2023 Hyundai Tucson SEL Convenience AWD | Serious Value Proposition?

In this video I show you the 2023 Hyundai Tucson SEL Convenience AWD. The Tucson SEL Convenience receives one big change for 2023, which is the H-Tex Leatherette Seating Surfaces. Outside of this and the loss of Homelink on the Auto Dimming Mirror, these are the only changes. The base SEL received more changes so make sure to check out the other videos showcase exactly what changed. Let me know what you think of the Tucson in the comments below!

Hey guys welcome back to another video today i finally have access to one of the more popular tucson trims and that is the seo with convenience so the vehicle next to me is a 2023 hyundai tucson seo with convenience package all-wheel drive finish in the intense blue you can tell this color is quite bright here on a sunny day like this one and it’s definitely not

For everybody so if you follow me here on the channel and you know months ago i posted a video about the 2023 tucson using an sel and seo convenience from the 2022 model year well today i finally have access to the actual 23 mod here and we’ll go over some of the changes and differences here specific to this trim but if you are curious about everything that changed

For the 2023 mod year on the tucson i have a dedicated video just like many of the other hyundai models here on the channel so make sure to check that out if you want to know exactly what changed now as far as changes goes for the seo with convenience package in particular there’s only one notable change and that is the h-tech leatherette seating services is now

Standard or part of the convenience package on the tucson so that is one big change as the 2022s had cloth seating in this trim level well now you get the h-tech leatherette seating and in addition to that there is one other small change in that is the auto dimming mirror as part of the convenience package no longer offers the homelink functionality in this trim

Level you have to get the xrt or higher with the auto dimming mirror to get the homelink functionality i’m not exactly sure why hyundai took away the homelink only on this particular trim level again that is a small thing to note and one of the larger change is that got rid of the scl premium package to now goes seo convenience xrt and line and then limited up

The trim structure but overall that is the big changes as far as the sel trim goes and specifically here on the convenience package but as far as pricing is concerned there was a price increase in kind of price shuffling that they shuffled equipment around the sl trims so now the 2023 sel with convenience package comes in at thirty three thousand and ninety five

Dollars including destination and all-wheel drive now if you compare this to the equivalent 2022 convenience all-wheel drive that represents a 600 increase so to me given the fact that you get the leatherette seating surfaces that’s not a huge trade-off or price increase overall considering you know the supply chain issues around the world that are just causing you

Know manufacturing costs to go through the roof six hundred dollars is not too bad of an increase for the next mod year and if you like the leatherette seating services well i guess that works in your favor so let’s not waste any more time and take a look at what the 2023 hyundai tucson seo convenience package gives you for just over thirty three thousand dollars

So the tucson in front of us is finished in intense blue with the light gray leatherette interior i think this is a fairly unique color combination it’s one i haven’t seen before but the leatherette is new for 2023 the color definitely has a good name and it fits it’s definitely in your face blue has a small amount of metallic flake in the paint i’d say it’s a

Love it or hate it color personally it’s not my first pick on the tucson but if you like a pop of color this is definitely the color for you up front of the seo convenience you’re gonna have the same front end on the regular scls as well led daytime running lights on each side of the grille led reflector headlights led projectors are on the limited trim some more

Black trim with silver accents on the lower bumper chrome hyundai emblem prominent in the middle of the grille it’s definitely a nice looking front end even though it is not the technically premium front end that the limited has coming to the wheels and tires these are your 19-inch wheels as part of the convenience package they are a machine slash dark gunmetal

Gray finish wrapped in 255 55 19 inch michelin primacy as tires so a nice high quality all season and all trims of the tucson minus the end line will have the black body cladding on the lower section of the exterior body color miracast with led integrated turn signals they are heated and have blind spot detection hyundai digital key one is present on this trim

You can see some of that silver accented trim around the windows in this particular tucson does have the roof cross bars as the accessory option out back you’ll find the unique design of all tucson’s partial led lighting with the strip that runs across the tailgate turn signals are incandescent with your reverse lights down lower on the bumper with the unique

Triangular design molded in the black plastic you can see you do have a very unique rear bumper with those two kind of diffuser fins that come down backup camera and your rear wiper is located up here underneath the rear spoiler so that is kind of a unique design once again that you don’t see on too many suvs it kind of gives it a nice clean aesthetic outback

But it definitely does look a little bit different but yeah overall i think this is one of the trims that people like because you get the 19 inch kind of larger wheels that kind of breaks up the overall design gives it a more premium look and i would have to agree with that and that the convenience package is definitely one of my favorites because you do get the

Larger 19-inch wheels you do have a regular single sunroof on this trim as well not the panoramic type of the limited or higher end line trims for 23. so here’s a window sticker i’m going to show you guys briefly here scl all-wheel drive does have the convenience package for 22.50 so that is a small decrease over the last module i think it was 2600 or so but that

Is because some of the equipment moved to being standard on the sel so this particular one with a bunch of additional accessories comes to just under thirty four thousand dollars including destination but stepping inside the tucson seo convenience like i said this one has the light gray leatherette interior so it is a two-tone interior door panel is going to

Have soft touch materials up front so soft touch upper gloss black accents cloth insert with your leatherette light gray padding there soft touch armrest power windows mirrors locks good amount of storage lower on the door i think it definitely looks unique and i do like the door panel the way it’s two-tone look coming to the driver’s seat power driver seat with

Two-way power lumbar and this is your new h-tech leatherette seating for 2023 although this is the gray but it definitely is a fairly nice i’d say it does have a good feel and texture to it very similar to traditional leather you can see the dash here has more of that two-tone accent with the black upper half a cloth separating kind of the lower section and then

The light gray lower i do like the fact it doesn’t have a light gray steering wheel like the palisade does with its beige interior so we’ll go ahead and start it up this one does have proximity entry so immediately we’re greeted to the 10.25 inch digital gauge cluster that is part of the convenience package so if you want the digital gauge cluster you have to

At least get this trim level or higher leather wrapped steering wheel with silver accents audio controls on the left side right side features your hyundai safety systems as well as the controls for that digital gauge cluster this does have smart cruise control and lane following assist standard on all trims of the tucson so that is a change for 23 is that even

The base sc gets adaptive cruise control automatic headlights with auto high beam assist regular wipers gauge illumination power trunk as well as traction control off and coming over to the infotainment system this is a fairly unique trim level anymore in that this is the highest one you can get on the tucson without the 10.25 inch touchscreen with built-in

Navigation i’m kind of surprised that’s not on the convenience package but just know that this is the highest trim level now for 2023 that you can get with this 8-inch system which does feature wireless android auto and wireless apple carplay it also has some of the partial physical knobs and scroll wheels for the climate controls and the infotainment i do think

A lot of people enjoy this system like i’ve said in some of my past videos it’s very simple very easy to use does have sirius xm on this trim blue link integration still so you have the app and phone controls for the vehicle overall a lot of stuff but it’s very basic and easy to use below that you do have dual zone automatic climate control it has mostly touch

Sensitive controls do have switches here for the temperatures you can use the physical buttons for that usb charging ports and a 12 volt outlet down here hyundai digital keypad and wireless charging pad right there leather wrap shift knob as part of that convenience package and behind that you’ll find your all-wheel drive lock if it’s equipped is this will send

Power 50 50 front and rear hill descent control auto hold electronic parking brake your backup camera button so you can pull that up if you would like auto stops are off and in terms of drive modes we have snow smart sport and normal on this particular tucson two cup holders as far as the proximity key fob goes pretty standard issue stuff it does have a remote

Start via the key fob as well as the blue link app heated front seats here’s your light gray softly padded armrest inside good amount of storage space nice to have the extra storage up top the headliner is going to be very similar in color to the seating surfaces so a light gray do have lighting for the vanity blue link sos buttons led interior lighting again

Part of that convenience package sunroof control auto dimming rear view mirror without homelink so like i mentioned this trim does not have homelink functionality but you will on the xrt and higher and there’s your single pane sunroof with manual shade close that yeah overall fairly nice interior on the tucson outback most of the materials are going to follow

Through hard touch upper door panels though but you still have these soft cloth with accent gray padding there hard touch armrest too one bottle holder in the lower door the back seats do have a reclining functionality via that lever on either side so you can recline these quite a bit as you guys might have seen in my other videos of the limited and other trims

Of the tucson it’s a very nice feature there’s a look at the front seat two map nets on back of each seat ac vents two usb charge ports seats do fold 60 40 split two more cup holders in the center armrest and again they do recline and i do like the black seat belts contrasting with the light gray interior overall i think this is a nice interior especially that

It’s the h-tech leatherette seating i think it’ll hold up a little bit better than maybe a light cloth would so again if you have pets and stuff like that i think this will hold up i’m sure it’s stain resistant to a point easier to clean than some of the cloth materials but i still would be careful i may be choosing a lighter color interior if you do have you know

Depending on your occupation or your lifestyle or anything like that but i think this would hold up fairly well so coming to the back of the tucson power liftgate standard on scl and up now and as i’ve covered in some of my other videos the storage space behind the second row is going to be very good one of the larger compact suvs in the segment folding release

For your second row seats on either side 12 volt outlet light on the left side you have your accessory floor mats and trunk mat here which is reversible spare tire and the floor is a dual level floor so you can adjust it down about two inches or so buy you a little extra height if you were to have the cargo accessory privacy cover in there but yeah overall a

Good amount of space back there in the tucson so wrapping it up here on the passenger front seat materials are obviously going to be the same over here as the front door four-way manual passenger seats and no height adjustment glove box is damped and does have led lighting inside so that is nice there’s some of that nice cloth accent trim so yeah that is the

Interior of the scl convenience for 2023 let’s go ahead and take a look underneath the hood and then we’ll go ahead and wrap up this video so under the hood of this tucson and many other tucsons as well you’re going to find the same 2.5 liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine this puts out 191 horsepower and 181 pound-feet of torque through either the front

Wheels or all wheels if you option all-wheel drive now if you look at the tucson hybrids you’ll get the 1.6 liter turbocharged engine paired to an electric motor and obviously a battery pack which gives you a lot more combined output especially if you opt for the phev which gives you a slightly larger battery pack and slightly larger electric motor for more total

Output but overall under most tucsons you’re going to find the same 2.5 liter as this one so hopefully you guys enjoyed this video on the 2023 tucson seo with convenience package like i mentioned earlier on this video i think this is one of the more popular trim levels people just like the convenience because it gives you a lot of the extra features that people

Want such as the leather app steering wheel heated front seats the 19-inch wheels on the exterior you have the single old power sunroof but i think that is part of the reason why this trim is so popular so as far as pricing goes for the 23 module like i said it did go up 600 and it does include now the leatherette seating surfaces so if you guys are a fan of the

Leather seating 600 is a fairly modest increase and i’d say it’s well worth it again if you like the seating now if you don’t like the leatherette seating then i would try to find a leftover 2022 if that’s even possible again there aren’t many 2022s left on the lot so finding one i guess with the cloth interior might be fairly difficult but overall i think that’s

A small sacrifice to most people now personally i do agree with the fact that the convenience package is a overall good value for the tucson’s lineup gives you a lot of features that people want and desire in a new vehicle but yeah i’d probably opt for the inline trim myself personally because i do like the body color exterior trim accents and some of the other

Creature comforts you get on the interior so once again if you guys enjoyed this video or found it helpful please hit that like button it greatly helps out these videos in the channel if you guys are not subscribed make sure to hit that subscribe button turn on the bell notifications so you guys get notified when i post a new video here on the channel and like i

Said i have several other tucson videos whether it’s 2023 mario changes i have a walk around on the limited the 2022 end line and some other scl videos as well so make sure to check those out if you’re interested about the hyundai tucson it is a very popular vehicle so that’s probably why some of these trim levels don’t last long on the lot so if you want sel or

An stl convenience package you better jump on it especially with the current inventory issues which do seem to be getting a little bit better as time goes on so we’ll have to see how the rest of this year fares but still you’re kind of taking your chances if you wait to get an seo convenience or certain trim level of the tucson and if you haven’t owned this

Generation tucson leave a comment in the comment section below and let me know how your ownership experience has been with this vehicle i know it’s only going into its second model year but the first model year was extremely long production run so i’m sure there’s people that are going to be interested in purchasing this vehicle that are watching so make sure to

Leave a comment and help those people out that might be interested in seeing how the reliability and ownership experience has been so with all that being said once again hopefully guys enjoyed this video and as always hope to see you guys in the next one

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