2023 GMC Hummer EV Pickup Full Change List | More Colors… Eventually

In this video I tell you about all changes for the 2023 GMC Hummer EV Pickup truck including the production continuation of the Edition 1 Trucks. This comes as production of the Hummer EV continues at a snails pace of around 12 trucks per day. Eventually, the Hummer EV should become available in more exterior colors and production of the Hummer EV3X and cheaper trims late this year into 2023 and 2024.

Let’s take a look at the 2023 model year changes for the gmc hummer ev so for 2023 it looks like the gmc hummer ev is going to be available outside of the edition one that has been produced thus far in the production runs so some of these new features appear to be the same features offered on the edition one but they might be separate packages or options available

Outside of that edition one which came fully loaded from the factory so starting out the infinity roof with removable opaque sky panels is still available we have the 305 55 22 goodyear wrangler territory all-terrain tires next we have 22 inch by nine and a half aluminum wheels those are massive along with those tires so that is a massive wheel and tire setup then

We have the aluminum fix assist steps the lunar shadow interior which is jet black slash toupee then the rest of the options on this list are all new exterior colors which again are not going to be available at the start of production but should be somewhere in the mid model year so these exterior colors include afterburner tint coat meteorite metallic void black

Tide metallic moonshot green matte supernova metallic and deep aurora metallic so those are some pretty cool names for those colors and i believe they have something to do with a space theme which the hummer has as well so that is pretty cool to see all those colors that are going to be offered instead of the white that came on the edition ones which are still

Going to be in production for the start of the 2023 model year so next moving on to the changes for the hummer ev it says the edition one is required at the start of production so you can’t get any of those exterior colors or any of the other available option packages until they open those up in the order banks and the production run so that’s a little bit of a

Bummer then we have extreme off-road package again required at the start of production we have the underbody cameras now required and only available with the extreme off-road package so that must have been a change from the order guides before we have the infinity removable roof with the transparent sky panels included in the gmc hummer one ev edition so again

That’s not anything new but it looks like that’s something for the 2023 model year so next up we have two lpos which are required with the extreme off-road package and those are the rear d-ring recovery hooks along with the rocker protectors with assist steps and along with that extreme off-road package it looks like the electronically locking front differential

And virtually locking rear differentials along with the ultravision package are now only included with the extreme off-road package as well i’m not sure if those have always been in that package or if this is just a new name change that those features are included in that extreme off-road package but just note that all these features are only available in that one

Package so that’s pretty much it for the 2023 mod year i did not expect much to change except for gm finally opening up new colors and maybe option packages outside of that edition one so it looks like gm’s doing just that but not at the start of production so let me know down in the comment section below if you guys have a hummer ev on order i’d love to know what

Color you guys got and if you have any updates in terms of when those colors will be available now i’ve actually got to see the hummer ev edition one in person believe it or not unfortunately it was on the lift at the time so i only got to see you know the wheels and tires as well as the underbody which is something that maybe a lot of people won’t get to see it

Definitely will be nice to get hands on with one and take one for a drive because i’m sure it drives in a very unique fashion so i’m definitely hoping to do that in the future now if you guys enjoyed this video or found it helpful please hit that like button below it definitely helps out these videos if you guys are new please consider subscribing and checking out

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