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2023 Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy: Is The Price Of The New Palisade Too High?

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Today I drive and review a 2023 Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy!

Okay so setting off in the calligraphy full throttle hey everyone it’s ben hardy here in today’s video we’ll be doing a quick review on the all new 2023 hyundai palisade with that being said let’s get right into it let’s take a quick look at the exterior of the new palisade and i think they did a really good job with the styling for the new palisade they kind of

Went for that more kind of flush look with a lot of the elements and it took a second for it to grow on me but it’s definitely grown on me now i think overall the design and i love how like the lights match the grill there at the top i think it looks pretty cool from a front end perspective and this is just to show you guys size comparison with the new gv60 uh which

Is obviously a genesis product but as you can see how big that is compared to something like the palisade that is obviously readily available out in the world for you to see how big it is anyways you can see there with the body painted fender flares and then i always thought that was interesting with the turn signal things on the mirrors and you can see there with

The trim on the side again a lot of nice elements it looks really good from a stylistic perspective again especially considering the price point i think that they’ve just done a great job with making it look premium on the exterior now the rear end they didn’t really change anything compared to the previous body style which i thought was kind of interesting um i

Thought maybe they’d spruce up lights or something or do something different with the exhaust tips but no they’re like oh let’s keep that all the same which is fine it looks good but the only way to really tell it’s a new palace it is if you look at the front rather than the rear now here’s a window sticker for the 2023 palisade calligraphy notice with the warranty

Information a big thing five years sixty thousand mile on the basic warranty and then notice here for the powertrain tenure hundred thousand mile on that and you can see the rest of the equipment and notice with the calligraphy package pretty much everything is standard except for carpeted floor mats which i’ve always thought so funny fuel economy total msrp fifty

Two thousand three hundred and ten dollars and there you go ah whoever drove this before me is really short okay so let’s talk about visibility before you set off here’s your visibility of the hood you guys cannot see the heads-up display both the mirrors do a blind spot monitoring and then throw out the rest of the rear and oh let’s set off okay so setting off in

The calligraphy full throttle in sport mode this thing this thing moves this thing moves with that 3.8 liter v6 now the calligraphy is not all about acceleration it’s about comfort so we’re going to pop it in comfort but notice how the gauge cluster changes with the different drive modes that’s definitely fun um now before we talk about some driving dynamic

Things let’s just kind of talk about some features since i didn’t get like a normal walk around with this so you guys can see with the infotainment system response time is great uh and overall i mean it’s easy to use as you guys can see right there um this has the 360 camera system with the calligraphy package there’s a bunch of analog buttons down here if you

Like physical buttons and then we’ve got dual zone climate controls here in the calligraphy heated cooled seats which i’m going to use the cooled seat right now because it’s getting kind of toasty outside you got this nice premium headliner as well i love the new steering wheel design it’s definitely really good looking because it’s got cool two-spoke design all

The finishes on the controls look fantastic notice we have steering assistance and adaptive cruise control you can see here at the paddle shifters this has an eight-speed automatic transmission that you can go through uh and overall the design on this new interior hey calm down there design this new interior is pretty dang nice that is for sure and yeah overall

Visibility throughout is great this has the camera mirror as well they’re up at the top okay so this is where it changes to 35 miles an hour i’m gonna pressing the brakes pretty hard just to show you guys breaking performance as soon as we get here okay so pretty good pretty dang good with the braking performance for an suv in this segment i actually really like

This road by the way i know some people might get annoyed because it goes like fast to slow like that but this is perfect like this route is perfect for testing out cars frankly because of the speed changes that you experience here um cabin is really quiet and and ride quality just frankly it’s just smooth overall sorry about that jingling it’s for my little name

Tag thing okay here’s another speed zone yeah i do like the braking performance on this um now just like other hyundai models it has the center locker uh so this has an all-wheel drive system the center locker then makes it so supposed to distribute power equally front to rear but what i’ve noticed is even when you use that it still will kind of have a little bit

Of a bias towards the front basically in terms of the power split so definitely just understand that take that into account right that it is gonna this does kind of have um more of that like let me show you guys here i’ll just show you the power split so oh of course i went to it and then i went away from it so it shows us where the power is going so i’m gonna

Whip slot in here anyways notice how more goes to the front right away and so you you kind of do feel that with the driving dynamics now this doesn’t torque steer that’s the good thing to mention um but it doesn’t have that you don’t feel like you’re you don’t feel like you’re pushing out of corners or anything like that you feel like you’re more like clawing

Your way out of corners you’re pulling through you’ll see how the suspension is over all these little bumps and everything i’m pretty compliant so far nobody ever comes up that little road but oh he’s got to make sure now this is perfect for testing suspension yeah really solid and you guys are probably noticing also with the power splits again just look every

Single time and here i’ll put the center locker on which by the way you can so obviously if you have a car with a front or rear locker you don’t want to use that on road but with center lockers you do actually have that ability notice this also has a turn signal camera as well and the reason you have that is it’s not going to mess up the on-road driving because

If it’s like let’s say i put on a front locker basically what that’s gonna do then is make it so that i’m gonna it’s gonna make turning just horrible so like you might flip a vehicle with that because every the wheel’s gonna be going at the same speed all the time which you don’t want when you’re cornering everything on road it’s great for off-road grip now see

Look still with the center locker more power to the front so i i do find that interesting that that’s how they’ve decided to kind of do the dynamics with it and i’ll go kind of full throttle there for a second and again just full throttle for a second and most of the power to the front so i don’t have any complaints about that it’s just that i i find the center

Locker situation kind of interesting i i think that it’s more i think my guess is the center locker is more to tell the system that hey we’re probably in a circumstance where we’re going to be slipping out more than normal so just be aware of that and so the system is going to be kind of probably tweaking things more often this is like complete front-wheel drive

Look at that yeah super interesting i know i’m like paying attention to driveline so more than anything else here in this review we’ll get one last acceleration here we’ll do this in the comfort mode so that you guys can kind of just see the difference okay gonna punch it see it does a pretty even split when you punch it those gear shifts are so quick with that

8-speed automatic um so exterior-wise i think the new palisade looks fantastic on the outside the interior looks fantastic as ever especially the steering wheel area like these small tweaks they did to the palisade with this refresh really help with just bringing up the interior feel of the palisade it’s still just practical before it sells like the massive center

Console still has the over engineered funky cup holder things that are always fun to play with and so yeah overall i think that hyundai did a really good job with this refresh they’ve definitely just like taken a really good car and just elevated it and that’s the thing with the palace is it didn’t really need that much to elevate it one thing that i will say is

I think that there is a buyer base for a twin turbo palisade obviously we’ve got you know the genesis line if people want a luxury you know higher performance suv from you know the hyundai group but i think there’s some people that would want something that’s a third or suv like this it’s a little bit less expensive than a gv80 right and you know again has similar

Performance but let me know you guys think

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2023 Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy: Is The Price Of The New Palisade Too High? By Ben Hardy