Keith Gives Us A Walkaround Of The 2023 GMC Hummer EV EDITION 1 Accessorized PICKUP That Was On Hand At The GMC HUMMER EV Experience Booth Live From The SEMA Show 2021. Also On Hand Was The 2022 GMC HUMMER EV And The SEGI TV Chip Ganassi Racing No. 99 GMC HUMMER EV.R In It’s Full Glory. What A Beast This HUMMER EV Pickup All Decked Out Was To See. It’s HUGE! Hey.. We Got A Shirt Too !!

Hey friends we are here at the gmc hummer ev experience this is one of several uh pavilion areas or booth areas that gm has set up throughout the sema show of course this one’s named after this thing right behind me here this guy came to make an impression so not only that we’ve got a rooftop tent up here gm smart they’re giving out these really awesome t-shirts

Over here we’ve got the blacked out american flag on them but let’s talk a little bit about the elephant in the room if we can okay so not yet in production status okay but they brought one to the show anyway this one has chase lights up top this amazing hood graphic that they’ve got on it right here um this thing is roof rack and all rooftop tent camper tent

And all it’s massive this thing is i i look at this and it’s the size of a suburban so and this is an electric vehicle everybody this thing is huge for an ev um four doors got a roof rack in the back i’m sorry a bed rack in the back uh this one looks like it’s got the power driven steps on the side the rails i might be wrong on that but they do look power driven

Um and the doors are open so you can get a look at this crazy huge center display in this thing now notice that there are two displays you’ve got the center display and then you’ve got the other digital display that’s in front of the driver sits right there in front of the steering wheel and the finish on this thing is a cloth finish but it’s like an all-weather

Cloth it’s like a durable finish um it’s honestly it’s really more of a vinyl than it is a cloth um i mean i just i can’t stop talking about how gigantic this thing is i’ve this is the biggest ev i think i’ve ever seen now when we get around to the back and i this just cracks me up when these guys do this we’ve got two full-size spares sitting in the back and you

Know also the dometic off-road fridge and a dometic battery pack but then look we’ve got this kicker set up in what is this a multi-function tailgate we can’t get enough multi-function tailgates everybody but we’ve got power ports in those we’ve got audio control for the outside of the vehicle that’s pretty cool um i mean man look solar panel set up here to power

This gear to keep you going even gm has recognized the ability to go off-road everybody wants one nobody’s going over that yeah nobody’s going overland clearly so gm didn’t stop at bringing just one hummer ev got another one behind me here now i want to point out something kind of cool about this that we’ve noticed that’s a trend this year at this show look at

This matte finish on this guy this map thing is hugely popular and it does look good on this truck then we’ve got another white one over here now that white one over there is is without accessories right so they’re just showing you the basic look of the truck which is still just massive so you can get pretty up close to these you’re not going to be able to touch

Them any of them because they’ve got them walled off probably because it’s not yet in production it’s not available for sale and they could make a few changes at the end so first time i’ve seen one of these in person pretty impressed keep watching everybody we’re gonna bring you more great content like this stay tuned make sure you ring that bell so that you

Get the notification the next time we’re live at sema see everybody soon you

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2023 GMC Hummer EV EDITION 1 Accessorized PICKUP WALKAROUND From SEMA Show 2021 – A LIVE BOOTH TOUR By Parts Counter Gurus