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2023 Hyundai Elantra REVIEW – The Best Compact Sedan?

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Baby hello guys welcome back to another video in today’s video i’m going to be reviewing the 2023 hyundai elantra limited there is four trims you could choose from but let me go ahead and show you all the features this limited trim has under the hood there is a 2.0 naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine it is connected to an ivt transmission this engine

Produces 147 horsepower and 132 pound-feet of torque and the fuel economy numbers are very impressive on this elantra 30 in the city 40 highway and 34 combined here is a massage sticker of this 2023 hyundai elantra limited if you guys are interested in the standard features it has just go ahead and pause the video and the price with destination is 27 640. if you

Guys curious about the color the color is called electric shadow and it does look very good on this limited trim and this is my favorite color on the elantra and as i mentioned guys there is four terms you can choose from there is the s-e-s-e-l limited and the hand line and coming to the front i love the way how the elantra looks like definitely with this

Color it looks much better than black white and other colors so definitely this is my favorite color you could see all the lines on this elantra hyundai badge is finished in chrome there is blacked out chrome here in the front the grille looks good has a really nice design to it this piece right here in the bottom is finished in blacked out chrome there is event

On the side and the lower part of the bumper is very nice and aggressive for the headlights they do have a really nice look to them and by the way the limited trim does have different headlights than the other trams so if you guys go with the s-e-s-e-l they will have halogen lights and this limited has unique and different headlights and the daytime running light

Is led the high and low beam are led and the turn signal indicators are halogen i really wish that everything right here in the front was led just like the civic the civic offers led target indicators on the base trim but overall this elantra looks honestly amazing but let’s go ahead and move to the side and i’ll show you the side view of this elantra here is a

Side view of this hyundai elantra and it does look very good from the side as i told you guys this electric shadow looks amazing and you could definitely see the sharp lines on this elantra with this color the bottom portion of the window trims are finished in chrome the top is finished in flat black on the mirror there is a blind spot monitoring system a turn

Signal indicator and the top portion of the mirror is finished in the same color as the car but the bottom portion of it is finished in flat black for the rims they are actually my favorite rims so the limited has the best looking rims and the size is 225 45 17. i really hate the way how the rims look like on the s e and sel and the unline has decent rims but they

Are too big but i think those 17 inch rims look amazing on this limited trim and they fit this car just perfect and as you guys see there is a sunroof this is only i think with the limited trim if i’m not mistaken there is a gloss black shark fin antenna but let’s go ahead and move to the back and i’ll show you the back of you of this elantra here is the back of this

Elantra and as you guys see it is nice and aggressive from the back and i personally think this car looks amazing from every single angle so the front the side and the back and uh yeah i just really love what hyundai did with this elantra and definitely this color stands out and for the tail lights not everything right here in the back is led so the running light

Is led it is a nice long strip definitely looks good and it is only on the limited trim the se and sel do not have it i’m not sure about the online if it has it or not and the reverse turn signal indicators and brake light they’re all halogen i really wish that hyundai gave us something led on this limited trim limited badge is on the right finished in chrome

Elantra is spelled out back here backup camera is on top of the hyundai badge the hyundai badge is finished in chrome and this button right here is for the trunk release there is rare parking sensors which is good and there is good looking reflectors here in the back i love the fact that they brought this blacked out chrome back here and there is gloss black in

The bottom i love the design in the bottom i think hyundai did a great job with the design overall but yeah seriously this thing looks very good from the back and i think hyundai did a great job here is the key of this hyundai elantra and it does look very good there is five binds on this ski lock unlock remote start trunk release and a panic vine the binds are

Finished in gloss black there is brushed aluminum and chrome and the key itself is finished in flat black or just black let’s go ahead and open the trunk as i said guys there is a bind on the trunk there is a button on the key and there is a bind inside so there’s three ways to open the trunk the trunk opens halfway then you have to do the rest of the work and

Inside there’s actually a good amount of space there is a halogen light right there there is handles to drop the seats down 40 60 split and uh there is this accessory right here and uh let me go ahead and show you actually what’s underneath but before i do that there’s those pins and uh they do actually stick on the side as you guys see and uh they’re not

Gonna go anywhere if you’re driving so definitely nice and smart and underneath there is a spare tire with the jack and the jack tools and there is a tiny bit of storage place around the spare tire if you want to store something in the bottom here is a front door panel the front door panel has an okay look to it this top portion right here is plastic but it does

Feel nice and solid not cheap this is actually soft i love the triple stitching right here there’s a tweeter right here and here is door handle a little bit on the lower side for my liking the driver window is automatic up and down and everything looks alright everything has a an okay feel to it this is a hyundai so that’s fine and uh the armrest is actually

Not bad a little bit on the harder side here is the speaker does look very very nice this elantra limited has the bose sound system this is plastic which is fine an okay amount of storage place on the bottom and for the seats they’re wrapped in leather very nice and comfortable and i really love the design on those seats and of course they are powered lumbar

Support but let’s go ahead and move inside this elantra and i’ll show you how it looks like from the inside alright so here is the interior of this 2023 hyundai elantra limited does look very good from the inside there is a 10.25 inch cluster display and a 10.25 inch touchscreen and the limited has the i think better interior because of the screens and uh the

Other trims they have a normal gauge an eight inch screen but this limited just looks honestly amazing steering wheel is wrapped in leather it is nice and thick leather feels nice and smooth the steering wheel design overall looks pretty good i think there’s brushed aluminum glass black flat black and there’s some chrome another some brushed aluminum right here so

Definitely good looking steering wheel and it is very light so driving this elantra around parking lots is very easy right here on the left there is the voice command phone controls and uh volume controls and on the right is the safety features so there’s a steering assist adapter cruise control and by the way the spine right here will control the center of this

10.25 inch screen you could go up and down depending on the menu you are in and this screen honestly looks very good very high resolution and uh nice and clear and on the left there is the headlight controls with the turn signal controls on the right is the wiper controls behind is the engine start stop and there’s this really nice design right here finished

In glass black i think on the n um online uh there’s the drive mode button right here i love the way how the vents look like very high quality much better than the bmw x7 i reviewed so hyundai good job and you could lock the vent by moving it to the left right here there is a few buttons brightness controlling gaming assist and the traction control and here

Is the 10.25 inch screen it does look good and hyundai system is nice and smooth this system is different than the other trims so the se and sel won’t receive this or do not have this system this system is definitely very nice and it’s only on the bigger screens i think it does have wire it does have wired carplay android auto i really wish they had wireless car

Playing android auto because the se l trim has wireless car play so i really wish this had it so i’m not exact sure why hyundai does that and here is the backup camera backup camera resolution is pretty good and there is i believe two modes so there is a down view and a normal view and there’s parking sensors and rear cross traffic and here are the vents they

Do look good finished and brushed aluminum definitely adds a nicer look here is the entrance start stop some shortcuts if you want to go to the navigation just click on map this will take you to the navigation so it does have built-in navigation here is a volume knob and a few other shortcuts or buttons climate controls are very easy to use does have dual climate

Control three stages or three settings for the automatic function and uh here is a sync button fan speed ac off this limited trim has heated seats three stages the other trims do not have heated seats i’m not sure about the end line but the se and sel do not in the bottom there is a nice deep storage place with a wireless phone charger two usbs one twelve volts

And i really like the leather right here the shifter is a little bit on the bigger side trying to put a phone in is a little bit hard but i think it does look good there is the break hold the e brake and a button to turn on the backup camera without putting the car in reverse and here is the drive mode button so let’s go ahead and change the drive modes normal

Sport and smart so normal and smart have the same look but when you put the car in sport mode the gauges do change which is nice and right here there is two cup holders nice and big this is finished in gloss black not a big fan of this grab handle and a little bit of it is finished in gloss black definitely looks much better than the sel trim that’s the l trim

The whole thing is finished in glo in flat black or just plastic and definitely looks cheaper than this one the armrest is a little bit on the harder side and inside there is a decent amount of space but i really wish there was like a usb or a 12 volt inside and this right here is nice and soft this is plastic glove box is nice and big and up here the rear view

Mirror is nice and big it’s not frameless but the bezels are nice and thin and there is some halogen lights i really wish there was some led lights this button right here will turn off and turn on the lights does have a sunroof so let’s go ahead and close it first good sized sunroof sos blue link halogen lights as i said and the visor is finished in hard

Material very good sized mirror with a halogen light here is the back door panel the back panel has the same design as a front this top portion right here is plastic does feel a little bit cheaper than the front here is door handle feels nice and solid window switch and a little bit of storage place right here and this is actually finished in plastic plastic

This right here is nice and soft so the only soft material back here is this part and everything else is plastic and the bottom there is plastic and there is a bottle holder speaker looks good and for the back seats they’re nice and comfortable wrapped in leather at the front of course and headroom is good legroom is good and they do have a nice design to them

And there is an armrest back here nice and soft two cupholders and there is no air vents no usbs or anything like that i really wish there was some usbs or 12 volts back here on this limited trim there’s a small storage place on the passenger side and that’s how the front of this hyundai elantra looks like i hope you guys enjoyed this review of this 2023 hyundai

Elantra finished in electric shadow if you guys are interested in this one make sure to come and see moody here at key hyundai in milford if you guys are interested in seeing more videos like this please like and subscribe because it does help a lot and as always i’ll see you next time

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