2023 Ford Magellan 14 Passenger MFSAB – B17088

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Good afternoon everyone my name is jack and i’m with northwest bus sales today i’m going to be showing you a brand new 2022 ford magellan mfsab this has been one of the uh hottest vehicles we get calls on people looking for brand new multi-function school and activity buses and we have one in stock on the lot again 2022 brand new ford magellan 14 passengers which

Means it’s a non-cdl in every state except for the state of california that’s enough for the intro let’s check it out all right so first things first is powered by the ford godzilla 7.3 liter v8 gasoline engine that’s the new engine ford just came out with people love it the 7.3 v8 again brand new give you a nice shot here we got the normal crossover mirrors on the

Front like you’ll see on pretty much every mfsab or type a school bus uh every single wheel has the stainless steel wheel covers on them just gives it a little more shine before we go in i do want to show you the size of these windows i love these magellans these windows are all nice and big like i’ll give you an example here look at this thomas over here type a

Lot smaller windows there look at that looking beautiful school bus style windows all tinted looking amazing i want to step on inside so this does have an electric operated bi-fold passenger entry door believe it or not on the magellan’s the electric door is not standard so this is an upgraded option on it we got the black ribbed aisleway stepway white step nosing

And a grab rail coming on inside all right so in uh 2021 is when they kind of change the whole dash for the ford cutaway chassis here uh this does have here’s your driver’s seat here i’ll show you that looking good okay so sitting down obviously brand new it’s only got eight miles on it okay so down here we got your cruise control they did change the steering

Wheel in 2021 so this has got the whole new uh driver area here got the new light switch down here uh we even have the little menu you can scroll through all the cool stuff fuel economy drivers settings all that cool stuff so definitely they kind of finally brought the cutaway chassis to the 21st century here it looks really good uh over here to the right we got

A jensen heavy duty am fm stereo uh it’s not a cd nowadays you know people aren’t hauling around cds anymore so generally speaking they’re putting what they call digital media receivers in these so that’s what this is you can usb your phone you also have an aux input there as well and it still has the am fm stations like normal also has bluetooth on it all right

Down here this is all part of the ford chassis now this is just for uh charging this does not link into the stereo this does over here but this right here is just for charging you’ve got usbc if you’ve got a newer phone i know a lot of the newer androids and everything come out with the usbc and we still have a usb 2.0 down there just for charging it’s with the

Little uh logo is right there we got your normal climate controls like you’d see for your driver or sorry like you’d see in a car or your driver i got your ac and heat here this does nothing this is just an oem switch so um down here we have your rear air conditioning blower speed down here we have your heat pre-position switch low is down off is in the middle y

Is all the way up top you got your open and close the door switch here oh i guess your door toggle switch whatever you want to call it and then you got your dome light switch down here and a nice 12 volt port if you want to plug in something else it’s also equipped with a rosco backup camera here i might actually have to put it into reverse for that to show up so

But uh it is equipped with that all right coming up here we got a little uh storage area here throw whatever you’d like in there for the driver all right in the back so this is a 14 passenger mfsab which means it’s a non-cdl in every state except for the state of california uh this does not have your normal bench seats like you’re used to seeing in a school bus

Or another and if sab it’s got a little bit of an upgraded option these are friedman family seats they still meet all the fm vss uh certifications everything it needs to be an mfsab but there are still a high back seat with a nice vinyl cover on them lat belts on them as well it’s almost like you kind of get the shuttle bus feel in an mfsab style there because

The mfsab definitely you know has the look of a school bus but you can still get some nicer features that still pass all the standard uh certifications needed we got some overhead luggage racks up here overhead parcel racks you can see that you can put you know little purses or whatever you want in there you can see the dome lights speakers are in there as well uh

In the back we even have an interior luggage rack so for anything bigger like a suitcase or a briefcase we have two shelves one two and then another little spot on the ground with a net here as well in case the driver takes a big right turn and that wants to you know go flying out overhead parcel racks on both sides and then check this out i love these flush mounted

Ac evaporators you know a lot of times you’ll see this big bulky thing that you’ll hit your head on especially trying to sit in this seat this is flush with the wall going down so it’s almost like you didn’t see the vents it’s like it’s not even there so really cool really awesome feature there all right on the sides give you a little shot of the visibility in

This thing look at that as i said big big big big big big windows look at that all the school bus style windows you can put your uh little finger in there and you know pull those down just a gorgeous boss that magellan makes and this is a magellan by colons so uh for those of you uh who don’t know what a magellan is it’s still made by collins it’s just another

Little brand that they offer all right on the side here going down i mean it’s a new bus but uh so i’ll still show you underneath but obviously tires all new everything looks good coming around the back we got your rear emergency exit door four windows on the rear all tinted you can see that backup camera on the top there looking beautiful coming around the side

Nice white i don’t know if i want to call it glossy but it does shine a little bit in the sun let me tell you it looks good going down the driver’s side here we got your uh skirt mounted ac condensers down here underneath this grate i’ll give you a shot of underneath why not you know and there you go 2022 brand new ford magellan well thank you for watching this

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