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2023 GMC Sierra 3500 SLT: Is This The Sierra Sweet Spot?

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Today I drive and review a 2023 GMC Sierra 3500 SLT!

With this particular version of the 3500 you really are paying for the badge hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and in today’s going to be reviewing a 2023 gmc sierra 3500 slt aka the sweet spot for the gmc sierra heavy duty lineup before we get into the video though a huge shout out thank you to the provo gmc forgive me some time with the sierra 3500 they have this

One available for sale they also have a 2500 that’s pretty much identical but it’s a 2500 instead of a 3500 and they have a bunch of other vehicles as well so definitely check out the inventory in the description down below if you have any questions whatsoever just ask for craig and then on a side note if you save time and money the next time i purchase car link

To my carbine guide in the description down below let’s get into it foreign we have a 6.6 liter v8 diesel that goes through a 10-speed automatic transmission aka the duramax and the allison total power outputs 445 horsepower and then 910 pound-feet of torque now for the 2024 model year obviously this is a 2023 they are revising the powertrain if you want to

Hear the specs on that then well go check out my second channel because i have a video on it but anyways there’s under the hood foreign end of this slt so first off i love the blue paint on this pick of the truck i think this little corner right here is the best place to see it you’ve got these signature sierra venting right there and then we’ve got chrome trim

Here at the top and then the rest of the grill also all chromed out got the gmc logo front and center and then you’ve got the signature led lights here with the daytime running lights fog lights down below chrome bumper we’ve got the tow hooks there on the front end as well and you guys will notice we also have the cargo lights there at the very top and there you

Go come around the side here tire wheel setup is 275 70 18 in the front and over in the rear as well and then you guys can see the design on the wheel itself really cool with the silver and the metallic gray now i think this is a really good setup for a heavy duty truck because you’ve got quite a bit of sidewall on the tire so that means that ride claw is going to

Be pretty solid and by solid i mean smooth anyways independent front suspension you guys can see a little off-road shock because this has the x31 package i love how the reflector says gmc and then notice with the fender flare we have our 3500 hd badge and then of course we got a duramax and allison badge we’ve got the trailer tow mirrors chrome door handles and

Then we’ve got the side steps that have more chrome again lots of chrome on this truck because hence it’s kind of what they’re going for theme wise and then we do have the bedside step as well which is a nice feature and we have huge leaf springs because again 3500 and then you guys can see again another one of those off-road trucks i’m pretty sure it’s rancho in

Terms of the brand we can kind of pop underneath here well yeah right there rancho shocks there you go so here is our key fob here you guys can see gmc logo there on the back we have our unlock lock function remote starting on the drop down for the tailgate payload capacity is 3733 pounds towing capacity 20 000 pounds with this truck now this one has the multi-pro

Tailgate so it has the cool bed step system that apparently my fingers aren’t strong enough to open up today 375 pound weight limit on the actual like step system itself and you guys can see we’ve got all the plugins and everything here and then the whole like prep for a fifth wheel if you’re gonna do that and i do have led lights here in the bed and we actually

Have a full power outlet as well and you guys can see with the cargo light and camera there at the top and then when you’re all done you just gotta kind of fold that one up clicks right into place and then lift it all up in one motion and then it pops into place now finishing things up with the rest of the rear we have the gmc logo front and center with the sierra

Badge down below slt off to the side and then i love the c-shaped taillights here and then x31 off-road badge and then again you’ve got the little bumper steps there you guys can see the exhaust tip onto the side and now you guys can probably tell after we’ve gone over the exterior this is basically an at4 obviously it doesn’t have like the cool sporty looks of the

At4 but it has the shocks and it has you know everything else pretty much before now here’s the door panel in the rear you guys can see the stitching here at the top and then got the nice leather here on the armrest and then i love the stitching on that as well and then wood trim right next to that and then we have the little seat cubbies here and then under seat

Storage as you can see and notice that the seats are actually perforated there in the center here it’s kind of like your full view now if the step’s pretty easy just pop right up there’s your leg room and then headroom and then you guys can see this little storage pocket got some cup holders there heated seats we’ve got the vents down below and then we have the

Cup holder armrest let’s head to the front now here is the front door panel you guys can see again with the stitching there at the top and then the padding down below just the same as what you have in the rear and here’s a quick look at the mirrors now this does have the cool mirror extender feature so if you have a trailer then it’ll make it so you can see the

Trailer a little bit better memory seats on this as well over one of controls front two are automatic and then you can see here with the front seats notice perforated there in the center and then down below if you guys are wondering this is kind of like a gray color for the seats and then we’ve got our power adjustments here on the side pedal layouts down below and

Then our parking brake right there light controls right here controls the fog light cargo light and then our driveline select this has four auto two will high four wheel high and then four low and then a trailer tow mode and then our drive mode select right there and let’s pop in so here’s the steering wheel with this 3500 we got a nice leather trim all around

And you can see the darker stitching on the center portion radio controls on the back and we have our cruise control heated steering wheel button controls for the center stack voice command controls you know all the normal stuff turn signal windshield wiper stock and then we have a column shifter you have the plus and the minus to shift gears yourself with that 10

Speed if you want and there you go so here is the center gauge cluster itself you guys can see mostly analog with the gauge cluster and then i can scroll through a few different menus here to see different bits of information on like navigation like your music stuff vehicle info so pretty straightforward stuff now we do have again that tow haul mode which will pop

Up right there at the little trailer and on the other side we’ve got our drive mode so we have a normal and then an off-road mode that you can go between and there you go so here’s the center infotainment screen first off if we pop it in traverse we do have a backup camera which are directory lines that turn with the steering wheel and resolutions really solid we

Also have a bed camera as well you can even zoom in with the receiver hitch now this doesn’t have gm’s full 360 camera system but like it’s pretty much all you need when it comes to towing and all that as for the rest of the infotainment screen we do have amp apple carplay and android auto you can see response time is really solid and overall i think it’s great

That you have like little shortcut buttons here but then we also have more buttons down below so pretty cool to kind of double down on that and overall you guys know i’m a fan of the screen dual zone climate system in this truck we have heated and ventilated seats you can see the controls right there diesel exhaust brake tailgate drop down hazard lights stability

Control as for the outlets hill descent control and then you can see here with the outlets and everything trailer brake controls already integrated and then storage space right here and then look at the wood trim and then also more storage on the side and then here’s the center console tons of storage space in there more charging ports as well and then we have the

Double glove box you can see the nice stitching and padding all around uh regular mirror this one does have a sunroof and then power setting window as well there you go so here’s our winter sticker for this 3500 we have a five year 100 000 mile powertrain warranty and then a three year 36 000 mile bumper to bumper warranty on this truck and you guys can see here

At the base msrp it’s 61 900 now the diesel engine is almost ten thousand dollars this also has the slt convenience package and there’s a few other packages added quite a bit but after all options on this one total msrp is 81 260 dollars let’s see how it drives let’s talk about visibility before you set off here’s your visibility over the hood both of the mirrors

Then throw the rest of the rear and let’s set off so setting off in this 3500 and like i said at the beginning of the video i feel like this is the sweet spot for the gmc sierra lineup now the reason i say that is this has a lot of nice luxury features but it doesn’t have the same price as you know a loaded up at4 or as they load it up denali and so you get a lot

Of the benefit of both of those packages frankly but you don’t have the downside of the price and something we do need to talk about is is market adjustment because you know what denali or especially in at4 is going to be marked up significantly more than a regular old you know 3500 slt right it just doesn’t the slt just doesn’t have the same hype behind it that

The denali and the at4 have right so not only is the actual msrp lower but also you know the typical market adjustment that you see on these trucks is also lower on the slt and the thing that’s i’m excited to tell you guys about this truck is it drives amazingly well it drives just like the at4 and the denali there’s literally nothing that those trucks have to make

Them drive any better than this and on top of that the seats in this are the same like the comfort the ac seat function all that kind of stuff it’s it’s all the same with this particular version of the 3500 you really are paying for the badge like you are 100 paying for that denali badge and for that at4 badge because again this has the rancho shocks yeah the tires

Aren’t quite as aggressive as the at4s but that’s something that’s super easy to change rights very inexpensive modification on a vehicle now you know from an aesthetic perspective obviously if you don’t like the chromedat look then this truck isn’t going to be your cup of tea but again it it’s got the same look as it and only pretty much with all the chrome and

Everything so yeah overall i think that it’s um i guess this is the sweet spot now some other stuff with the powertrain the 10-speed automatic does a really good job of keeping this right where it needs to be in the power band so i always feel like i have a bajillion pound feet of torque like look at this just boom just super quick now i’m sure some people are

Going to want me to address the 2024 model year yes they are increasing the power to like 470 horsepower and then the torque to like 975 pound-feet so yes we are getting an increase however what i do want to mention is towing capacities aren’t really changing like everything like all the capabilities of this truck are pretty much going to remain the same we’re

Basically just getting a truck that is slightly more powerful so yeah that will help out with towing to an extent but at the same time truck’s still super capable and you know we don’t have pricing on the new truck yet but it’s surely going to be more expensive again if you want to hear more information on that just go watch my video that i posted on the second

Channel so two some things up here with the slt i think this is a cool looking luxury package on the exterior it’s got the off-road goodies like what you have with the at4 and then the interior is just as nice as an at4 or a denali and so why buy those when you can get this let me know what you guys think that’s all that’s because something’s up with our video on

This 3500 again a huge shout out thank you to the provo gmc forgive me some time with this truck check out the material in the description down below ask for craig if you have any questions i’ll see ya

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2023 GMC Sierra 3500 SLT: Is This The Sierra Sweet Spot? By Ben Hardy