2023 Genesis G80 Electrified – A Worthy All-Electric Luxury Sedan

In this video, I review the brand new 2023 Genesis Electrified G80. This is the first pure EV sedan from Genesis and it is competing with others in the segment such as the Tesla Model S and Lucid. Check out the electrified G80’s exterior, interior, and all of the features it has. Lastly, learn about the range and power of this all-electric car and hear how it drives.

Today i’ll be reviewing a 2023 genesis electrify g80 yes the name is actually called electrified g80 and this is the very first pure ev sedan from genesis created to compete with the tesla model s in the brand new lucid however is it up to the task though because this platform is not exclusive it’s shared with a gas powered g80 and this electrified g80 and

Unfortunately genesis had to sacrifice a few things in order to stuff the battery the electric motors the components inside this platform so how good is this electrified g80 and can i really compete with the big boys in this sector let’s find out all right i’m behind the wheel let me tell you more about this brand new electrified g80 and talk about how it drives

The first thing i want to talk about is the exterior so the outside is electrified g80 looks basically identical to a regular g80 with a few little differences and unless the cars were side by side you would not notice them let’s start out with the front end you still have that giant grille but this one’s a little bit different because this is an evg80 and you don’t

Need all that airflow going into the engine compartment so they blocked it off and it’s just one giant panel that’s covering up the grill it still looks like the normal grille but a little bit different and what genesis did was actually hide the charger right within the grill it’s cleverly hidden so there’s a little g that you have to press down and the door opens

So it’s a unique place to charge what one thing that’s disappointing though is that door is not motorized the low lower bumper also is different but again unless you have the two car side by side you’re not going to notice the difference now you move to the rest of the car like the side view right it has a nice silhouette it’s a big large sedan and outside of the

Fact that the wheels are a little bit different exclusive for this electrified g80 it looks the same you don’t see any special badges you don’t see charging ports on the side it just looks like a normal sedan now moving to the back it’s the same thing it’s a clean look the only thing you see is that genesis badge and the g80 badge and that’s it there’s no other kind

Of badge that indicates this is a an ev car and the only thing that’s different is the bottom bumper because you don’t need exhaust tips you don’t need exhaust so they change the lower bumper but that’s it but i i like the outside genesis has this really unique look very different from the japanese manufacturers i’m very different from the german now let’s get to

The good stuff you’re probably thinking okay tell me about the range the power the charging time right these are the things i want to know with the ev car okay so genesis rates this electrified g80 with range of 282 miles which is about right it’s more than let’s say some of the ev suvs out there but it’s not range topping either it doesn’t beat the the model s

Or the lucid so it’s it’s good but not the best as for the power you’re getting 365 horsepower and around 516 pound-feet of torque so horsepower is actually a little bit less than the gas powered g80 but the torque is way more and because of it because the instant torque this electrified g80 does 0-60 a lot faster around four seconds and quarter mile in case you

Want to know is under 13 seconds so this car is definitely not slow by any means pretty fast car now as for charging what genesis states is this you could charge up to 80 percent of your battery life in about 22 minutes and that’s pretty standard but the good thing is inside the menu the genesis electrified g80 will tell you exactly how long it’s going to take to

Get to full range so it takes the guessing work out of it right now while i’m driving on local roads this electrified g80 is providing a beautiful drive it is very quiet very very quiet it’s kind of like silent from the outside and it’s just really nice this electrified g80 actually has adaptive dampers and also it has a camera build ahead of you so it’ll adjust

The suspension to make it smoother and plus with these special wheels and tires which are meant to to really improve range overall drive is very comfortable very quiet now as for features you pretty much get everything as expected genesis tends to over a promise and you definitely pretty much get everything that you could think of first let’s start out with this

Giant 14.5 inch infotainment screen really really nice it’s really wide it’s not vertical it’s horizontal but it works it’s touch screen and it’s not too far back so for most part you can still reach it there’s a lot of venue items it’s very bright very responsive no lag whatsoever the resolution is very high but if you didn’t want to use touch there is a rotary

Dial that you could use to kind of navigate and it works it’s just it’s really nice and there’s a lot of things to choose from obviously all these kind of settings ev stuff but how to control your lights your seats and you know everything to think of you can of course wireless apple carplay wireless android auto included not only that you do get a digital gauge

Cluster which is pretty standard these days except the one in the genesis has a 3d layering to it it’s hard to capture on camera but take my word for it both sides the speedometer and the other side which is measuring power and charging and the middle right there’s like three or four layers to it it’s a really unique look and it’s it’s quite nice and of course

You could scroll through a variety of menu items and if you want more screens yes there’s another screen for your climate control very self-explanatory but you get the essentials heated seats ventilated seeds heated steering wheel and you get a heads up display too so you get a lot of screens a lot of visualness inside this electrified g80 whoa yeah like most ev

Cars you get that instant torque with this electrified g80 it starts out it kicks you back real quick and then it kind of slows down but as for that four seconds zero to sixty that’s about right but you know for the most part almost none of you guys will be drag racing this car um passing anytime you put your foot down you know it’s like it’s like instant as for

Other features i missed out on um standard ones like your blind spots either turn signal left or right you’ll see a blind spot in the digital gauge cluster so that’s pretty standard you see a lot of that heated and folder folding mirrors um you know memory seats stuff like that you know your front seats can be adjusted a hundred different ways you know those are

Pretty standard also inside here of course you get beautiful leather quilted leather with different kind of piping color it’s really nice but also genesis says the leather inside this car is made from dead animals so no animals were actually killed for their leather so that’s something that genesis is advertising and i don’t hear anyone else talking about that the

Seats up front also very nice very supportive not too aggressive the bottom cushion is nice holding me in without cutting into my thighs the back support too overall the front seats very comfortable the steering is also superb inside this electrified g80 the steering wheel first of all has a unique look old school vintage look two spoke design but it feels good

And the steering itself is light but precise it’s not sloppy at all so i i like it now there are also paddle shifters well they’re not to control your gears to control the regenerative braking which is a little flaky with this car even if you go to level zero which you think is off it’s really not and you still kind of feel that regenerative braking when you let

Go to throttle so unfortunately you get that feeling unless you turn off the system completely which you can by holding the right paddle shifter for like a second or so if you do that then you could turn it off completely now as for normal braking it feels normal it doesn’t feel any different than than a normal car which is good but just keep in mind the return

Braking takes time to get used to now so far i’ve said nothing but good things about this electrified g80 but at the beginning of the video i did say genesis had to make some sacrifices and unfortunately this could be a deal breaker for some of you guys the size of this g80 has decreased by quite a lot because of this platform genesis had to stuff in the battery

Underneath the motors and more electrical components and because of it you actually lose quite a lot of space on the inside in terms of headroom which isn’t all that bad but you do lose almost an inch up front and one and a half inch in the back so if you’re on the taller side well you’re going to feel it and in the trunk you see there’s that hump in the back you

Lose two cubic feet of cargo room as well so unfortunately the electrified g80 is smaller than a normal gas powered g80 and for some of you guys you’ll be turned off by that now there’s something else that was sacrificed too if you look on top there is no sunroof they’re supposed to be a solar power panoramic sunroof on top and i hear in other markets outside

The u.s you’ll get it but inside the us you don’t get it because by adding the sunroof it decreases the headroom even more inside so unfortunately you can’t add that in now besides the headroom that’s lost in the second row passengers also lose about two inches of leg room but overall still isn’t that bad i’m 5 feet 10 and behind my driving position you can see

I still have about two to three inches of leg room two to three inches about headroom right but what i had more if this was not electrified passengers in the rear also got a nice climate control screen and sun shades on either side so to conclude do i like the new electrified g80 how does it compare to the big boys well i’ll tell you from experience because i

Did own a tesla model s before as for the inside i’ll say that the fit and the finish and quality is light years ahead of tesla model s even a new one even a plaid but as for size i will say a model s does feel much bigger even though with dimensions if you look at the outside they’re very similar inside the model s does feel bigger i think mostly because of the

Subtractions inside this electrified one and if you sit inside a lucid lucid feels like limo like so there’s no comparison to the size inside a lucid but overall this is still a mid-size sedan so it’s not too small for four people for families it’s still okay so as for the price this electrified g80 is at eighty thousand dollars that’s it there’s no trim levels no

Packages to add on no accessories eighty thousand dollars so when you look at that and you compare that to a model s or lucid well it comes in thousands less or tens of thousands less right so you’re definitely saving a lot of money so even though this does have a little bit less range and it’s not quite as quick as some of those other guys and maybe a little bit

Smaller you’re saving a lot of money and plus the fit and finished interior quality all the features the drive are are fantastic so it’s really up to you what you treasure more alright guys thanks for watching smash the like and subscribe to the channel and stay tuned for my future review videos take care bye foreign

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2023 Genesis G80 Electrified – A Worthy All-Electric Luxury Sedan By Drivers Only