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2023 Ford F-450 King Ranch: Still Here, Still Huge and Packing TONS of New Tech

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Of the all-new that’s what they say 2023 ford super duty but this particular one is super sweet it’s really luxurious this is a king ranch f-450 truck so yes for the upcoming generation of the super duty ford is still going to offer the consumer version of the f450 chassis which basically means heavier suspension 10 lug hubs 19 and a half inch wheels and more

Turning so you can turn steeper with this truck so you can tell something like this a gigantic luxurious fifth wheel camping trailer so yes they’re continuing with that they’re also going to have commercial versions of this truck as well with straight frames for upfit and work truck configurations but all the body panels are new they modified the doors still all

Aluminum truck front fenders with giant side vents that are functional not fake then of course you saw the front of this truck uh brand new grills brand new lights the bed this is an eight footer of course now has a side step so you can get in uh easier to reach inside the bed they have a suite of new technologies to help you tow including integration for the

Cameras all the way around the truck similar what to what ram has introduced on their heavy duty line you could see one of the cameras for example on the side of this so you can have a bird’s eye view of your truck and trailer to help you back up and be safe with a large trailer like this and also monitor the rear camera while moving which is really really useful

Also of course tire pressure monitoring system with temperature for your truck and trailer so that’s available as well as a feature to help you tow how much will it tow well a lot we don’t have all the specs on the 2023 trucks yet i don’t want to spend too much time here let’s go back to the truck because that’s the brand new part just came out so i gotta show

You the interior it’ll have now before i show you the interior four power train four engine options yes the 7.3 liter godzilla gas v8 still there it’s going to be updated for slightly more power and the brand new 6.8 liter engine 6.2 is now gone all engines are gonna have a 10-speed automatic transmission slightly different versions of each and of course this

The 6.7 liter power stroke turbo diesel and they’re gonna have two versions of this a standard output and a high output and they now have a water cooled turbocharger to control the temperatures i’m gonna pack that diesel high output at about 500 horsepower that’s my estimate not fords and now the interior completely redesigned it’s similar to the f-150 but not

Identical so you can’t really interchange some of these parts specifically the the surround on the gauge cluster and the center screen both digital 12-inch display of course is available uh really nice i would say they stepped up of the quality once again on their interiors full recline seats so you can lay them down all the way down and of course uh 18 speaker

System panoramic sunroof really nice materials big center console for cup holders latest design for the wireless charger and a place to put your devices right up in here so they updated their powertrains the suspension has been retuned according to ford especially especially for different applications including off-road trucks like tremor versus the duallys of

Course they wanted to prioritize also both so empty ride and loaded right so they try to have a compromise there where either way you can get some comfortable driving and then they have a plethora of additional towing technology features you can see this fifth wheel hitch here of course but now the redesigned their hitches let me show you on the other side really

Quick pricing is not available yet but here you can see the new grille with the grille extending all the way to the edge and integrating into the light actually itself they redesign their hitches they’re saying capability will increase it’s already huge but they’re targeting class leading numbers so imagine not for this truck but imagine over 37 000 pounds of

Towing for a two-door version they redesigned their hitches look at this this is a three inch hitch gigantic hoops really easy to reach i love this for your chains for your trailer also trailer backup assist where or trailer hitch assist with the truck can back up itself and line up against your ball with your trailer here so that’s available as well so lots of

Technologies including trailer navigation a trailer navigation system is when you enter the trailer weight height length and and width the navigation system will remember that and suggest you routes that are safe so bridge heights bridge weight carrying capacities or tight turns so it will try to navigate you on major roads highways so you can safely tow something

Like this instead of being stuck at a dead end road or something like this so as you can see here also heads up display is going to be available on this truck a lot going on here but i wanted to give you a full walk around of this king ranch dually f-450 probably close to pushing 95 000 maybe a hundred thousand dollars for a truck like this uh because they’re

Already up there in price and they’re adding features to it technology to it and capability to it so i’m assuming this truck is pushing into that hundred thousand dollar territory with a high output diesel oh and by the way i wanted to show you a couple more features that they’re including on this truck first of all integrated into the tail lamp still are the blind

Spot monitor radar sensors so it will help you see next to the truck when you’re driving but they also have an option to wire uh blind spot monitor sensor somewhere along your big trailer because if that sensor is blocked by a wide trailer uh they’re gonna have a provision to mount an additional sensor here so you can see on the side of the trailer pretend that

The sliding was closed so that’s cool also cameras are going to be wired and then on the on the tailgate itself of course there’s a camera here like always but there’s also now a camera up here so when if the tailgate is open there is an additional camera that will show you what’s behind you including on the side let me show you uh parking sensors so imagine

This tailgate being all the way down and you’re carrying maybe long lumber or you’re backing up to a trailer like this to hook up and you’re wondering am i close to it now you have additional sensors on your tailgate to help you and last but not least on onboard scales so their height sensors on the suspension you can set it at a certain level and then add more

Weight to it and it will show you uh how much load you have on your truck or if you’re close to be overloaded so that’s very important because sometimes you can’t predict how much this weighs there is no way to know how much stuff you added to it or subtract it from it so that’s a very useful feature so they thought about a lot of different elements of this truck

And technology that it has thanks for joining me i also have a full podcast tfl talking trucks podcast discussing all the changes that happened on the new super duty and also have a full feature video where i discuss every feature of the new super duty in more detail thanks for joining me is where you’ll find everything automotive one place one stop shop thank you foreign

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2023 Ford F-450 King Ranch: Still Here, Still Huge and Packing TONS of New Tech! By TFLnow