2023 Genesis GV60 Review, Pricing, and Specs

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The gv60 is the first dedicated ev model with the most dynamic design representing genesis electrification therefore gv60 will set a new standard for luxury electric vehicles with a powerful driving performance and various key features based on interactions with customers featuring two lines lamps the front design perfectly complements the vehicle’s refined and

Voluminous body iconic and instantly recognizable the two-line design is a symbol of genesis vehicles the genesis signature crest grille moves to a lower position to accommodate cooling requirements specific to the dedicated high performance ab platform an f specific detail that highlights genesis transition to the sustainable era at the rear of the gb60 the

Coop roof profile ends with a distinctive fixed wing spoiler the shoulder volume of the rear fender emphasizes the vehicle’s side stance further highlighting its dynamic high performance electric vehicle image the finishing touch of the gv60s rear is the genesis signature two line lamps the coupe silhouette streamlined from the hood to the spoiler solidifies a

More athletic profile with a short overhang and a long wheelbase of 2900 millimeters in addition the chrome volt dlo daylight opening which begins from the top of the windshield towards the rear with a distinctive v-shape is another design element that demonstrates the dynamism and anti-conformist style of the gv60 the interior design of the gv60 takes on genesis

Design ethos of the beauty of white space while seeking to create a spacious and comfortable interior at the same time its floating architecture and unique details are combined to create a unique look the crystal sphere is one of the most compelling design elements of the gv60 it is not only an aesthetic element of the interior design but it is also built to create

An emotional connection between the driver and the vehicle when the vehicle is turned off the crystal sphere becomes the vehicle’s mood lights adding to the aesthetic of the driving experience when the vehicle is ready to drive the sphere rotates and the shift by wire sbw appears creating an indoor atmosphere of futuristic mobility the floating console where the

Crystal sphere is located looks as if it is hovering in the air working with other unique features such as the slim cockpit and flat floor to provide passengers with a maximum level of openness the multi-charging system enables stable and rapid charging with various charging infrastructure when charging at 350 kilowatts with the ultra speed charging function the

Battery can be charged from 10 to 80 in just 18 minutes experience the smooth opening and closing of the electronic power charging door the charging system can be operated using various methods such as a panel push open slash panel touch or button click close as well as with a smart key genesis connected services app and avn voice recognition it also includes

An indicator to show 8 battery charge levels boost mode the gv60 comes with a boost mode to give it a more dynamic and luxurious element the mode immediately increases the performance of the vehicle’s maximum output making the driving experience more dynamic when charging at 350 kilowatts with the ultra speed charging function the battery can be charged from

10 to 80 percent in just 18 minutes furthermore charging time for the slow charging function has been shortened by increasing the charging capacity from 7.2 kilowatts to 11 kilowatts enjoy the unmatched driving experience only a genesis gb 60 can offer from optimal riding comfort dynamic steering silence and the active sound design all the way to the unbridled

Power and immediate response of a luxury ev the gv60 is genesis first vehicle to be built on the dedicated f platform known as electric global modular platform a gmp that is matched with a body structure chassis motor and battery optimized for rf model marking the brand’s move towards electrification the electronic limited slip differential elsd enables an optimal

Amount of torque to be distributed to the wheels when turning around at high speeds improving performance when cornering and starting off this offers drivers more stable control on slippery roads and in snowy or rainy weather with the aid of a front camera and navigation data the system adapts the damping force of the suspension to control the vehicle’s motion it

Also recognizes potential impacts such as speed bumps and offers optimal riding comfort and stability for passengers the ambitious genesis luxury brand is tackling the luxury f segment with its satisfying and whimsical 2023 gb 60 crossover the gv60 incorporates styling elements found in other genesis models but it lacks the brand’s large trapezoidal grille that

Stretches between the dual element headlamps substituting a slimmer lower grille across the front bumper inside the gv60 cabin looks decidedly premium with a large monolithic display screen serving as both gauge cluster and infotainment system and a novel crystal sphere shifter that rotates to reveal itself when the suv is powered up at launch buyers can choose

From the 314 hp advanced or 429 hp performance trims estimated driving range varies from 235 to 248 miles per charge rival luxury suvs such as the audi q4 e-tron the volvo xc40 recharge and the coupe-like c40 recharge offer similar prestige and driving range but the gv60s detail-oriented design and amusing flourishes make it an attractive and offbeat alternative

Although three different powertrains will eventually be offered only the all-wheel drive arrangements with dual motors will be available at the gv60s launch the advanced model makes a combined 314 horsepower while the performance trim makes 429 horsepower that number can be temporarily increased to 483 horsepower though when the performance models boost driving

Mode is engaged with that driving mode in use we estimate that the gv60 will be capable of blasting to 60 miles per hour in just 3.4 seconds when we get a chance to test that for ourselves we’ll update this story with results what we can tell you based on our initial test drive is that the gv60s road manners are quite refined and its handling is reminiscent of

The porsche macon when cruising the cabin remains whisper quiet but encounter a stretch of winding road and the gv60 offers enough athleticism to entertain the driver and enough sure-footedness to inspire confidence gv60 is a new model for genesis and the brand’s third suv it’s also the brand’s first foray into the electric vehicle marketplace and it shares its

Underpinnings with the hyundai ioniq 5 and the kia f6 all versions come with the same 77.4 kilowatt hour battery pack but according to the epa the all-wheel drive gb 60 advanced will offer up to 248 miles of driving range while the performance model carries an estimate of 235 the 2023 gv 60 price start at 59 985 and goes up to 68 985 depending on the trim you

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