2023 GMC Sierra 2500 Crew Cab

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Good morning kirk this is ballard alderman chevrolet buick and gmc vermont’s favorite car dealership we’re known for two things awesome deals compatible service today i wanted to show you this 2023 your new 2023 gmc sierra 2500 crew cab it’s a beautiful truck got it in the quicksilver metallic love the front end on this super chromed out and gorgeous it’s got high

Intensity discharge headlights on the front as well as led fog lights tow hooks on the front there recovery hooks also got the super nice aluminum wheels the wrangler tires on there gmc lighting on the sides there lighting on the mirrors as well you’ve got the tow mirror the top you’ve got those lights up there gorgeous trucks congratulations to you recap of

Course i’m gonna go into a few of the features that i really enjoy on the crew cab get the side steps over there which i like 10 way of power adjustable seating with lumbar support beautiful setup we’ve got console space inside of here you can turn this into a bench seat if you need we’ve also got storage under here which i really like if you want to pull this

Back down there’s a little lever there on the side to give that a pull be good to go this has a heated steering wheel this has power windows this has power mirrors of course and it has power locks and four-wheel drive right here you’ve also got a tow haul mode on the left hand side a couple different modes of driving it’s going to tailor your shift points to make

Whatever type of driving you’re trying to do better a little easier for you this is an led bed light it’s going to shine down onto the truck as well you’re gonna have lights in the bed of the truck that are going to make it so if you have a tunnel cover on there that it’s illuminated under that as well none of the floor mats are ending stuff i just pull ed all

Plastic out of this truck here so brand new here a full tank of gas brand new state inspection for you you’ve got your uh cruise control on the left-hand side voice command as well as the phone hang up right there this little knob is going to control your uh your excuse me your driver information center it’s got air pressure it’s got tire pressure it’s got oil

Life brake pad percentage stuff like that um also just your trip averages ranch.com sirius xm you get that for three months at your fm if you want to save a certain channel to your presets you can hold the set right up here i’m able to do that on any channel i’ve also got the dual zone climate control i had the climate control off just because it’s a nice cool

Morning i’m actually comfy so i’m leaving that off but anyway you’ve got uh heated seat implements right here you can use the back and bottom of the seat or just the back of the seat whatever you prefer and you’ve also got a trailer brake controller built in with gain adjuster ready to go usb and usbc plug-in got your normal car charger plug in there dual glove

Box which is really nice got two of your led lights up here it is equipped with onstar which is nice to see you have vanity mirrors on both sides and these are speakers so when you’re talking on the phone you can kind of differentiate who’s speaking a little easier which is nice now i’m going to show you the back here kirk plenty of space this is the largest cab

We’ve had back when they made the new body style this crew cab section got three for us larger in the back so a ton of room back here you’re able to lift this up with the just a pull of the hand there to show all sorts of space on the floor and it is flat across you do have the rubber floor mats gonna put those in soon for you and you can also take these headrests

Out if you wanted to got the step ups there class leading tie downs you’ve got three tie downs on each spot you can see those led lights that i uh implemented here just to show you four by four on the back there looks sweet chrome bumper flat and round trailer plug-ins ready to go got your hitch receiver spare tire underneath really sharp and when you turn the

Light on it also turns this on so when you’re trying to hook up to your trailer you can see that nice and easy love to see that it’s already got the bed liner ready to go easy lower tailgate of course this is your new trucker congratulations my friend if you uh have any questions of course just reach out to me i’m about to email this over to you beautiful truck

Whether i am here in finance make sure we’re all ready for your appointment appreciate your time and please uh let me know if i can do anything else for you appreciate your business here and congratulations on your new truck this is fantastic thank you

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