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2023 Genesis Electrified GV70: Why is it better than the BMW iX3 and others? Full English Review

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The new benchmark for electric premium SUV? Based on the ICE-models (petrol and Diesel, depending on the market), the full electric Genesis GV70 offers 800V-technlogy for super fast charging, a large 77.4 kWh-battery and two electric motors for up to 360 kW (490 PS). All for the price of the RWD, far less powerfull BMW iX3.

Some automakers change current ice cars to electric vehicles others do a dedicated platform in the dedicated vehicle development for pure electric vehicles and some do both for example the korean premium brand genesis they just launched the gv60 based on the egmp called platform that also carries the hyundai ionic 5 and the kia ev6 and in addition to the gv60

There’s also the electrified g80 a business sedan that is available as a petrol and diesel car as well as a pure electric version and brand new to the market is a gv70 you can have the gv 70 as a petrol or diesel car as well and here is a pure electric version and with this car genesis will or wants to compete against the bmw ix3 the mercedes-benz eqc or the audi

Atron and in this video we will find out how it dries and what the genesis gv70 offers as an electric version thanks for watching asia auto ambassador and i wish you lots of fun and i hope that i can bring some information to you in this video with the genesis electrified gv 70. foreign billionaire bruce wayne rings you and asks you what kind of

Car should i buy for myself i would strongly recommend the genesis electrified gv70 the gv70 available as a petrol and diesel car so normal more or less normal premium mid-size suv so bruce wayne is also a normal citizen of gotham city and a latest as the electrified version it transforms into a superhero as bruce wayne is doing when he becomes batman you see

The known and established design language of the genesis brand and the gv70 we see two lines graphics here for the headlights for example and they are still the large gray but it’s closed so no air intakes needed for the electrified version and the latest when you open the charging port then this car becomes the mentioned superhero when you use the ccs combined

Charging system you can charge the battery with up to 240 kilowatts of charging power that means that the state of charge of the battery can be increased from 10 to 80 percent and only 18 minutes we have got the 800 volt technology in here as well and the battery capacity the battery is placed in the floor of the car is 77.4 kilowatt hour so that’s the same as

The larger battery pack in the ionic 5 or on the kia ev6 and the same as the one in the genitis gv 60s or all these egmp platform cars advantages are also carried over here into the electrified gv70 which is based on an ice car platform also the maximum power is we are quite a superhero already we’ve got two electric motors one at the front actually one at the

Rear each brings up to 160 kilowatts or 218 horsepower so that’s combined 320 kilowatts and there’s a boost button the maximum power for up to 10 seconds is 360 kilowatts of 490 horsepowers this is quite a lot and far more than a competitor like the bmw i3 for example can deliver and with the boosts mode activated this car accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers

Per hour in only 4.2 seconds at the rear you also see the two lines graphics for the lights and the genesis lettering and the gv70 lettering but no electrified or electric vehicle logo or emblem but if you are very familiar with the car you’ll see that by the way the electrified version only comes as a sport version and you’ll see that there are no exhausts here in

The rear bumper such as with the petrol um sports version for example and this is a sign for the electrified version the boot capacity is a little bit lower because of a missing additional storage compartment under the removable floor of course we’ve got the electric motor of the battery and so on the boot capacity in total is 503 liters and in addition there’s a

Frank in the front with 25 liters you see a lot of high glass fabric here and of course you can easily fold down the backrest of the rear seats to further increase the capacity of the boot we won’t load any huge luggage into the car now but we will start and check the seating comfort in the interior my height is 1 meter 92 centimeters that’s six feet three inches

And i find a comfortable seating position here behind my imaginary cell so i adjusted the driver’s seat into my individual seating position only when you’re very familiar with the petrol or diesel gv70 you will recognize that the inner flow of the car is a little bit higher here um that yeah is because of the battery that’s packed in the floor of the car but this

Is not really doesn’t have really an impact to the seating comfort it’s quite comfortable we’ve got nice leather material here in our test car a lot of uh very well done materials and here we see the air condition for the second row including seat heating for the outside seating positions and two usb power sockets here to charge your smartphone all the devices for

Example all the materials also the door panel are quite nice we’ve got a color contrast stitch watching here leather upholstery so that’s really a premium feel here also for the passengers and now we will have a look into the cockpit and see if the genesis electrified gv70 can fulfill the premium promise there as well this is the cockpit of the electrified dv70

And it looks almost similar than the one in the petrol or diesel versions your seating position as a driver is a little bit higher but only if you’re quite tall as me then you sometimes feel a little bit too high because you see the microfiber here of the a pillar for example and in the petrol version i just dropped the petrol version a couple of weeks ago i would

Say the seating position is like two or three centimeters lower than here but it’s still all fine behind the steering wheel with physical buttons you’ll see display for the instruments including the spline spot camera pictures i like them quite much they come as an optional package as well as the head-up display that shows that information directly in the windscreen

Behind the steering wheel you’ll have these pedals but they are not for gear shifts but they control the energy recuperation up to the one pedal drive feeling and here you see the boosts button in the steering wheel as well there’s a 14.5 interest display for the infotainment system that is a touchscreen but also and i like this quite more you can also use this

Controller here the center console for all the menus and the difference to the patroller diesel version is the ev menu that shows you for example the range with the existing set of touch of the battery and you can also start the vehicle to load function that comes as an option and then you can charge other devices including other electric vehicles with up to 3.7

Kilowatts depending on the country you are of course so this is the interior we’ve got a air condition control with a separate touchscreen and steering wheel heating as well and a heat pump that comes as standard equipment with this vehicle we’ve got seat belts of course i close my seat belt now and start the start button and i would say or push the start button

And i would say we start our test drive foreign we start our test drive in the sport mode you have different driving modes and of course i will press the boost button here in the steering wheel for 10 seconds we have the maximum power and maximum torque and the car accelerates like hell 7 700 newton meters of torque it’s the maximum token 490 horsepowers the

System power output the all-wheel drive has the advantage that the car is quite stable in curves and yeah that’s rear driving fun and the comfort is still there we have a electronic dampers suspension here and the car is comfy at one hand but also there’s a true sports car hidden in this suv the top speed on the german autobarn is 235 kilometers per hour and the

Acceleration from 0 to 100 4.2 seconds in the boost mode that is active up to 10 seconds after pressing this button so it’s yeah just incredible of the car i like it i like the style i like the power and i like the immediate response of course when you push the pedal to the metal and that’s really a fun car foreign foreign wow this was my test drive

With the electrified genesis gv70 and yeah i like the gv70 i like the brand i love this car for me that’s the perfect genesis it’s got the combination of the nice and high-class brand design with the crest grille and i like the format of the gv70 and it’s overall design as well and now it comes with a strong electric powertrain up to 490 horsepower a large battery

And the 800 volt technology for fast charging so they bring the latest state of the art electric powertrain technology into this car and for me that’s a perfect combination in germany the electrified tv70 starts at 67 300 euros this is not cheap of course but compared to its competition that’s really a fair price they are the bmw ix3 with exactly the same base price

However the bmw only offers 210 kilowatts of maximum power output and rear wheel drive so no all-wheel drive and it’s not that powerful anti-standard equipment or the genesis is also more luxurious and we have for example the electronic dampers electric seats and the large infotainment touchscreen however also genesis is asking for a lot of money for options here

We’ve got napa leather panoramic sunroof and different optional packages and the test car list price in germany is more than 84 000 euros this is quite a lot but there’s also quite a lot with this car when you drive it i hope i could give you some insights into the genesis gv 17 is electrified or electric version thank you very much for watching thanks to here’s

The guy behind the camera and see you next time here at asia auto ambassador bye bye

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2023 Genesis Electrified GV70: Why is it better than the BMW iX3 and others? Full English Review By Asia Auto Ambassador