is positioned between the two-row edge and three-row expedition in the ford suv lineup and competes with three other lines including the kia telluride subaru ascent and chevrolet traverse after being on the market for three years ford could give the explorer a mid-cycle update for 2023 if

That happens the explorer 2023 will get a slight stylistic makeover plus a few new features potentially including the ford blue crew semi-autonomous driving system we don’t expect major powertrain changes american sophistication meets chinese sophistication is ford’s way of describing the recently launched 2023 explorer for the people’s republic the mid-sized

Suv is branded as an all-new model but in reality it’s just a major update to the current generation right off the bat we get observed the front grille has been made much wider and uses a heavy dose of chrome while flanked by completely redesigned led headlights the side profile reveals 21-inch alloy wheels with a turbine fan design and there are more changes

At the rear where the wider tail lights pick up after the smaller equator also sold in china the prominent explorer lettering on the tailgate replaces the ford badge it once was with the blue oval now sitting slightly lower between the tail lights this is joined by a chrome bar which is thinner but wider than before the ford explorer 2023 offers several engine

Options and all of them are more powerful than those offered for the highlander these include the 2.3 liter 300 horsepower ecoboost i4 the 3.3 liter 318 horsepower v6 hybrid and the 3.0 liter 365 horsepower ecoboost v6 the explorer also offers a second variant of the 3.0 liter ecoboost v6 in the high performance st model 400 horsepower by far the most notable

Change is on the inside where the dashboard now accommodates the giant 27-inch touchscreen that we also see on the ford evo sold in china naturally the large screen has engulfed most of the conventional buttons while the central air vent has been moved lower to make room for the xxl screen that stretches across the passenger side of the dashboard will these

Changes apply to the north american version ford authority claims the tweak is for the china explorer only with the 2023 myus model remaining virtually unchanged the order book in the domestic suv market will open on august 11th with production program to begin on november 7th the pure electric explorer is still happening but the original mid-2023 launch date

Has been pushed back to december 2024 when production reportedly started it’s the same story as the more luxurious lincoln aviator ev with both tied to a custom ev architecture as it stands it’s unclear where the two zero emission suvs will be assembled but it’s unlikely in chicago or court titling the 2022 ford explorer is built for families with plenty of

Space and premium materials there may be more functionality and convenience features included with the ford explorer 2023 lineup the 2022 ford explorer is rated at 199 inch lx 79 wx70h and includes 18 to 21 inch wheels there are also 10 exterior color options and there may be even more to choose from with the ford 2023 cruiser by renting a new ford explorer in

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2023 Ford Explorer Full Review By SUPER CAR