2023 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited AWD | Best Value in the Lineup?

In this video I show you the 2023 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited AWD SUV. The Santa Fe gets several changes for the 2023 model year including the discontinuation of the SEL Convenience trim. In the Limited, its pretty much status quo however. The design remains largely unchanged from the 2021 model year. Let me know what you think of the Santa Fe in the comments below!

Hey guys welcome back to another video today i have the 2023 hyundai santa fe limited to show you and to be honest there isn’t much change for the 23 model you hear on the limited trim so like i mentioned there’s not much to cover here for the 23 modder specifically on the limited trim now i also did a video on the base sel so make sure to check that one out that

One had a bunch more changes in comparison to this 23 limited in terms of pricing the limited went up 640 dollars from the last mod year and overall that is a fairly modest increase with today’s world of inflation supply chain issues parts shortages everything like that so 640 more for the limited all-wheel drive here so that’s really not too bad and i consider

That a win overall for the consumer and in terms of changes there’s not much to cover here on the limited but there is one worth mentioning and that is that all santa fe’s with the 10.25 inch infotim system now have over the year updates now how that’s going to work to be determined i have not seen an over there update push to these vehicles as of yet now there are

A couple features that trickle down to the sel premium package that you had to get the limited or calligraphy in the last mod year so those two features are the blind spot view monitor system in the surround view monitor system so those are now available on the 2023 scl premium instead of the limited and calligraphy as before but outside of this there’s really not

Too much else to mention here on the limited but let’s go ahead and take a look at this one and show you what you get so the santa fe having from us today is a 2023 santa fe limited all-wheel drive finished in portofino gray with the black leather interior now i really do like this gray in the hyundai lineup it gives it a nice premium look with the metallic finish

You can see here in the sunlight overall i do really like this gray up front this is the same front end and overall design as the 2021 in newer santa fe so there’s not much change here especially on the limited like i mentioned daytime running lights have a unique design signature that runs into the headlamp assembly these are the led projector headlights on the

Limited and calligraphy models you do have that upgraded chrome finished front grille with the trim at the bottom of the front bumper definitely gives it a more high-end appearance overall you do have front parking sensors as well on the limited coming to the wheels and tires these are your 19-inch alloy wheels with the machine slash gray finish the tires are 235

55 19 inch continental cross contact all season tires just a nice standard issue all season now the limited does have the black trim along the bottom whereas the calligraphy will have body color trim so that is one difference between the two models and trims the mirrors have your led integrated turn signals on the side as well as your parking camera system blind

Spot detection as well as they are heated you can see more of that chrome trim along the bottom of the limited satin door handles the chrome trimmer on the windows and the satin chrome roof rails as well this does have hyundai digital key one so you can use your android compatible smartphones to unlock and use a key in the vehicle coming to the back you’ll find

Your led tail lights on the limited incandescent reverse bulbs and your turn signals are down in the bumper there rear parking sensors rear camera system and this one has the accessory tow hitch option which you don’t see too often here on these vehicles but it does have a 7-pin connector and can tow up to 3 500 pounds here with the 2.5 liter turbo so that is

A cool accessory here on this specific vehicle this is all-wheel drive like i mentioned so you have an h-track badge you do have your panoramic sunroof up there which spans the entire roof nearly so let’s go ahead and take a look on the interior where we find most of the options so like i mentioned this has the black leather interior starting out on the door

Panel soft touch up top very nicely padded armrest here with some stitching power windows mirrors locks this one does have power folding mirrors as well that’s on the limited and up two-person memory driver seat with the upgraded harman kardon audio system there’s your power adjustable driver seat with power leg extension four-way power lumbar and again the

Leather interior one change for the 20 23 mod year is hyundai is offering the h-tec leatherette seating surfaces on the sel premium so this is the first trim level in the santa fe so you get the real leather seating i think you can definitely tell a difference between the two so here to the left of the steering wheel gauge illumination lane keeping your power

Trunk traction control off as well as your electronic parking brake manual tilt telescoping steering wheel and the dash has more of the accent stitching as well overall flows very nice with the door panels definitely a very dark interior overall uh compared to some of the beige interiors or the lighter color interiors so that is something to note go ahead and

Turn it on since it is fairly warm out today so you’re immediately greeted with the digital gauge cluster this is a 12.3 inch fully configurable cluster that changes with the drive mode so you can see if you go into sport changes red and some of the gauges change and everything like that now there are some additional settings you can program in the infotainment

System which i’ll go over here in a second you have your leather wrapped steering wheel paddle shifters on the back side left side features your audio bluetooth controls as well as your volume on the right side you have your driver assistance tech with the menu option for the gauge cluster see cycling through some of that options right there this does have highway

Driving assist one automatic headlights with auto high beam assist there’s your automatic rain sensing wiper stock in terms of the gauge cluster though you can configure quite a few options here there’s your all-wheel drive setting shows you where the power is being distributed some of your driver assistance tech but yeah very nice cluster overall paired

With that you have your 10.25 inch navigation system this has been on this santa fe since the 21 model year and like i said this receives over the year update capability for this mod year now i have not seen one do an update over the air but that is something to be aware of with this one that you shouldn’t have to update it via the usb port anymore that it should

Receive over-the-air updates now in terms of the cluster configurations if you go into setup screen layout and then link to drive mode cluster theme selection you can set an additional theme here as cube it’ll change the entire layout of course you have all your different layouts there but overall i definitely like that you can change that here in the infotainment

System like i said built-in navigation wired android auto wired apple car play but overall very intuitive system you have your different driver profiles you can set that uses the memory seating so it saves all your settings to those profiles very nice all your physical controls dual zone automatic climate control push button gear selection heated steering wheel

On the limited auto hold stop start off here’s your drive mode selection because this is all wheel drive you have a center differential lock which will send power 50 50 front and rear hill descent control parking sensors off along with your 360 parking camera show you different views there very handy system overall definitely high resolution too here on the santa

Fe heated and ventilated front seats there’s your usb a port and your wireless phone charger which is a vertical one here in the santa fe is also your digital key slot so if you have a compatible android smartphone go ahead and put it in here and this will act as your digital key slot two cup holders here’s your proximity key fob this car does have remote smart

Parking assist so you can pull the car front and back with the key fob remote start on the fob as well as your blu link app padded arm rest not much to show in there just a lot of additional storage and speaking of additional storage i really like with all santa fe you have this extra cubby below the center console you have an additional usb port as well as a

12 volt outlet down here the more space the better in my opinion but overall this dash is very nice here in the limited you have accent stitching all soft touch up here around the glove box it is damped lots of space inside there but overall i am really impressed here with the front of the santa fe limited up top speaking of the interior you do have a lighter

Color interior which helps brighten up this all black interior for the most part there’s some lighting up there auto dimming mirror with garage home link interior led illumination and you have your panoramic sunroof controls of course blue link sos i do like how fast the shade moves that’s just a you know small detail but they are slow from time to time but this

One moves very nice so let’s go ahead and take a look at the back seat like i mentioned some of my other santa fe videos the door opening is very large and there’s a lot of space in the back seat for families and stuff like that you do have rear view shades on the side doors this is an error actually on hyundai’s part when i was doing the model year changes video

For the santa fe’s they listed that the sel and up gets these shades however for the 23 mod ear it’s the sel premium and up gets those shades so that’s just something to note from my last video padded arm rest this is all soft touch on the door so that is a difference from some of those lower trims two stage heated rear seats again your harman kardon audio system

Adjustable seat backs which i have reclined here to its maximum position so that shows you just how much the rear seat back will recline it’s quite a bit and you can get very comfortable in the back seat so here in the back you have your ac vents two usb ports along with a 115 volt outlet 150 watts one map pocket in the back seat but overall a very nice interior

Here on the limited trim and i think you get a very good value overall for the cost there’s your center armrest with two cup holders nicely padded yeah let’s go ahead and finish up here on the trunk if you’ve seen any of my other santa fe videos you’ll know that there’s a lot of additional storage space in the back but there you can see your power liftgate

As far as storage goes here’s the back there is an inflator kit it looks like right there and of course more storage up front with the harman kardon audio system you do have a subwoofer here on the left side of the trunk power release second row seats for the folding function as well as a 12 volt outlet so wrapping it up here on the passenger front you’ll

Immediately see you do have a partially power or a fully powered passenger excuse me without the power lumbar and hidden under there you can see your external amp for the audio system so that’s what that is underneath that seat there uh but yeah very nice interior on the limited definitely a step up versus some of the lower trims of the santa fe uh but overall

Yeah very nice vehicle so under the hood of the santa fe limited in calligraphy you’ll find the 2.5 liter turbocharged engine this makes 281 horsepower and 311 pound-feet of torque paired to the eight speed wet dual clutch transmission and either front or all-wheel drive depending on which options you select on your santa fe overall i think this provides a nice

Sporty driving dynamic and definitely has quite a bit of power for this size vehicle so it’s definitely a nice upgrade over the base engine so that’s pretty much going to wrap up this video on the 2023 hyundai santa fe limited if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave those down in the comment section below i enjoy engaging with you guys now i can’t

Remember if i mentioned it or not but i have a video detailing every change for the 2023 modder here on the santa fe so make sure to check that out if you’re curious about the changes for other trims of the santa fe like i mentioned here on the limited there’s not too many changes so that mainly pertains to some of the sel trim levels including the sel and the sel

Premium so make sure to check that out if you’re interested in those now if you enjoyed watching this video or found it helpful please hit that like button it really helps out these videos and the channel and if you are new please subscribe and check out some of the other content that is available we are approaching that 1 000 subscriber threshold very rapidly so

I appreciate everybody’s support and if you aren’t subscribed please hit that subscribe button it definitely helps out the channel but once again hopefully you enjoyed watching and as always hope to see you guys in the next one you

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