2023 Genesis Electrified G80 | Family Review

The 2023 Genesis Electrified G80 is a mid-size electric sedan that competes with the Tesla Model S, Porsche Taycan, & Mercedes-Benz EQS. In this video, we drive an Electrified G80 to review its positives and negatives from a family perspective. #micahdrives

We’re driving a 2023 genesis electrified g80 i think i got that right it is a fully electric mid-sized luxury sedan coming up i’m going to tell you how the g80 can predict the future and it’s not what you’re thinking but first information explosion as you noticed in the information explosion we’re not sure how much this thing costs it’s not on sale yet there’s so

Many things we don’t know but a little ignorance never stopped us before let’s begin with interior it is so lovely in here there’s so many nice materials even the headliner is this fabric there’s beautiful stitching there’s whatever the heck this is oh oh let’s bust out the graphic the correct answer is yes it is wood but i’m not exactly sure how it’s constructed

But that is real wood and i think it looks really interesting it does what mythical tree does this come from the unicorn tree i like that you mentioned the headliner it’s actually a recycled material made out of like polyethylene terrephylate or something like that i might be mispronouncing that but it’s like oh these used to be bottles of sprite but now they’re

Your uh your luxurious headliner stylistically there is a lot to like here got the napa leather seats by the way mine is 16 way adjustable yours is 14 way adjustable the seats also have a massage function and they’re heated and ventilated one thing that’s a little bit controversial is the climate control area we’re big fans of physical controls because you can

More easily find them without staring at them this you have to look at everything is fairly well organized and easy to use as long as you’re looking at it we just prefer to look at the road you see what’s interesting about the electrified g80 is that rear seat leg room is almost three inches less than the standard g80 and i believe that is they had to move the seat

Forward a little bit to accommodate some some battery stuff it says the guy with the technical knowledge and 15 years of experience reviewing cars and true enough when you sit in the back here legroom is uh not quite as outstanding as you might expect for a mid-size it’s still workable headroom is a little bit cozy we spent a lot of time in suvs so coming back

To sedan standards we kind of have to like recalibrate ourselves i do fit in the back seat but it’s not the roomiest place to be oh and another spot where the g80 has shrunk a little bit is in the cargo area so you don’t have any fold down seats you do have a little bit of a pass through but you can see there’s a big hump there due to the electric certification

So now cargo space is down to 10.8 cubic feet which is pretty small especially for a vehicle of this size getting the child seat installed was fairly simple the latch points are exposed they were a little hard to wedge in to the seat but overall fairly simple yeah again it’s the kind of thing you do once when you buy a car but many times if you review cars yeah

Kiddo how is it getting in and out of this car how do you feel writing in this card really even when i do this wow if i g80 is not specifically rated but the standard g80 is and the nhtsa gives it a five-star overall rating the iihs named this a top safety pick plus and it’s got all sorts of other safety features 10 airbags a full suite of active driver assist

Including land keeping assist and automatic emergency braking this one has a blind spot warning and it even shows you in the gauge cluster what’s in your blind spot just to give you a little added bit of visibility what do we think family is the g80 sorry electrified g80 family friendly family friendly family friendly provided you don’t have a lot of luggage

Rear window test almost arm rest test driving in my standard eight and four position these are not the softest squishiest armrest i’ve ever had but they are very wide very flat and nicely positioned i’m gonna go 90 inboard and 90 outboard hey would you like to see more videos where we review cars as a family plus the occasional helicopter video if you would feel

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Doesn’t have a lot going on it can feel overly simple but here it feels really elegant it allows you to focus on the bits of style that are there which are unique how the turn signals activate the lights along the side the front which has that hidden secret charge port you are not kidding about that hidden charge port so when i went to charge this thing after i

Drove it home i walked around and i was looking for a port i am not joking i walked around the thing three times and i was like i get paid to do this for a living how am i not sure where the charge port is i have to sit down here open up the owner’s manual and it’s it pointed out that on the the nose there perfectly integrated into that latticework grill is the

Charge port and i what’s crazy about that is there is a gasoline version of the g80 and it has a fuel filler nozzle and a little cover over that so they went to the effort of removing that for the electric version this is a very low key kind of electric car it’s not going like hey i’m electric it’s just quietly dignified and happens to be electric what do you

Guys think do you like the look of the electrified g80 if yes if no tell us in the comments section if you’re curious what we’re doing between youtube videos you can always give us a follow over on instagram in motion in the beginning of the video i teased that we were going to tell you how the g80 can predict the future you probably thinking i was going to talk

About electrification or something no the g80 has something called rode preview there is a camera on the car that looks at the road and anticipates when there’s bumps or imperfections and then adjust the suspension accordingly to account for whatever that is this usual vehicross that is so distracting but i love that thing that does speak to the general nature

Of the electrified g80 which is a very pleasant car to drive it’s got a dynamic suspension so you can go into the drive modes and you can make a little adjustments here did you feel me go into sport mode yes that does lead me to one of my complaints which is steering effort even in normal mode or even down here in eco mode i find the steering to be very heavy

That might have to do with the fact that perhaps in the south korean market this is the kind of vehicle that you buy to be driven in and perhaps they don’t want the driver making any big moves and that kind of like smooths out your inputs a little bit but for my taste i wouldn’t mind if that was a little bit lighter and when you put it in sport mode it really

Heavies it up so uh i wish the steering was a little bit lighter but what are you gonna do if anything i’m training for my next career as a chauffeur in south korea i should also mention that this thing handles pretty darn well and you can drive very fast if you want to which i oftentimes do one of the great joys about driving electrified car is this we wow oh

My gosh uh 0 to 60 time in the electrified g80 is 4.9 seconds according to genesis the immediate pull of that powertrain is intoxicating on the inverse when you slow down you can control how much electric regeneration happens but what you can’t do is one pedal drive it what i would love to do is be able to just lift off and have it come to an elegant stop much

Like i’ve experienced in let’s say the rivian r1s and other electrified vehicles so yeah if i continue to hold the left paddle here it will come to a complete stop but that feels like a little i don’t know much last comment it’s quiet in here we’ve got active noise cancellation we’ve got laminated front and front side glass and that really keeps things quiet in

Here and that’s doubly important in a car without an engine because engine noise covers over a lot of other noise that’s a real challenge for electric cars and the g80 electrified g80 is doing a really good job of managing that wind and road noise now let’s see what heavy things evie’s at the wheel as you drive the g80 sorry the electrified g80 how do you feel i

Feel electric baby it’s so fast i was like sheep on like oh well now we might die it’s a real emotional journey there do you have fun driving this thing i almost have too much fun driving it because when you step on the accelerator it gives you a lot of speed immediately no matter how fast you’re already going i’m really pleased that you’re playing around with

It that’s awesome what about visibility visibility is pretty good over my right shoulder over my left shoulder this is right in my way this b pillar but i sit pretty far forward in the seat how do you find the gauge cluster with its 3d function that seems like evie’s changed a lot we’ve all changed a lot and now she likes the 3d gauge cluster one thing i don’t

Like is the way the brakes feel there was a bit of a learning curve for me and i felt like i never nailed getting to a smooth stop but overall though i mean do you enjoy driving this thing heck yeah that’s a pretty strong endorsement i’m gonna be back in the driver’s seat we are agreed the electrified g80 is a really nice car to drive let me very quickly thank the

Folks who support us on patreon we give you guys early access to our videos we chat with you there we really like getting to know you guys thank you patrons onward two emotion factor so what’s the emotion factor here elegance luxury smugness smugness yeah that feeling like oh i don’t have to go to that gas station that we’re passing see ya prompt acceleration

And not having to go to the gas station charging up at home all that convenient stuff a couple that with the indulgences of what is very much a top-tier g80 trim it really is a kind of an indulgent and delightful package if you’re feeling moved to buy your own electrified g80 one you can’t yet at least not when we’re making this video two i’m not sure how much it

Would cost because we don’t know that information either but three if you do want to do that i bet you have to sell your current car first if you’d like to know what your current car is worth or how much you should pay for your next one click the kelly blue book pricing link in the description below cali blue book the trusted resource and now it’s time for remarks

Remark number one infotainment that is a standard 14.5 inch screen and as noted in other genesis videos i really like how high it is and how wide it is because looking at that is not far from looking at that and that other thing is the road it is simultaneously a touch screen though it’s a long reach and then you also have this knob down here that you can use to

Control it and i find it to be a very well designed interface very easy to make my way around these two knobs feel a little different but it’s too close this one’s a little bit bigger this one’s more knurled but if both be jeweled yeah yeah but if you’re if you’re looking to grab the knob and twist it’s to do a thing whether that be make yourself go god what a

Weird way to say all of that stuff that’s so odd if you’re looking to put it in drive yeah everything sounds weird if you just want to crank it okay um i guess what we’re saying is that the drive selector and the infotainment knob are um similarly shaped and very close to each other and i don’t know maybe it’d be better not to have them so similar and so close the

Screen is also a great venue on which to view the 360 degree camera system super cool how you can kind of create that quasi-bird’s eye view and rotate around the vehicle a lot of good situational awareness there also kind of aligned with the infotainment system is the audio system in this case we have a 21 speaker lexicon audio system that you definitely need 21

Speakers to listen to your murder podcasts where did they find the torso the electrified g80 really comes loaded and another feature it has is highway driving assist which is basically like a driver assist feature on the highway that feels really redundant i haven’t added any new information to the original statement but what it does is basically it steers for you

And it keeps the distance between you and the vehicle ahead sometimes you get in these systems and they’re like kind of nervous and like look i’ll be over here we gotta be over here and in the g80 it’s very like relaxed like hey okay we’re getting a little bit closer the lane with marker then that’s fine we’ll just make a little adjustment i really enjoy highway

Driving assist the electrified g80 also has the remote parking assist feature so let’s say you have a really small garage and getting out after you’ve pulled the vehicle in is very difficult you can just aim it and use the remote to move it remotely it’s a very neat feature talking about charging the electrify g80 is based on the same 800 volt architecture that

We found in the kia ev6 and it also exists in the hyundai ionic 5 which allows it to recharge very very quickly it can go from a 10 to 80 charge in 22 minutes provided you have a 350 kilowatt dc quick charger so that’s a very quick recharge and a lot of range and not much time if you charge it at home with a level 2 charger that takes about seven and a half hours

And that’s from 10 to 100 percent sweetie yes can i make a trim recommendation oh boy i’m gonna recommend you buy the only trim that they make this thing in well that was easy as an alternate thought if you don’t want to spend however much this costs probably 70 75 000 you can get a gasoline power 2.5 liter rear wheel drive version of the g80 for about 49 and a

Half thousand dollars which is a much cheaper way to g80 yourself it won’t be quite as luxurious and it won’t have that super speedy electric torque but it will be a g80 and it will be nice the gasoline g80 might also be a good idea because initially whenever this thing goes on sale it’ll only be sold in four states california connecticut new jersey and new york

So getting your hands on one might be a little bit of a trick as for the competitive set we got fancy electric sedans in the form of the obviously model s from tesla there’s the mercedes-benz eqs and also the porsche tycon and we reviewed the tycon a while back if you want to see us when we look a little bit younger you can click right up here and get our taikon

Thoughts last remark electric vehicle incentives is changed the new standard for the federal tax incentive is that the vehicles have to be built in american this is built in south korea so by the time this goes on sale there’s a good chance it will not be eligible for federal tax incentives so don’t expect to get any incentives with this guy hey did we miss any

Remarks if so tell us in the comment section synopsis in thinking about the essence of the electrified g80 it is very much an indulgence and it’s also quite technologically advanced yet that’s technological advancement is sort of obscured it’s a little bit stealth to me it is the frame tv hanging in our house of premium no luxury midsize sedans see the thing is

I didn’t want a tv on the wall i wanted it to be very very um low-key so you can just have art on there and people don’t always know that it’s a tv they’re surprised stealth if you can think of a better synopsis feel free to leave it in the comments section if you would like to see more videos of us driving into the sun and being blinded as a family while we also

Review cars feel free to subscribe and if you’d like to see what we’re doing between youtube videos you can give us a follow over on instagram family i think we’ve done a pretty good job reviewing the electrified genesis g80 may i have a five ah and a five and you can get that high five yeah thank you

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2023 Genesis Electrified G80 | Family Review By Micah Muzio