2023 Genesis GV60 Performance: Genesis Just Ended Teslas Whole Career

Today I drive and review a 2023 Genesis GV60 Performance!

Okay so before we sum things up we of course got to get you guys another another boost so we got boost on hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and in today’s we’re going to be looking at the all new 2023 genesis gv60 performance first and foremost though a huge shout out thank you to the genesis of lyndon utah for me sometime with this gv60 i’m going to include a link

To their inventory in the description down below definitely check them out if you have any questions whatsoever just ask for marie and seriously if you’re going to be purchasing a new genesis you live in like the western us you’re going to want to purchase from the genesis in linden because well they’re the best deal in the region pretty straightforward anyways as

Always also if you want to save time money the next time you purchase car link to my carbine guide in the description down below let’s get into it foreign specs with the gv60 we’ve got a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery pack paired to a dual electric motor setup with this setup we’ve got 235 miles of driving range power outputs are 429 horsepower than 446 pound-feet

Of torque we do have a boost function which jumps the power outputs up to 483 horsepower and then 516 pound-feet of torque for 10 seconds and yes we will be testing that out today now before we go over the front end i do want to mention that if you want to see more reviews just like this then i recommend you subscribe because i post reviews every single day on a

Massive variety of cars now going over the front end you guys can see about distinctive lines on either side of the hood this color is called sao paulo lime which i’m pretty sure that’s actually a town in brazil minus the lime part crazy color i’ll try to remember to put an iphone image over this so you guys can see what it actually looks like because this camera

Image is not accurate at all the camera filter is completely overwhelmed because this color is so neon bright anyways you guys can see here with the lights they look absolutely crazy by the way they don’t blink in real life that’s because just because the frame rate of the camera and then you guys can see the genesis logo here in the center and then obviously most

Of it’s closed off here on the front end because it’s fully electric but you can see here with the grille all blacked out there you got the sensor there at the bottom and overall it looks really cool and like i said the camera doesn’t like it makes the color look more white than it actually is come here on the side here turn wheel setup is 255 40 21 in the front

And over in the rear as well and then you guys can see the design on the wheels it is absolutely crazy and normal genesis fashion there’s quite a bit happening it’s crazy this is a stock wheel anyways i think this is pretty cool so normally a lot of automakers will just do like exposed black plastic but this is painted but it’s painted a different color so it just

And it’ll creates some nice contrast and you can see it matches there with what’s happening on the front end you can see it kind of continues here along the side and then notice with the mirrors they’re black they’re at the bottom we got the pop out door handles and then notice the roof rails are also blacked out and there’s your full side view so here’s our new

Key fob for the gv16 the reason why i say new key fob is this is genesis is new key fob that they will have moving forward which i think is really cool it’s still very lightweight but it just like i know it looks neat anyways we’ve got basic functions on one side your lock your unlock and then like opening for the hatch which we’ll press right now and then on the

Other side we’ve got our remote start function we have our part parking assist and then this is to open up the charge port and so you literally have just everything built into this key fob in a nice little package but popping inside of the cargo area you guys can see here with the cargo cover and overall storage space is actually pretty decent even though this is

Not a massive suv i’d put it kind of like in the middle sized category it’s still pretty dang practical and let’s see what’s under the loading floor oh so got a little bit more storage space underneath as well and then you guys can see i’ve got a 12 volt here in the back and yeah that’s pretty much it when you’re all done you can lock it or you can just press this

Button then it’ll lower it right down now let’s finish things up with the rest of the rear so first off i love these tail lights like look how cool those are and then look at the spoiler here on the back end and it’s kind of like in the middle of the window so you’ve got like window and then you have like a little bit of window there at the bottom as well and you

Can see a camera built into it’s just very interesting and then of course regular badges here on the back parking sensors here at the bottom and then you guys can see kind of like the rest of the bumper right there and overall it it has this cool futuristic appearance to it that’s for sure so we’ve got our charge part over here i’ll hold down the charge button

There on the key fob and it’ll pop it right open and yes this does have fast charging so you just have this little cap that you pull off if you have a fast charger otherwise you can just do traditional charging with it as well i like this here on this side that’s pretty fun um but pretty straightforward when you’re done just press that and boom closes it let’s

Go over the door panel here in the rear so first off we have sun shades here for the rear passengers and then look at this leather trim here and then you’ve got the alcantara down below that and then you can see more leather trim i love the little circular door handle then bang olsen sound system which by the way tested it out earlier and yeah sounds amazing we

Do have heated seats for the back i love the window control like it just i don’t know looks cool and we’re gonna pop over this seat because the lighting’s a little better but here are the seats look at the design absolutely ridiculous like so beautiful and then watch pop in so here’s our legroom and it’s comfy in here and then you guys can see a little storage

Pocket we got some usb ports some netting and then look at this for the seats you can like fold it forward well a lot of the states but rather this seat because every single genesis model like makes sure that this back seat is always the most important which is kind of funny show for life right and then here’s the cup holder armrest set up but yeah i need to like

Emphasize these are probably some of the most comfortable seats i have ever sat in in a car before like just look at like the little details with how they’ve kind of like molded it all it’s it’s really special that’s all i’m going to say let’s head to the front now here’s the front door panel again you guys can see here at the trim at the top and then down below

Completely matches the rear door panel soup uniformity and then we’ve got all of our window controls here another cool door handle and i love the mirror adjustment here definitely fun with that and that by the way folds in the mirrors and they do have blind spot monitoring and again it’s just like on some little stock just some cool touches here now pop into the

Side of the front seat you can see all of our adjustments there’s like a bajillion of them and we do have massaging seats as well and then here are these seats themselves man this is just crazy how nice these look sorry about the shadow on the seats by the way but anyways look at the pedal layout down below if the camera will focus on them and then we have our

Stability control here and then we’ve got this for the parking set or parking brake rather and then that is to open up the hatch steering wheel is power adjustable let’s pop in so here’s the steering wheel for the gv60 really nice leather trim all around and you can see the stitching there on the center portion we had a drive mode button boost button there and

Then just look at like the finishes on the controls and by the way it does have adaptive cruise control and steering assist and with the steering assist you just have to lightly have your hand on the steering wheel you don’t have to be grabbing it which is great and we got like our volume controls voice command controls this is actually some stuff for the center

Stack now the minus paddle makes it so there’s less regen plus paddle makes it so there is more regen and then turn signal light stock windshield wiper stock and there you go so here’s the center gauge cluster first off you guys can see we’ve got 71 charge and then 157 miles of stated range with that amount of charge overall resolution on it is fantastic and then

You guys remember that little square there on the steering wheel that actually lets us scroll through some stuff here on the side so you guys can see like power distribution which i’m actually going to leave out because i’m very interested to see what it actually is with the vehicle and then if i press that drive mode button notice the drive modes pop up we have

A comfort sport and then look at the gates there on the side how it changes that’s awesome and then eco mode as well so yeah i think that’s fun but yeah really cool gauge cluster also you guys can see there with a level zero showing us how aggressive the regen is with the gv60 at any given time but there’s the center so here’s the center infotainment screen first

Off if we pop it into reverse we do have a backup camera with your director lines that turn with the steering wheel notice we got that bird’s eye view and we can do this cool exterior shot here as well so with the camera system it’s fantastic there’s also a camera button you can press and that’ll pull up the whole system as well so you don’t have to pop it into

Reverse anyways as for the infotainment screen you guys can see response time is fantastic i can also control it via dial if i want some notable features here and i kind of already mentioned one of these massaging seats i press the massage button and then it turns it on so i’ll press it again as you guys can see it pulls up with the different types of massages

That i can go through which is cool um other notable features here is the ev tab so notice it shows oops i went too far it shows uh the current range but i love how it shows how much range i’d have if i didn’t turn on the ac it’s kind of kind of dangerous i’m just kidding but like it’s cool that it lets you do that really customizable overall but yeah super good

System i have this like big strip where there’s these two vents and then you just have like the lonesome venter on the passenger side material use though is really nice and you guys can see even on the dash as well at just super high quality and then we do have our climate controls down below dual zone climate system and the tabs for the temperature feel really

High quality usbs down below 12 volt and then just like an empty void like underneath which kind of gives us like a spaceship type feel essentially with a couple of cup holders right here this is actually a fingerprint scanner and then you guys can see the volume controls around it now this basically is part of the making you the key fob type situation where you

Can drive the car by using like the fingerprint scanner and there’s also wait for it an eye scanner as well and so like yeah it does have a traditional key fob you guys saw but you also can yeah turn yourself into key fob in before someone like uses this to i guess like put into a movie where someone steals someone’s car by like forcing them to like do the eye and

Fingerprint scanner i think i think we’re gonna see that movie pretty pretty soon anyways this little dial that controls the infotainment system and then this is our dial shift you guys saw at the beginning how it kind of does that cool flip thing with turning on and then we have our heated cold seat control here heated steering wheel and then auto holding that’s

For the camera system and center console pretty normal there’s a wireless phone charging pad right there and then you guys can see a nice leather trim on top and then even the handle for the glove box here yeah looks great but it opens up like i forgot about that yeah that’s that’s that’s something that’s definitely interesting i feel like nobody talks about that

With the gv 60. how it opens up like a cat or like a yeah anyways you guys can see here with the top really nice premium headliner continues onto the pillars as well and then we do have a panoramic uh sunroof here we’ve got like the sun shade that well that’s weird wow that’s that’s an effect that’s cool so sorry about the glare but here’s a winner sticker for this

2023 gv60 performance and pretty much everything standard equipment on this the base price is 67 890 and there’s only a few options which brings the troll msrp to 69 305 dollars but also warranty information five year 60 000 mile new via quarantee 10 year 100 000 mile on the powertrain and then 10-year 100 000 mile on the electric vehicle system warranty as well so

Kind of a really solid warranty actually even considering the fact that a lot of other automakers will have pretty long warranties in there you know electronic components but anyways let’s see how this thing drives well let’s talk about visibility before we set off we’ve got our visibility of the hood and you guys can hopefully now see the heads-up display both the

Mirrors which like i said do a blind spot monitoring and then throw out the rest of the rear and that’s set off so setting off here in the gv 60 and this is the second time i’ve had a chance to drive one of these the first one was at a driving event in colorado but i didn’t really get all that much time with the gb60 it was basically jumping in the car quickly drive

It and then that was it whereas now i get quite a bit of time and by the way this is uh the genesis of linden’s um basically their demo vehicle so if you want to drive the new gb60 before you purchase one then you can do that notice we also have the turn signal camera which is a nice luxury feature well safety feature as well but it’s also kind of like a nice luxury

Feature which yeah this thing is full of it also i need to have the massaging seat on i don’t know i’m not going to massage there we go we’re going to go for a whole body stretch this time man we there’s like never any traffic here and then as soon as i try to do my little my silly little review all the cars pop out but first thing you know just like most electric

Cars really quiet because no engine rumbling right but also want to mention i’m really impressed with the suspension so this is not a very large vehicle like i said it’s um built on the same platform as the hyundai ioniq 5 and the kia ev6 and so it’s like again it’s it’s got enough space it’s it’s probably like what toyota rav4 size i think is like a pretty good

Comparison but still like it’s super comfortable like usually vehicles that are this size usually are kind of you know a little bit bumpy but they’ve done a really good job um despite the fact this doesn’t have a super long wheelbase i am noticing that it’s rear uh bias with where it’s sending power setting it most mostly to the rear which you can kind of feel at

The driving dynamics because you get like a push rather than a you know pull out of situations it’s so quiet and these seeds seriously like they’re so comfortable the bull string is really nice the massaging seat function also really nice yeah it’s always sending more to the rear i mean it’s either even or it’s it’s more rear biased yeah it seems like yeah that’s

That’s what you’d want um and again we’re in the comfort i want to swap to the eco mode and see and by the way i’m on level three with the regen so it’s basically doing the most amount so if i like let off it goes it goes pretty hard on the region and i can also hold the plus pedal and the thing that’s cool is if you hold down the plus pedal it makes the regen

Even more aggressive okay so continuing along this is my little like bumpy road test so this road’s kind of beat up quite a bit and you guys can see we’ve got like little not big potholes but little things to go over yeah and the suspension’s just soaking it all up yeah genesis did a fantastic job and again this has 21 inch wheels you would not expect it to be

That comfortable now i’m going to pop it in the sport mode instantly gets more aggressive and yeah this is this is where things get exciting we’re gonna let this guy go first because we are gonna get one heck of an acceleration so boost whoa wow man does this thing move in the boo wow oh my gosh i should not have had lunch before reviewing this car wow that is

That is intense that is seriously intense i actually want to see the difference um between that and like the regular i mean the regular acceleration is no joke so like wow again demonstration purposes don’t try that at home kids i’m just kidding but seriously that is that is impressive gonna go up here for a second i’m trying to get as much seat time as i can

To really see kind of all of the driving damage because i am about to make a pretty crazy claim here in a second and i’m looking at the power distribution and it let me do that again so it seems like it’s pretty even but then it’ll send a little bit more just just a hint more to the front initially and then more the back after that’s kind of weird okay so before

We sum things up we of course gotta get you guys another another boost so we got boost on oh my goodness it’s like the tires are like i put down the power though i put down the power that’s for sure man this thing’s intense so here’s what i have to say to something’s up don’t buy a tesla seriously so you guys know i have reviewed a ton of electric cars this year

And i’ve been super impressed with what you know the quote-unquote legacy automakers are putting out and this is no exception the gv60 is such an amazing electric car acceleration is insane now i know some people will talk about the range but something that i’ve noticed with a lot of these electric cars is they are pretty uh underrated by the epa like i had a bmw

I4 for a week and the epa rated it like 220 miles of range and i got like 300 miles range so if this says 235 miles range from the epa then i feel like it’s pretty safe to assume if you drive like normal you’re probably going to get close to 300 miles of range because the epa just doesn’t seem to know how to properly rate electric vehicles with their range unless

It’s tesla if it’s tesla then they seem to give it the best rating ever right i feel like something’s fishy is happening there but i love how this looks um you can get this in normal colors by you don’t have to get like the crazy neon green even though this is really cool color interior is so much nicer than any tesla interior even a model s or model x plaid does

Not compare to this from interior perspective and this isn’t you know and those are literally more than twice the price of this so yeah if you’re gonna get an ev suv then you have to at least check this out and i think after checking this out you’re probably gonna buy it especially over a tesla model 3 or a tesla model y because and i’ve seen the test like this

Is faster than both of those cars it drives way better it’s more comfortable like there is i don’t see any reason for buying tesla after driving this rip tesla that’s all i got to say that’s because something’s up for a video on the gv60 performance again a huge shout on thank you to the genesis here in linden utah for you sometime with this gv60 check out the mr

In the description down below ask for marie if you have any questions and again if you’re going to buy a genesis you got to buy it from the genesis of london i’ll see ya

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2023 Genesis GV60 Performance: Genesis Just Ended Tesla's Whole Career By Ben Hardy