2023 Honda Accord: Whats New?

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Foreign honda has confirmed to see d that the final model year for the current generation accord will be 2022 and this all-new generation will arrive for the 2023 model year all new honda accord is on its way for the 2023 model year and from spy photos we can see or where a smoother exterior design with thinner headlamps and a full width rear tail lamp

Assembly we expect to see the hybrid powertrain become a more significant part of the accord lineup for this new generation but it’s unlikely to be the only option welcome to norcar’s channel for those of you sedan fans now we will give you a little information about 2023 honda accord what’s new new accord so what does changes are in store for the 2023 accord

If we use the smaller civic as a template we can expect honda to subtly hone everything that’s made the outgoing accord so great literally just as the newest civic is based on the previous model the new accord will be spun off the current one that doesn’t preclude honda from heavily restyling the accord however again look no further than the 2022 civic which

Looks nothing like its predecessor despite using the same platform but we also think given that honda refashion the civic and the accord’s image that it likes that image and won’t change it too much for 2023 to give you an idea of what the next accord might look like we’ve provided the illustrations here unlike the civic which matured from a wild benton slatted

Increased visits to a cleaner simpler design that looks vastly more upscale the accord already wears a clean simple design that looks subtly upscale that means the new model will probably adopt a few details from the civic namely its more horizontal shoulder line squared off front end and thinner headlights the outgoing accords various curves arcs and c-shaped

Taillights all holdovers from previous gen honda design will be straightened out removed entirely or in the case of the taillights slimmed down and simplified though we haven’t rendered the 2023 accord’s interior again look for more civic inspiration to trickle up foreign the civics classy full width dashboard air vent motif with a mesh treatment blending the

Actual air vents into a glamorous strip stretching from door to door is almost guaranteed ditto the civics more squared off switch gear door handles steering wheel hub and more again where the old accords door panels and dashboard styling features arcs and swoops the new one will be predominantly rectilinear a touch screen will again float above the dashboard

But look for the current accord standard split gauge cluster to give way to a fully digital cluster across the lineup the ruminess of today’s model will carry over to the new one with perhaps a touch more trunk space carved out of the square tail same platform same engines today’s accord is relatively lightweight and has a well-sorted suspension that delivers

Sharp handling satisfying control feel and a good ride look for minor tweaks here though the accords curve weight likely will increase slightly as we anticipate honda will add sound detoning and more features in a bid to quiet the sedan’s wind and road noise while upping the lux factor look for the accords trio of powertrains to live on for 2023 ball were

Workings for improved fuel economy and power delivery that means entry-level accords will retain their turbocharged 1.5 liter i4 engines and continuously variable automatic transmissions while up level versions will offer a more powerful turbo 2.0 liter i4 and a 10-speed traditional automatic foreign ly the accord hybrid and its 2.0 liter i4 and electric motor

Combo will return likely with changes geared toward improving its fuel economy further front wheel drive probably will remain the accord’s loan option honda accord 2023 price we won’t know actual pricing of the new accord until after the car’s official debut which should happen by the end of 2022 but our prediction the price for new 2023 honda accords start at

Thirty thousand dollars thank you for watching this video

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