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2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6 review: Whats an Electrified Streamliner?? | Wheels Australia

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Hyundai’s second new-gen EV, the Ioniq 6, will be in Australia soon. To see how it’ll fare, we’re in Korea for a first proper drive of the finished car. FULL STORY:

Foreign south korea to drive this the new hyundai ioniq 6 electric sedan built on the same electric vehicle architecture as the ionic 5 is coming to australia early 2023 priced around eighty thousand dollars this is the dual motor variant which has a motor in the front and the rear producing 239 kilowatts 605 newton meters good for zero to 100 in about 5.1 seconds

In this video we’re going to jump behind the wheel and give you some first drive impressions so make sure you hit like and subscribe and what do you think of the styling leave us a comment with your thoughts on the streamliner styling effect for now let’s get behind the wheel so first impressions the ionic six are very positive you’re sitting in this nice open

Airy interior with all these screens there’s four screens going on which is interesting and initially you’re taken by the camera side mirrors which are very interesting novel a little bit weird at first but once you get used to them they are pretty good and once you trust them they’re a little bit better in traffic than conventional mirrors and that’s owing to

These little lines that show up as you change lanes that help you gauge the depth that’s something that’s hard to do with a video screen otherwise it’s very quiet it’s comfortable the ride quality is a little bit on the fern side you wouldn’t call it plush you wouldn’t call it costing or certainly not like it has air suspension there is definitely a sporting feel

To the ride quality but i wouldn’t say it’s uncomfortable necessarily it just makes you want to get out to a twisty road and dig in and see what’s there and when you do you find a car that’s very competent dynamically but it is heavy as you push on it starts to work its tires really hard especially its front tires you’re aware of the weight constantly limits change

Of direction the weight is very low in the car of course but it still blunts its dynamic ability somewhat and the brakes are going to be very smelly after a hard drive in a car like this one of my favorite things about this car is though it’s it’s dual motor all-wheel drive but get to the right menu it takes a good eight menus to get through to it but you can change

The driveline just with a product of your index finger you can go from two wheel drive rear drive only to permanent all-wheel drive or auto all-wheel drive which is rear drive until it needs to bring in the front motor for extra traction and this car does have amazing traction even in rear drive actually so a question a lot of people will be asking is does this

Car have a rear drive character in rear drive mode and the answer is yes it does on a twisty road it is very heavy and soft and that does blunt its dynamic ability but in rear drive mode with the esc in a reduced setting you can invite the rear engine to play using the throttle you can get a bit of throttle steer i don’t know if you can do full blown drifting but

It kind of feels like a bmw 330i with an open diff if that kind of makes sense acceleration is as you’d expect it’s explosive it doesn’t hit you violently like a porsche tai can but it’s still enough initially the initial punch to whoa two uh show off to your passengers then you might be able to hear the fake interior space speaker noise that’s coming through

It’s very loud although you can adjust it there’s four levels of adjustment including off and it is kind of nice just to turn that fake noise off and just enjoy one of the main perks of electric motoring which is nice quiet driving and it is very peaceful how to drive it’s a very quiet smooth relaxing very easy to drive in traffic you can punch in the gaps using

The electric motor like so and it’s really fun it’s fun in an electric car kind of way it’s got that punch of the electric motors from a standstill the acceleration does taper off a little tiny bit it only has 239 kilowatts but it’s still hunchy enough to start all your passengers and get them to buy into the electric revolution themselves of course hooning

Around will rapidly deplete the range something to be aware of so what’s the final verdict on this car it’s impressive it’s really impressive the ionic 5 of course almost one wheels car of the year it’s stable made for kia ev60s and that’s built on the same egmp electric architecture as this car but in this car the weight is a lot lower which gives it more dynamic

Chops it’s more fun it’s better in the corners it’s still heavy it’s still soft but it’s better than the ionic 5 to drive more fun we’ll reserve judgment until we get this car back onto australian roads but at least with our short drive here in south korea it’s very positive it’s fun it’s fast it’s interesting it’s quirky it’s high tech it’s an amazing way to join

The electric vehicle revolution so there you have it the new hyundai ionic six an amazing bit of kit from hyundai bristling with technology and really good to drive surprisingly fun look for it early 2023 price from around 80 000 like we said and leave your thoughts in the comments below would you drive an electric car would you drive this four-door sedan let us

Know in the comments below foreign

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2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6 review: What's an "Electrified Streamliner"?? | Wheels Australia By Wheels Australia