2023 GMC Acadia Denali: What Changed For The 2023 Acadia?

Today I drive and review a 2023 GMC Acadia Denali!

With the denali yeah the four wheel drive just or the all-wheel drive rather takes away the torque steer just like the at4 hey everyone it’s been hard here in inches that are me reviewing the all-new gmc acadia denali first and for almost a huge shout out thank you to the national gmc here in american fork utah forgive me sometime with this denali on put a link to

Their inventory in the description down below where you can check this one out it is available for sale for the time being and then on a side note if you’re gonna save time and money the next time purchase car link to my carbine guide in the description down below let’s get into it thank you under the hood we have a nachi aspirated 3.6 liter v6 goes for a 9-speed

Automatic transmission fuel economy’s 19 around town and then 26 on the highway with power puts being 310 horsepower and then 271 pound-feet of torque let’s go to the front end of the denali so first off what you guys will notice is we have these distinctive lines here on the hood and i think it looks fantastic here with this white paint got the gmc logo there

Front and center obviously massive chrome grill because denali right and then popping here to the side you guys can see the c-shaped led day timberlands with the led headlamps and then notice with the parking sensors there on the front end got a little fog light there in the corner and then notice with the chrome trim all around that and overall looks pretty good

Come around the side here our tire wheel setup is 235 55 20 in the front and over in the rear as well and then you guys can see here with the design on the wheels you’ve got kind of like that bright silver there on the face and then it kind of turns to dark metallic gray on the inside portion of the spoke notice here with the fender flare how that is body painted

Got the denali logo there with that chrome strip and thus there’s also chrome around the door handles and then around the window trim as well lots of chrome lots of bling right and there’s your side view so here’s our key fob for the denali you got the gmc logo there on the back we have our unlock and our lock function remote starting in the opening here for the

Hatch so just press that a couple times and then it’ll pop right open and you can see with the third row folded down and with one of the seats in the second row fold down you have quite a bit of cargo space back here now pulling this up you can see the storage space inside that and then i’m going to pull this strap right here and this will allow me to pull this seat

Here for the third row up and then you guys can see what the storage space would be with the third row up now as for the seats themselves they look really good actually as you guys can see with the material use sorry about that awkward uh camera angle right there um you can fit adults back in the third world the denali headroom is pretty uh solid and then legroom’s

Actually decent over long road trip so i would recommend reserving it for kids they do get some cup holders back there you got a little usb port a cup holder there on the other side and other than that when you’re all done just press this and it’ll lower it all down finishing these up with the rest of the rear we’ve got the signature c-shaped tail lights here on

The back end but notice it like extends here on the top i’ve got more chrome trim to the gmc logo and then notice our all-wheel drive and the acadia badge also all chromed out parking sensors here on the rear and then another chrome strip that says denali got a bezel covering the receiver hitch then here’s a quick look at the cover for the exhaust tip as well and

Well other than that that’s the rear now here’s the door panel in the back you can see that the leather trim right here and then notice all the white stitching goes to the wood trim there on the door panel and there’s quite a bit of storage space there’s this little pocket right there and then down below and here are the seats so notice with the stitching and then

The piping and then it’s perforated all down the center of the seat and getting in is pretty easy just pretty much slide right across just like most crossovers there’s your leg room as your headroom and then notice with the storage pocket we do have our own climate zone in the back we also have heated seats we have a full outlet and this has the caption chair set

Up so you’ve got these cool armrests and then notice there’s also some vents here on the ceiling let’s head to the front now here is the front door panel you can see again with the stitching that goes across and then there’s the leather trim down below with more of that stitching our wood trim that goes across right there notice here with the windows automatic

The front two got your mirror adjustments memory seat function this is for the hatch for different settings and then speaker for the bose sound system blind spot monitoring for the mirrors and notice with the denali logo there in the headrest and then notice with the seats again perforated you got the piping power adjustments here on the side another denali logo

Can never have enough of those also on the floor mat geez got the pedal layout and then with the parking brake that’s the heads up display the whole setup and then notice again with more stitching steering wheel is power adjustable let’s pop in now here is the steering wheel you can see the padding all around and then the darker stitching on the center portion

You got some controls for center stack and then we do have radio controls there on the back we of course have our windshield wiper stock turn signal light stock and we have our cruise control here at the heated steering wheel button denali yet again and i also want to show this quickly we also have a heads up display which is pretty cool but there’s a steering

Wheel here’s the center gauge cluster you’ve got analog gauges on either side and then we do have this screen here in the center which we can scroll through different bits of info on the acadia notice all that stuff that you can scroll through pretty straightforward we do have some different drive modes right now we’re in the two-wheel drive mode which is front

Wheel drive we have an all-wheel drive mode and then we have a sport mode and then we have an off-road mode as well as if anyone would actually take it only off-road but there you go here’s the infotainment system first off if we pop it into reverse we do have a backup camera with trajectory lines that turn with the steering wheel and resolutions pretty solid this

One doesn’t have a 360 camera system you can get that as an option now response time for the screen fantastic it does have apple carplay and android auto and then we got some animal controls just down below and well there you go we’ve got analog controls for our climate system this does have a dual zone climate system for the front and then we have our interesting

Gear selector system right there with all of the little the pulls and pushes almost uh i don’t know feels like a toy in a way got our usb set up right there it does have a wireless phone charging pad and then we’ve got our auto stop start here notice the stability control and then the hazard lights and then the parking sensors and then this wood trim definitely

Has some nice grain to it you got the cup holders with of course more chrome bling heating and cold seats here for the front and then we have our drive mode select we went over earlier with the lane departure there on the side and here’s the center console which well it’s a center console and then glove box and then there’s just this random little piece of wood

Trim right there nice padding in the dash though that’s for sure and we do have a sunglass holder here at the top and yeah no sunroof in this particular one now here’s another sticker for this 2023 acadia denali and anyways after our 1500 onstar charge takes the base price from 48 000 to 52 740 and let’s drive it let’s talk about visibility before we set off

Here’s your visibility over the hood with the heads up display both of the mirrors do a blind spot monitoring and then throw the rest of the rear and set off setting off in the acadia denali and i’m driving this back to back with the at4 and well i have a fear that i might end up roasting the denali so sorry in advance so first off in the two-wheel drive mode it

Definitely has that little kind of torque steering feel to an extent and aside from that i love how it says uh v6 here on the gauge cluster because you can go from six cylinder two four-cylinder mode here with the denali yeah the four wheel drive just or the all-wheel drive rather takes away the torque steer just like the at4 let me see if i can get it to go

Into the four-cylinder mode um anyways really comfortable seat comfort’s great it’s got the air conditioned seat function as well and yeah just it’s a comfortable vehicle overall i’m a big fan of the acadia see how it goes with these little dirt area pretty good the suspension still can’t get it to go in the four cylinder mode i’m guessing that might be reserved

For highway driving when you’re in higher gears i’m probably just not going quick enough for me to be able to access that um other stuff with the denali it is you know pretty quiet inside here um overall it’s got a nice kind of like luxury feeling interior which is great for this segment because you usually don’t if you expect that at this price point but it’s

Starting to come become a little bit more common with stuff like the jeep grand cherokeeel okay can i get it to go to v4 because it’s so funny when it says b4 nope i can’t anyways summing things up here with the denali so first off from an exterior aesthetics perspective i think it looks pretty good with all of the chrome especially if that’s your thing and then

Interior it’s definitely nice material use is great and oh there’s a big storage thing underneath here as well i don’t know why i didn’t notice that before man must be the heat getting to me today but overall i think they’ve done a good job the only thing i’d say is i just reviewed an at4 acadia right before this and that had more features than this except for

The the only thing it didn’t have was wireless phone charger but it had everything else and it was forty nine thousand dollars and if you put everything that the at4 had in this this would be like sixty thousand dollars something like that and so i think the general is cool but i think the at4 is a much better value and it had heated cooled seats right the interior

Looks a little bit different the exterior looks a little bit different but if it were my money i would buy the at4 let me know what you guys think that’s because something’s up for a video on this acadia denali again a huge shout out thank you to the national gmc here in american fork utah forwarding me sometime with the acadia check out them turn the description down below i’ll see you

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2023 GMC Acadia Denali: What Changed For The 2023 Acadia? By Ben Hardy