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2023 Ford Maverick sold out? When and what to do as well as effects covered

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2023 Ford Maverick sold out? When and what to do as well as effects covered! This is breaking news and we want to cover what is going on and what this means for our community because @Johnny’s car care & reviews we are here to help. all you have to to is hit play and please share with those that need to know and hit subscribe to help us feed thst poodle.

Is the 2023 ford maverick about to be sold out again well so far it would appear so from a very official looking dealer noticed memo on ford uh maverick truck clubs with maverick truck club posted this and well it’s a you can see it for yourself but this does i can say this definitely looks like an official memo saying that mavericks are going

To be sold out sometime next week so 2023 maverick ordering will close sometime next week now the tremor is only available as of september 17th so two days after order banks open and while the order banks in canada we can’t put in a maverick order yet we can’t convert a maverick order or take in a new order yet so likely the canadian date is going to be a little

Different here uh in canada but for the u.s uh straight from the dealer memo dealer notice from maverick truck club 2023 model year maverick order bank will be closed for new retail ordering by early to mid next week so that sounds like wednesday to friday so it sounds like if you want to play it safe you need to get to a dealer monday tuesday maybe wednesday maybe

Thursday and maybe friday available of next week so as of the 19th we really got to get moving on this now there’s some interesting consequences to this and let’s just talk quickly about that i’ll get more into it uh in the next video but off the top my head while this news is very fresh i can tell you a few things i can definitely tell you that this does mean that

Anyone who does not get picked up for a 23 you’re not gonna have a price protection and you’re not going to have a rebate a protected rebate very unlikely that you know when you’re now getting opened up up again for a 24 maverick your 23 maverick order if it gets pushed into 24 you’re you’re not gonna get a special price uh that’s what it’s looking like on the

Memo it says straight up straight up it says it that way so that’s pretty unfortunate so it says webdo wbdo will allow dealers to modify specs on existing retail orders after the retail order bank has been closed so here’s the thing if you’re you know it took me a long time to pick out my bronco i still didn’t equip it enough my cheapness got the best of me but

Anyways here’s the thing get your maverick order even if it’s not your perfect order get it in as soon as possible so september 19th to the 22nd ish get it in either the 19th or the 20th really ideally and if it’s not perfect well later on you can change it what you can’t change likely is gonna be changing the body code or the pep code so going from an ecoboost

To a hybrid or a hybrid to an ecoboost and do try first first try first order in try to make sure you get into the right model whether it’s xl xlt or lariat um because that could cause some problems switching that later on but definitely definitely will cause problems if you if you try to make a switch from ecoboost to hybrid or the other way around so stick to

It get to a dealer real quick now part of this memo is gonna frustrate people and that’s why i’m here i don’t be fooled i want to explain this it says 2023 model year maverick dealer stock inventory ordering will remain open after the retail order bank has been closed so yes this means dealers will be provided inventory when the factory basically it’s doing its

Best to fill customer orders but if they get to a point where they can’t fill anyone’s orders but they can make a simple build and of course this is like regional because they distribute things regionally so when they get to a certain region they say okay you know we can build x percentage of tremor eight percent for example and the region wants tremors and they

Want xlt luxury and lariat luxury well this means that the factory for that region will say well we don’t have any of these things left for them so we’ll build them a straight xlt or a straight ecoboost lariat dealers what dealers can do for people who don’t get picked up you know for people who are late you know come two weeks from now what dealers can do is tell

Customers hey you know what the vehicles that we are getting generally as inventory for example is an xlt or lariat ecoboost would you like it without luxury package would you like that if so pick your color so good dealers are going to help really instead of getting just pure inventory they should help customers who haven’t been picked up for a build should help

Them navigate into something that’s buildable that order you know even though it’s a customer order basically is going to be labeled as a demand a request for regular inventory meaning that really the the factory is going to build what they can build when they can’t build what they want to build the factory wants to build customers orders that’s going to be you

Know first priority but when they can’t build customer orders for a region instead of saying well you know what go home everybody you get the afternoon off they’re gonna pump out models that they’ve got you know what you could say spare parts laying around for so that’s that i’m going to put a lot more thought into this and come back with more news on this the

Big thing is i want to get it to you and you know i’ve made a promise i’m johnny from johnny’s car care and reviews and i’ve always said that i’m here and the whole jccr crew we’re all here to help so thank you to the crew members for the help that you do offer those are the people in the videos that have a little icon beside their name a little star there are crew

Members they help support our channel and they also help support the community so thank you so much for everything that you do now i do want to repeat something 2022 model year to 20 to 23 model year please ensure all customers looking to take advantage of the 2020 at the 20 22 model year to 23 model year transition that the c and i offer have with their order

Gets submitted so dealers you need to covp and also customers us buyers you know marie and i we need to make sure that when we do get our rebate emailed to us we keep that in hand right off the bat make sure that your dealer knows that you do have that transition uh offer and for people that don’t make the cut for a 23 well the bad news is right here it says 23

Model year to 24 model year please note that there is no intention of providing a model year transition offer for those customers who do not get their 23 model year maverick retail order built and need to reorder a 24 model year regardless of covp approval status so even if your dealer does the whole cvop process properly if you’re a new order for example next

Week there are chances you’re going to get pushed to a 24. if you’re a new order after next week so let’s say come october uh late november to anytime in october while you’re almost certainly getting a 24 maverick and you’re not going to get that 23 pricing and if even if you do order this coming week your build is really complex you leave things on it like you

Know you ask from the factory the bed liner you ask from the factory that you want mud a splash guards and you ask from from the factory you want to roll up cover well that might cause you to get pushed into a 24 and you will not have any you know what we could call price protection or private offer protecting that 23 price so keep yourself your build simple i’ve

Got enough videos on that so i won’t go into any more detail on that maybe in the next video so do like and subscribe to not miss out on any of the important useful and helpful ford info plus subscribing is totally free and it does help feed and dress a poodle thank you again so much for watching take care and wish you all more cars and more power and if it’s your

Thing i do hope that you get to put the pedal to the metal this week take care foreign

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2023 Ford Maverick sold out? When and what to do as well as effects covered! By Johnny’s car care \u0026 reviews