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2023 Hyundai Palisade Car Review INTERIOR and EXTERIOR Walkaround and Features *FACELIFT*

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In today’s car review we have the all-new facelifted 2023 Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy. This is one of the best-selling crossover SUV’s and today we find out why. I do an exterior and interior walk around, talk about all of the cool and interesting features, discuss the powertrain and performance, and finish off with pricing. This is an incredible bang for your buck. The Palisade Calligraphy comes packed with lots of features that you’ll see on vehicles $10k-$20k. This vehicles offers 22 MPG Combined, 19 City/27 Hwy⁠, 291-hp 3.8L GDI V6 engine⁠, Premium Nappa leather seating surfaces⁠, Exclusive 20-inch alloy wheels⁠, Ergo-motion driver’s seat⁠, Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA), 12.3-inch Dual Panoramic Displays w/ Navigation, Wireless Phone Charger, Smart Key w/ Push Button Start and Remote Start, Heated Steering Wheel, Hyundai Driver Assist Technology, Forward Collision Avoidance-Assist w/ Car, Pedestrian, Cyclist, and Junction Turning Detection, Blind Spot Detection Technology, Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Avoidance Assist, Lane Keeping & Following Assist, Driver Attention Warning w/ Leading Vehicle Departure Alert, Rear Parking Sensors, Highway Driving Assist, High Beam Assist, and Safe Exit Warning. Is this the best and most luxurious 3-Row crossover on the market? I’ll let you decide.

Hey everybody shwayze here and in today’s video we’re going to be doing a quick overview of the all-new 2023 hyundai palisade now this particular trim level is the top of the line calligraphy but a lot of what i discussed today can apply to other trim levels as well so we’re going to start with a tour of the exterior i’ll show you the interior and then we’ll talk

About some of the features and specs that you should know if you’re considering picking up one of these vehicles now before we get started i do want to give a huge thank you to the rocky mountain automotive press for giving us the opportunity to review all of these vehicles now unfortunately i didn’t get all the vehicles in today’s event on camera but this was an

Awesome event and i’m going to put their information down below so you guys can reach out to them if you have any questions and also a huge thank you to the manufacturers and press vehicles that were out at today’s event for giving us the opportunity to sit behind the wheel and really test drive these vehicles so i don’t think this vehicle needs any introduction

This is the 2023 hyundai palisade and if you are lucky enough to own one the then you probably know all of the features i’m discussing today but this is one of the hottest vehicles on the market this and its cousin or sister however you want to call it the kia telluride these cannot stay on dealership lots they sell out all the time people are putting markups on

Them so this is a very very hot vehicle so i don’t really know exactly why hyundai decided to redesign it since if it’s not broke don’t fix it but here we have the 2023 model which is the facelifted version which is a little bit different than the outgoing model the main difference from the front end is these led headlights now are kind of on the outside versus

The inside on the current version and then hyundai calls this the cascading front grille and honestly it looks really cool especially with how these front turn signals kind of look like they’re part of the metallic front grille and hyundai does a good job with that especially with their sonata where they make trim pieces look just like lights and vice versa and

They succeeded with that here you have this really kind of more muscular stance to the front end with the new front fascia looks really nice you still have your headlights over here down at the bottom these are your turn signals and then daytime running lights then you have this little part that’s also a daytime running light as well which is a little bit odd but

Kind of cool too because you don’t see that very often coming over to the side not much in terms of changes i do believe they updated these side view mirror blinker lights those look really nice again this is the calligraphy this is the top of the line version so everything you see here is the best of the best that hyundai has to offer and then coming to the back

Not as many changes but they did update it just a little bit with the rear tail lights and i believe the rear bumper as well but this vehicle didn’t really need a redesign it was already a very striking good looking vehicle but they just made it a little bit better now in terms of the sizing it actually is just a little bit larger than the current version it’s a

Little bit longer on the front and the back because of the overhangs and a lot of what they changed is actually on the interior so let’s show you what that looks like so opening up this vehicle this is definitely a perfect example of hyundai and kia punching above their weight this interior interior looks phenomenal this could easily be a genesis or even any of

The german vehicles and wait until you hear the price tag on this thing because i think you’ll be shocked you have this very nice aluminum feel to it i don’t know if this is real aluminum but it has a nice little texture to it you’ve got this leather wrapped armrest this beautiful speaker grille something you’d find in like a mercedes this is harman kardon this is

Hard touch plastic but that’s expected for a vehicle of this price point this is soft touch material all throughout and you’ve got this cool it’s like a piano black but it almost has like a stripe going through it has several stripes lined across looks really nice and then you do have memory seats now coming inside you have palisade written on the footwell that’s

Really nice and these seats are incredible i mean let’s just take a look and admire how they look because you’ve got this kind of quilted material up here and then it turns into a perforated leather and then you’ve got a little bit of bolstering over here for your thigh support now coming over into the vehicle let’s step inside and let me show you what that looks

Like so standard for the palisade here in 2023 is this 12.3 inch display it’s all digital and it looks stunning i really like what they did here uh the interior has been updated a little bit again it didn’t need much in updates but it does look better than the outgoing version an updated steering wheel with this kind of four spoke but it’s almost like a two spoke

Design very luxurious you do have kind of a crease going across the steering wheel feels really good in the hands leather wrap you’ve got your cruise control features here and hyundai and kia have a very good semi-autonomous driving system where this thing will actually stay within the lanes and it doesn’t pester you too much to keep your hands on the steering

Wheel on the left hand side is your audio controls and your phone now coming over to the left you’ll catch a glimpse of the ambient lighting unfortunately i can’t catch this vehicle at night but it does look really nice that’s an added feature with this facelift and then you just have your parking brake controls and your tow mode now coming over to the right hand

Side this is the giant 12.3 inch display actually both of these are 12 0.3 inches and this is something i’ve showed on other kia hyundai models they use the same software it’s really snappy really quick to use very simple to use too all your menus are pretty much just on these three screens you don’t have to go through a ton of different little menus to figure

Out exactly what you want and some of these features are really cool like passenger talk where i can say something and you can actually hear it in the third row if you were back there i hear a little bit of an echo but it’s kind of hard to hear but it only targets the rear speakers so lots of fun and unique functionality to this system over here and if you guys

Are curious of a more in-depth review of this software i did a video on a kia carnival which had a similar software to this and you guys can check out that video coming further down you do have physical controls for some of the quick access buttons and then down here you have another display for your climate control but you still have a physical button for the

Temperature but it is a touch screen for the fan speed and whether you’re doing ac or where you’re pointing the airflow over here is your drive modes which is really nice dial and i really like how it changes the a gauge cluster if my camera would focus you know i like the the sport mode looks really nice it has this cool graphic when it changes to the different

Drive modes looks really nice uh kudos to hyundai and kia for doing that you do have hill descent control here which is kind of funny because i don’t think you’ll take this vehicle off-roading you do have heated ventilated seats a heated steering wheel obviously if you push this button you do have a 360 camera which is amazing again not something you’d really find

At this price point or really from this type of manufacturer so amazing job there you do have these are your buttons instead of a traditional shifter you have just buttons to change your gear and then this is kind of a flat surface but if you hold this button push it in you do have a large storage compartment and this is a wireless charging pad over here so it’s

Kind of hard to see on camera but it kind of goes inside of uh of the center console and then you do have a usb port now this is a very interesting and smart thing that kia and hyundai have invented or at least this is the only vehicle that i’ve really seen it on is if you push this button you have a cup holder but you know you’re not going to have drinks in here

All the time so if you just want a large storage space especially if you have kids and you want to store some stuff you can actually just use this as a storage compartment and then when you need cup holders just push the button and it pops out really smart idea here from hyundai and kia this center arm console is really soft it’s also pretty deep as well and you do

Have a 12 volt adapter and a mini usb port which is nice and a little tray for you to store some stuff coming over to the passenger side again you have more of that cool kind of piano black but it’s not just plain piano black i like that they added that accessory and it goes all the way onto the door look at the stitching that you have on that door panel same with

The driver’s side just really incredible interior it just feels luxurious and i wish i could show you some of that ambient lighting but you do have more ambient lighting located underneath this air vent and uh overall you know the front is just an amazing place to sit you do have suede headliner which is not something you’d find in this price point either and then

Of course since you do have rear air vents you don’t have a panoramic sunroof but you do have two different sunroofs so you have one for the rear seats and it’s pretty massive it actually extends pretty much into the third row and then of course you have one for the front row so i get why they didn’t add one over here because you do have air vents over there but

I like that they still included it for the second and third row so now let’s jump into the second row and show you some of the cool features back there okay jumping back here it’s just as nice of a place to sit if not better than the first row again nice soft touch material it’s not super soft but it is like an injection molded plastic it is softer you do have a

Soft armrest here again some more of that really nice stitching over here on the second row you do have two cup holders for larger families and then a cup holder located down here and then you do have the sun shade it is manual operated but still it’s nice to have for a vehicle at this price point now coming inside this is a magnificent place to sit especially if

You’re a little kid or if you get the opportunity to sit in the second row it’s really really comfortable and hyundai really made some advancements now you do have kind of like an airplane style headrest over here where you can actually kind of pull it closer so that you can fall asleep and be comfortable and not kind of nod your head around as we all have done in

The past and then there’s really easy access into the third row you just push this button and the entire unit slides forward and then you have really easy access into that third row and sitting back here it’s not a bad place to be let me push this seat back foreign so my knees are touching the back of the seat rest but this isn’t you know the size of like let’s say

A gmc yukon or something that’s much larger than this this is still a reasonably sized three-row vehicle and you could easily fit children or teenagers back here adults may want to stick back here for short road trips i wouldn’t stick anybody back here for a long period of time but nonetheless you do have air vents located back here and you do have still the same

Nice premium stitching on these seats so they’re just as comfortable and just as nice albeit a little bit less bolster than the second and first row but still nice to have and then you do have heated seats in this third row which is absolutely amazing because i don’t know how often that’s actually going to be used obviously you have a power outlet for usb charging

Two more cup holders back here this is hard touch plastic i always complain about this because even luxury vehicles don’t have this soft touch plastic and the ones i’ve reviewed so i do wish this was a soft touch material i’d prefer that overheated seats but nonetheless you do have that as an an option and then hyundai made it really easy to get out of the third

Row you just push this button and the seat goes back into its sliding position so we’re very very intuitive very nice to have overall really nice place especially with a suede headliner now sitting back in the second row these seats are very very comfortable to sit in it’s kind of like a first class seat you do have a little bit of a netting over here to store some

Goodies and then over here is your climate control you have heated and ventilated seats which is not something you find on really any vehicle is ventilated seats in the second row but you do have that here three different stages you’ve got your climate control settings you also have a household outlet thank you hyundai for putting that into this vehicle a 12 volt

Adapter and then you do have a usb port here as well you do have ambient lighting over here and that is adjustable so if you don’t like this purple color you can change that and with the roof open let me show you what that looks like it’s not as nice as a full panoramic roof because then you can’t really see above here but it is still really nice to have a giant

Window above you in the second and third row so really nice touches there let’s jump outside and let’s show you the cargo area now of course you have a power lift gate on this as well which is pretty standard especially for vehicles at this price point but uh coming to the back you do have not a giant amount of space but pretty decent it’s larger than some of the

Competitors you do have a little bit of storage space underneath this floor as well and you have this harman kardon sound system even for the trunk space which i’m not sure exactly why but it’s nice to have and then you would do have a lot of different functionality with these buttons here so you can actually raise and lower the seat automatically using this button

Over here and i don’t even know why i’m holding it because i can actually just push the button once and the seat will come up on itself so that is really really useful even some luxury vehicles don’t have this and it will actually drop the headrest itself so as you can see i’m going to push this button and as it goes down it drops it that’s really amazing you do

That for the passenger side as well and then you can even adjust the second row so if you are loading something big back here you may want to lower this third row seat and at the same time you know what i’m going to lower the second row as well that way i can fit just a large item maybe a piece of plywood or something even though i wouldn’t recommend it with this

Nice of an interior that is amazing because controlling the second row is kind of a home next level of cool on a three row vehicle so now let’s show you another really cool feature about this hyundai palisade so the hyundai palisade does come with massaging driver seat now unfortunately the passenger seat doesn’t have this functionality but you can drive on a long

Road trip and still get a massage in your hyundai palisade the next cool feature i wanted to show off is this digital mirror now this isn’t brand new for this vehicle but still nice to have i believe this is one of the additional options that was added in the 2023 facelift now another incredible feature of this vehicle is hyundai’s smart park now you may have seen

This in videos but this is my first time using this feature on a vehicle and it really is incredible it’s kind of spooky and very james bond like but first off you gotta lock the car you gotta turn it on so you got to push the remote button the vehicle just started now let’s say you want to park it into a tight spot so you’ve jumped out of the vehicle you’re gonna

Hold this button on the left hand side and you’ll hear the vehicle actually shift it from park into drive and i’m holding this button and the vehicle is literally driving this is so james bond it’s crazy uh and then i let go and it immediately breaks so it doesn’t let it roll forward and then the same thing to reverse so let’s say i want to put it in reverse and it

Takes a second but the vehicle has a lot of sensors activated and here we go it’s starting to reverse now i’m not going to take it really quick but i think it keeps it at a certain speed i’m guessing two or three miles an hour and then let go and it stops and then you can turn the vehicle back off that is amazing uh really cool to see it maybe be kind of a gimmick

But let’s say you are parked in a tight spot this is a really nice way to pull it out like me and my garage in my vehicle it’s very hard to get in and out of because my garage is pretty small so that would be a nice feature to use to get maybe all four or seven passengers into the vehicle now lastly let’s talk about the engine which is essentially the same from

The current generation or current version it is a 3.8 liter v6 that produces 291 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque now it’s a good engine i’m not going to say anything bad about it it gets you up and going and it’s relatively quick i do wish it had some sort of turbo charging or maybe obviously not a supercharger i don’t think that would be fitting of this

Vehicle but some sort of forced induction to be able to make it a little bit quicker at least as an option because this is currently the only engine you can get and they don’t offer any hybrid version at this time so it’s a great v6 but if you’ve driven any you know three to four liter v6 in the past this is going to feel very similar to that it is all all sent to

An 8-speed automatic transmission that’s designed by hyundai and kia which works really great and you can get this in either front wheel drive or all-wheel drive now fuel economy for this vehicle is 19 in the city 27 on the highway for a combined 22. that’s really pretty good for a vehicle of this size with three rows and you can tow upwards of 5 000 pounds with

This vehicle now where this vehicle really takes the cake is in terms of value and i’m going to be talking about pricing so the 2023 palisade starts at just shy of thirty five thousand dollars really a good price for a three row crossover now this particular version which is the calligraphy tops out at just around 53 000 this one in particular is actually just

Around fifty one thousand so for less than 55 grams you get all of these features in a three row essentially luxurious crossover that to me is where hyundai really excels it’s bringing you an interior and exterior the punches probably 10 to 20 grand above its weight truly a phenomenal job and i was very impressed to see that window sticker because i expected to

See something closer to the probably 60 65 000 range well i hope you guys enjoyed today’s video overall i’m very impressed with the hyundai palisade and the face lifted version but i’m curious to hear what you think down in the comments below do you like this do you like the telluride or are you going to pick one of the other competitors if this your first time

Stopping by make sure you hit that like button and subscribe to the channel for all of the weekly videos and as always everybody i hope you stay shwayzy stay healthy and have a wonderful day

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