2023 Genesis GV60 | Electric Luxury SUV Review

The 2022 Genesis GV60 is an electric luxury SUV that competes with the Cadillac Lyriq, Ford Mustang Mach-e, and Tesla Model Y. In this video, we drive a Genesis GV60 Performance trim to review its positives and negatives from a family perspective. #DubbedWithAloud

We’re driving a 2023 genesis gv60 it is a pure electric they call it an suv it’s really a hatchback coming up i’m going to defeat my old enemy pocket bulk with my finger and my face but first information explosion man this is a weird car we’ve got a lot to talk about let’s begin with interior there are really unusual shapes and material choices in here and it

All feels really luxurious and futuristic it’s a really appealing space this glove compartment that’s actually a drawer instead to this material that looks like those athletic shorts but it’s metal so that makes it classy i thought that looked more like um mechanized ostrich skin but whatever it is uh unusual choices this sort of silver streak that goes down the

Door panels that recalls the twin light bar motif on the exterior is also reflected on the piping of the seats and boy i feel like we just got to get right to it the crystal sphere shifter it seems really absurd when you first see it but part of the issue with driving an electric vehicle is knowing when it’s on versus in accessory mode with this it is very clear

In fact it made me think of ned flanders and his saying about cider if it’s clear and yellow you got juice there fella if it’s tang in brown you’re inside her town that’s right so if you see a ball you won’t move at all when the ball flips you’re ready to rip do you have a thought kiddo i oh that’s true this thing is filled with technology one of them being a

Exterior parking feature where you can use the fob to pull the vehicle into or out of narrow parking spots or garages so easy a child can do it but back on task talking about the interior i think what’s fun about here is that there’s all these like unusual textures interesting shapes a lot of character and yet still quite functional plenty of room i mean i fit

Reasonably well in the back seat reasonably well because headroom is just a little bit tight for my long torso especially when i recline the rear seats but tons of leg room flat floor the rear recline is quite generous the front seats very adjustable so you can get a very comfortable seating position and you can recline them very generously as well which is the

Kind of thing that comes in handy when you’re let’s say hanging out at a charging spot and you just you just need a moment to chill because the world has gone mad and this is your one brief brief respite from the craziness that surrounds you i might be breaking on the inside does it show what i like about the interior is the g for genesis stitching on all the

Seats i didn’t even not forget what brand you’re in i can i didn’t even notice that’s what that was very subtle g but i’ll also point out that we’ve had a little sunglasses holder down here if you go even lower they’ve got a really great spot for your purse super handy and there’s a secret tunnel of sharing between the front seat and the back seat tunnel of

Sharing that might be the most heavy phrase i heard it’s a secret for being kind yeah if you have a child who likes to make art perhaps of a cat also making art then that is a great way to get it from the back seats to the front seat provided you love fun you do love fun don’t you okay good what about getting the child seats attached and getting kiddo in and

Out the latch points are exposed the door opening is a little narrow for our seat but we have it on the tallest setting you know any issues getting in and out of the car no oh yeah you got cup holders in the back there because people in the back seat get thirsty too and there’s even seed heaters back there if you weren’t in a car seat you could turn on the seat

Heater and it would keep your bum warm after cargo space out back there’s 24 cubic feet available obviously that changes depending on where you have the rear seats angled and they’ve smartly considered that with the cargo cover uh we’re getting caramel corn up front here please ignore the noise family live oh and then there’s also an underfloor cargo space that

You can keep the charging cable your vehicle to load um a connector can go back there just whatever else you need if you need even more cargo space there is a frunk up front but it’s .71 cubic feet which means it’s tiny so basically you can put like half a pie up there or a a wallet as for safety the iihs has not rated the gv60 and i couldn’t get the website for

The nhtsa to open while i was doing my research but i don’t believe they’ve tested a gv60 yet nonetheless the platforms that this is based on tends to rate very well safety wise and there are eight airbags plus an entire suite of active driver assists all the lane keeping assist automatic emergency braking that kind kind of stuff that you would want plus blind

Spot warning and little blind spot camera that shows up here in the gauge cluster whenever you turn on your turn signal so overall i think it’s a very safe package what do we think is the genesis gv60 family friendly family friendly uh-huh rear window test s almost armrest test here i am driving in a comfortable eight and four and this edge here where my

Elbow lands is a little bit hard and a little bit abrasive because of the stitching outboard is a little bit better squishier i’m gonna go 80 outboard and 65 inboard hey would you like to see more videos of me and my family reviewing cars plus the occasional helicopter adventure if so feel free to subscribe style let’s make this a fast one flying eyes are not

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I like that it doesn’t look excessively electric like it might be just a sporty little hatchback sorry suv wink uh prince you have the twin light bar aesthetic that genesis has been cultivating for a while a year one part i would change if this was my genesis is i would probably pay paint that little triangle black so that it looks a little more traditional

Which is weird because i like unusual touches generally you’re talking about the body color surround on the thing that is already black because right now you’re looking at b-roll and you’re thinking it is already a black triangle but you’re talking about the area around it i’m going to disagree and say that the entire purpose of that is it extends the lines

That come from either side of the front fascia so if you got rid of that you’d lose that continuity man okay a rare moment of disagreement in the museum household will our relationship survive yes yes it will okay more weirdness in back of the c-pillar zigzag treatment it’s just weird are we going to disagree i think it’s quirky but delightful i don’t have a

Problem with it there’s enough collective weirdness that you just sort of like accept it for what it is it’s triangles outside circles inside that’s just how it rolls is that the design brief it was as simple as that like i don’t know circles and triangles what if we did one outside one inside love it i will mention the color is hanoma mint that’s named after a

Bay in hawaii and i think it looks super fantastic they also have a few other fun colors and then some boring colors if you feel like driving something that’s boring and then dignified we’ll go dignified that is a much more respectful way of saying that i also note that the charge port for the gv60s on the right rear quarter panel that means if you’re charging

It and a lot of places you’re going to need to back in so get used to backing in but again you got that really good 360 camera system so you probably won’t hit stuff what do you guys think do you like the look of the genesis gv60 yeah if yes if no tell us in the comments if you’re curious what we’re doing between youtube videos you can always give us a follow

Over on instagram in motion everywhere we go we turn because we live in the mountains and so we turn and i really like driving this thing around in a mountainous environment i will say that at a very very zippy clip it feels like it might be a little bit inclined to understeer which is the most generic automotive journalist complaint and it’s not even really

Complaint um i just it’s a little less hard edged steering than some of the other vehicles i’ve driven recently nonetheless you can drive this thing very quickly and have a very good time doing it and it’s a balanced package too it feels uh sporty when you’re steering and it also has plenty of power my goodness that is fun that is nausea inducing fun let’s uh

Change things up a little bit here you’ve got some controls on the steering wheel so i’m going to go to drive modes and put it into sport which is right over here on the left side and then on the right side you’ve got this boost button and if you hit that you get 10 seconds of uh extra power and uh oh here we’ve got tens counting down wow oh my gosh yes which

Is great because that’s below the speed limit of uh something higher than 47. we’ll just say 48 miles per hour i have read that from a stop this will do 0-60 in 4.9 seconds i’m just going to pause here for a second activate boost you ready to go fast kiddo head up ready here we go three two one oh yeah okay and breaking so the story there is that uh the gv60

Is right quick when you want it to be and i really like this little boost function it just adds a little bit more interaction people complain about the loss of the manual transmission but this is like something to do and i kind of enjoy it maybe there could be more feedback through the steering wheel but nobody cares about that so it’s a really fun car to drive

At the same time i think ride quality is quite good this has a feature called rode preview which we experienced recently in the g80 electrified which basically uses a camera to read the road and adjust the suspension accordingly that’s on the performance trim we’re driving if you go with the bass trim you don’t get that but i’m sure it still drives just nicely

So yeah i’m finding a lot to enjoy driving the genesis gv60 oh that is a good time but what does evie think evie’s at the wheel how do you like driving this thing so i love how zippy it is from a stop i keep inadvertently peeling out prompt electric torque and all the power comes on so quickly that you look like a mad woman driving around having a crazy time

That’s part of the fun you can have driving an electric car do you feel comfortable driving the gv60 it’s small it’s low to the ground and despite the tendency for me to peel out i do feel really comfortable driving this what about visibility any issues so over my right shoulder there’s a huge blocky c-pillar that’s hard to see around and the belt line is high

And then rises even higher as you go towards the rear so visibility isn’t its strongest suit it is a really good thing that this comes with such an excellent visibility via the 360 cam including that kind of virtual spin you around see around the entire vehicle angle even though visibility out isn’t awesome technology makes up for the shortcomings yes all right

Well sweetie seems pretty happy i’m getting back in the driver’s seat overall there is a lot to like driving the gv60 and and i didn’t even mention earlier so you’ve got these paddles up here on the steering wheel that you can use to adjust the regenerative braking intensity and if you go to maximum and activate something called eye pedal which is a one pedal

Drive mode let me just bring it to a complete stop using the eye pedal function my foot is not on the accelerator and we’re going to come to a gentle graceful smooth stop let’s see how smooth it is that’s very smooth that’s very good needless full throttle acceleration we and you know what i like patreon hey patrons thank you for your support we love chatting

With you guys over there we love giving you early access i was about to hiccup while i was speaking could you tell vomit i just so filled with emotion and it comes out in a variety of ways thank you patrons for your support honor two emotion factor so many positive emotions from the really stylish interior to the exterior to the speedy driving to saving money

On gas i’m just filled with emotion you guys and i think that is a very reasonable thing now that i’m here to judge the correctness of your emotions but yeah i think there’s a plenty of ways you could feel emotionally dazzled by the gv60 all the cool technology and just those weird specificity about its design if you’re feeling emotionally drawn to buy a genesis

Gv60 of your very own i’m guessing you’re gonna need to sell your current car first whether you want to know how much your current car is worth or how much you should pay for your next car let kelley blue book be your pricing guide if you have any questions about vehicle pricing use the link in the description below kelly bluebook is there to help charging onward

Too remarks in the beginning of the video i teased that i was going to slay my old nemesis pocket bulk with uh the power of my finger and my face i hate having a bunch of extra crap in my pockets the genesis gv60 helps me do that because it incorporates biometric technology so on the b pillar there is a camera and you can set it up and the setup by the way is

Very very easy when they dropped off the car they just ran me through it it took like a minute and uh reads your face so you can get into the vehicle with that camera on the b pillar and then once you’re in here there’s a little fingerprint sensor and it’s like okay yeah you can start it up now so you can use biometrics to get in and start your vehicle and spend

The day at the beach and you never have to worry about stowing a fob and a sock in a shoe and hoping that a crab hasn’t run away with it we have a dual 12.3 inch screen one is on uh gauge cluster duty and then the one over here is the infotainment zone i physical buttons down here which is a bit far if you’re going back and forth but honestly i never use these

Buttons they are a little bit redundant because yeah the basic interface here is really quite good the reach for touching the touch screen isn’t that far unlike some other genesis as we’ve driven recently but if you want you can just use this little controller down here and one thing i do like is that this is different enough from the drive selector that you

Won’t confuse them unlike the genesis g80 electrified that we drove recently another feature that um you can probably be creative and how you use it is something called vehicle to load and what happens is that there’s a little accessory you put it into the charge port and then you just have like a three prong outlet that you can use to power whatever you want

Phone lamp e-bike what would you charge with your vehicle to load adapter tell us in the comments so there are two power options but the base advanced trim you get a little less horsepower and torque but you get a little bit more range with the performance trim it’s the exact opposite the perform trim also has the exact same battery as the base trim but it gets

Bigger brakes because you’re going to be getting a little bit extra speed there both versions of gv60 can charge at up to a 350 kilowatt rate and at that speed it can go from 10 to 80 percent charge in only 18 minutes if you use a 240 volt level 2 outlet it can go from 10 to 100 in about seven hours sweetie yeah gonna give you a trim recommendation why sure hooray

Our trim recommendation is based on which trim gives you all the features you would regret not buying but at the lowest possible price i’m going to recommend going with the advanced trim which starts just under 59 000 it’s still really loaded with heated ventilated leather memory front seats four usbc ports a 17 speaker bang and olufsen audio system a smart

Liftgate standard apple carplay and android auto although both are wired instead of wireless a wireless charge pad and smart key access something i will not live without the only thing you’re missing when you skip the performance trim is adaptive dampers heated rear seats and a microfiber headliner and yeah more power among the competitive set we got fancy evs

Like the tesla model y maybe the cadillac lyric or the audi q4 e-tron if you wanted to save about twenty thousand dollars or so you could go with the kia ev6 or the hyundai ioniq 5 which are both built on the same platform as the gv60 were driving another competitor worth considering is the mustang mach e from ford if you’re curious what we thought about driving

The mustang machi click up here and you can see our review the maki has a lot going for it we found it very fun to drive and also it’s built in north america which means as the federal tax incentives shifts moving forward the mach e should still be eligible for that 7 500 federal tax incentive gv60 is built in south korea so probably no tax incentive did we miss

Any remarks if so tell us in the comments section synopsis in thinking about the essence of the genesis gv60 it is fancy it is confident it is delightfully weird to me it is the jeff goldblum of electric vehicles if you would like to see more videos of me and my family reviewing cars as a family feel free to subscribe if you’re curious what we’re doing between

Youtube videos you can always give us a follow over on instagram family i think we’ve done a good job reviewing the genesis gv60 may i have a five ow and a five huh and you come get that five hey foreign

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