2023 GENESIS Electric SUV GV60 – Features Crystal Sphere, Digital Key, Face Connect & more

Genesis is readying a second electric model for its lineup of luxury cars, this time in the form of the GV60 crossover. The GV60 will share a platform with the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and the Kia EV6 SUVs and will sit alongside the Electrified G80 sedan when it goes on sale sometime next year. The GV60 incorporates styling elements found in other Genesis models, but it lacks the brand’s large trapezoidal grille that stretches between the dual-element headlamps, substituting a slimmer lower grille across the front bumper. Inside, the GV60’s cabin looks decidedly premium, with a large monolithic display screen serving as both gauge cluster and infotainment system.

The world’s first sphere type sbw electronic shifting system mounted on the gv60 makes it easier to recognize vehicle’s gear status when the vehicle door initially opens the crystal sphere’s mood lighting is turned on in standby mode when you start the vehicle with the brake pedal depressed the ready symbol on the cluster is illuminated and the shift dial

Appears as the crystal fear rotates while driving the shift dial is always rotated to the driving mode the shifting method using the dial and the p button is the same as the existing electronic shifting system a safety function has been added for reverse gear when the dial enters r it vibrates for easier recognition also when shifting into r the color of

The mood light changes to red and lets the driver know it’s in reverse when the vehicle is turned off after parking the vehicle the gear shifts to park and the sbw changes to the standby mode where the crystal light is visible if you need to engage neutral while the vehicle is turned off press start twice without depressing the brake pedal to enter ig on mode

Then remove the cap on the right upper side of the crystal sphere then press the button when neutral gear is successfully set the crystal sphere rotates and the shift dial appears if you want to switch back to park again press p button in the center of the shift dial when the crystal sphere is unable to rotate properly there are several actions you can take

Once the disturbance is detected it will return to the initial position and attempt to rotate up to two times if the disturbance persists the cluster will display a message requesting to stop rotation control and reset to protect the instrument perform initialization by turning the vehicle off and then on again even following a restart if dial mode switching

Is not possible due to the same problem or if the rotation is impossible due to mechanical damage or malfunction instruction will be given for manual rotation or suggest inspection of the shift dial for manual rotation pull the top of the sphere strongly towards yourself with your hand and rotate it until the dial is fully visible in case manual rotation

Isn’t available it is recommended that you do not pull with excessive force instead get it inspected appropriately the genesis digital key is a digital service that enables control of the vehicle doors using a smartphone or card key without a smart key to register a smartphone as a digital key download the genesis connected services app from the google play

Store or app store first place one smart key inside the vehicle then open the genesis connected services app select the vehicle and select vehicle digital key settings to activate the registration screen select settings vehicle digital key smartphone key my smartphone key on the navigation screen to enter the digital key registration menu after pressing

The register button in the genesis connected services app of your smartphone follow the instructions to set it to registration mode and then place the smartphone on the indoor wireless charger with the back of the smartphone facing down select register on the vehicle screen to proceed when registration is complete notification message is displayed on the

Vehicle’s navigation screen remove the smartphone from the indoor wireless charger and follow the instructions on the smartphone screen to end once the digital key registration is complete you can unlock the door by tagging your smartphone on the vehicle door handle without opening the genesis connected services app if safety unlock is set only the driver’s

Door is unlocked at the first tag and if you tag it again within 4 seconds all doors are unlocked after unlocking if the door is not opened within 30 seconds it will be locked again to start the vehicle you can put your smartphone on the indoor wireless charger and press the start button while pressing the brake pedal the digital key can be shared with up

To three people via samsung pass or apple wallet you can set the period and accessible function for each individual and sharing will stop when you revoke the permission at any time to delete the digital key from the vehicle use the smart key to set the vehicle power on and place one smart key in the vehicle select delete all or delete my smartphone

Key in settings vehicle digital key smartphone key on the navigation screen if you delete the digital key from the vehicle the key in the smartphone is also removed if you select reset from the digital key menu of the genesis connected services app you can delete all digital keys registered in the vehicle including shared keys always take your digital

Key with you when getting out of the vehicle if you want to leave the digital key in the car and leave the door can be locked with the central door lock button inside the car face connect is a feature that provides convenience to the driver by recognizing the driver’s face to lock and unlock the vehicle door to use the face connect you must first register

Your face in the driver profile on the navigation screen each driver profile can register one face put both smart keys in the vehicle for face registration turn on the vehicle and select settings user profile driver 1 or driver 2 face recognition on the navigation screen after entering the profile password select face register delete register please

Step out of the vehicle and look straight into the camera circular indicator around the camera will light up in white and start rotating after moving out of the vehicle according to the instructions and looking directly at the facial recognition camera the system will start registering your face when face registration starts you can check the progress through

The light on the circular indicator if face registration is not successful audio guidance is provided through the vehicle’s indoor speaker so keep the driver’s door open during the registration registration is not possible if the face is partially covered or the face is at a different direction when registration is complete the circular indicator lights up

In green for two seconds and a notification of successful registration is given through the vehicle’s interior speaker facial recognition set also a completion pop-up is displayed on the navigation screen your vehicle can now recognize your registered face to lock or unlock the vehicle doors without a smart key when you touch the center of the handle on the

Outside of the door the circular indicator around the recognition camera lights up in white and the facial recognition begins look straight into the camera at a reasonable distance when the facial recognition is successful the circular indicator turns to green and the vehicle door is locked or unlocked if the vehicle door is unlocked through facial recognition

The registered fingerprint can be used to start the vehicle and start driving without a smart key in order to delete registered face keep at least one smart key inside the vehicle with the vehicle on select settings user profile driver 1 or driver 2 face recognition on the navigation screen after entering the profile password select register delete face

Delete and follow the instructions to delete the registered face if you want to leave your smart key or smartphone equipped with a digital key inside the vehicle and lock using face connect keep your smart key out of sight to prevent theft the remote diagnostic service is the easiest way to check the condition of their vehicle without visiting a service center

Based on the results of the remote diagnosis you can receive a faster and more accurate vehicle repair service along with the data collected in advance two different options are available accessing remote diagnosis depending on the situation call the call center or make a reservation through the my genesis app when there is a known issue or face emergency requiring

Technical consultation request a remote diagnostic service through the sos button on the overhead console or via genesis customer center when the remote diagnosis request is confirmed the remote consultation center will call the driver real time to obtain consent and then start remote diagnosis after the results of the remote diagnosis is out follow-up services

Are provided as needed depending on the condition of the vehicle you can receive follow-up services such as repair reservations at service centers emergency dispatch and towing if repairs are required at a service center the remote diagnosis data collected in advance can be used to perform more rapid and accurate vehicle maintenance even if you don’t visit

The service center you can reserve a remote diagnosis through the mygenesis app if the vehicle has abnormal symptoms or needs a basic inspection experience easy vehicle management by performing vehicle diagnosis conveniently at your desired time and place to use the remote diagnostic service go to the remote diagnosis application in the service the maintenance

Tab in the my genesis app select the vehicle problem and select the consultation time a notification message will be delivered 10 minutes prior to the reservation time park the car in a safe place according to the notification message start the vehicle and wait in accordance with the reservation time the remote consultation center will perform a primary remote

Diagnosis on the issue requested by the customer through the app in addition the diagnosis is performed on basic inspection items suitable for the vehicle after the remote diagnosis is completed you can check the results in the my genesis app and the inspection results of the basic items if follow-up actions are required you can receive real-time guidance during

The consultation select a remote diagnostic service that suits the driver situation and enjoy a more accurate and prompt vehicle maintenance service please refer to the genesis official website for details ota software update is a convenient function that provides software updates for vehicles through wireless communication ota software update allows vehicle

System up to date with the latest software without visiting an authorized service center the details of the update can be found on the genesis connected services app or on the genesis official website the latest software is downloaded automatically while driving once vehicle is turned off pop-up message displaying software installation availability is displayed

On the infotainment system screen after selecting the start button follow the guidance and check vehicle’s condition ready for update if the update conditions are not met the update will be cancelled once the update starts you can check the progress through the in-vehicle infotainment system screen when the update is completed you will receive a push

Notification to the genesis connected services app please refer to the link in the notice section of the app to find out more about the update history completing the update if you start the vehicle a completion pop-up message will appear on the infotainment system screen you can also check detailed information about the update through the qr code in the pop-up message so you

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