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2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee 30th Anniversary edition 4xE

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Check out this 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee 30th Anniversary Edition 4xE!

Hello everybody today i’m at the north american international auto show taking a look at this 2023 jeep grand cherokee 30th anniversary edition this is also the 4 by e edition so you are going to get the um gas battery hybrid option and then the color scheme is actually like this neon like really bright blue it’s actually really pretty so starting off up front

We do have the full led headlight and fog light package the iconic uh jeep grille with the black and blue 4xe color scheme badging front-facing camera is going to be right underneath that adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist sensor is going to be right there your vertical toe recovery hooks which i much rather prefer over the horizontal ones and then

Your parking sensors are going to be integrated into the upper portion of the bumper that amber daytime running light is absolutely beautiful cross path detection sensors are included with this as well color matched fender flares coming down to the wheel and tire setup it looks like we have a 20 inch wheel it’s like a gray jeep wheel i believe it’s 20 inch let

Me see real quick yep it’s a 365 50 r20 a bridgestone dueler ht-400 your four by e blue and black badging again along the side black mirror cap with mirror mounted 360 degree camera system this guy also has the passive entry system so as long as you have the key fob on you you can lock and unlock the vehicle from any of the four doors gloss black roof rack up

Top and i really don’t like chrome so when they go paint matched or gloss black in my opinion it looks so much better full led tail lamps dual black chrome exhaust your trailer hitch and your 4 pin and seven pin receiver are going to be behind this plastic piece right here parking sensors are integrated into the upper portion of the bumper your four by e badge

Is going to be on the driver’s side and your 30th anniversary edition is going to be on the passenger side backup camera is going to be right here and then again you have that blue and black jeep logo your rear view mirror camera is right here underneath the very sleek third brake light right here we have your lockable capless fuel fill port thank you and then

Your charging port right here i really appreciate the way jeep is going about doing the um hybrid and battery in their vehicles i like that you actually get the choice to choose what you want to do i’ll go over that a little bit more in detail once we get into the vehicle so with that being said let’s take a closer look at the interior so starting off over here

On the driver’s side door we have your lock and unlock buttons as well as all the window controls the front driver passenger window are automatic up and down you have your power mirror controls right here really nice plastic wood looking trim two-seat memory and then right here we have the um four by e buttons right here is your hybrid button that is going to

Find a good balance between gas and battery power we have your electric button which is going to prioritize using electricity first and then gas second and then we have your e-save button which is going to prioritize using gas first and then battery last i really like that stalantis gives you the option to choose what you do so if you have a you know 10 mile 15

Mile commute to work you can just keep it in electric and not have to use any gas or if you have a long drive to get to work and then you have to drive in the city once you’re almost to work you can put it in e-save mode very very cool under that you have the rotary dial selector for the exterior lighting of the vehicle as well as the dimmer switch for the ambient

Lighting and then the dimmer switch for the instrument cluster coming up top to the instrument cluster it is 100 digital which is very cool i really appreciate that the automotive industry is moving towards more digital instrument clusters it’s more customizable and programmable to each customer coming back to the steering wheel very nice leather wrap steering

Wheel with mild bolsters at 10 and 2. plastic paddle shifters on this guy this control pad right here on the left hand side controls the center lcd display and then you have your steering wheel mounted call buttons over on this side you have your adaptive cruise control buttons as well as your regular cruise control buttons up top we have these really nice gloss

Black buttons right here we have the battery on so this i believe will actually do like regenerative braking and will recharge your battery um in city driving or when you brake aggressively right here we have your lane keep assist button traction control off hazard light button parking sensors off and then this one actually controls the touch screen over here

For the uh passenger under that we have a push button start really nice uconnect 5 system you can pretty much control everything in the vehicle through this touchscreen display heated seats heated steering wheel it’s got a 4g lte connection um and the card system is actually very cool you can have three cards now on this guy very responsive i absolutely love this

Again wireless carplay wireless android auto as well as navigation and right now as you can see we are in the part of de trois or detroit it’s actually really pretty down here really pretty uh under that you got physical buttons for your uh radio as well as dual zone climate control and then your physical buttons for your heated and ventilated seats for the driver

And passenger underneath that you have this really nice gloss black uh trim piece that you push up on the silver bar and it will give you access to two usbs two usb type-cs as well as an auxiliary jack hdmi plug for the passenger touchscreen display and then a 12 volt outlet wireless charging mat’s going to be right in there as well right here we have the different

Drive modes for the vehicle when you change them it actually changes up on the lcd display itself which is very cool rotary dial selector for the shifter of the vehicle your four low button as well as your hill descent control button ambient lit cup holders yeah that brings us back to the center armrest it is tiered and led lit real pretty leather seats in this

Vehicle again this wood trim continues throughout the glove box is going to be right here and then we’ll go to the touch screen display for the passenger you can actually control all sorts of stuff through here wireless headphones all sorts of stuff you can plug in again hdmi and play video games or watch tv pretty cool up top led lit vanity for the passenger as

Well as driver and these have got to be some of the brightest led vanity lights i’ve ever seen driver vanity has a 3d or universal garage remote up top you have the trunk release button as well as all the master controls for the dome map lights and then all the controls for the twin pane sunroof in front of the sunroof controls you have a glass of storage compartment

And then your um video rear view mirror with uh stalantis you can actually do if it’ll turn on for me i don’t think it’s actually oh yeah okay so you can control the brightness or how high or how low the camera views something which is pretty sweet so overall pretty standard jeep grand cherokee interior i do love the redesign absolutely beautiful but for me the

Selling the selling point is definitely the 4xe let’s take a look at the back seats and see how much leg room we have so with the driver’s seat situated where it would be if i was driving i’d say i have maybe five or six inches of legroom before my knees hit the front seat we get storage in the form of pouches behind both driver and passenger seats storage cubby

Right here air conditioning vents for the rear passengers as well as a 115 volt 120 watt power outlet on the driver’s side two usbs two usb type c’s and then your heated captain’s chairs back here this center seat does have a full down armrest slash cup holder and even with the twin paint sunroof i still have a decent amount of headroom led dome map lights and

Grab handle and hanger hooks are integrated into the outermost side of the headliner because of the twin paint sunroof let’s take a look at the trunk and see how much cargo space we have so there’s going to be a couple ways to open the trunk on this vehicle the first way is with the key fob which i don’t have the second way is with the button to the left of the

Steering wheel and then the third way is a traditional way you’re going to come up to the right of the p and jeep there’s going to be a button underneath by the backup camera you’re going to push it it’s going to open for you tons and tons of storage back here a full-size spare that’s where the battery goes because the 4xe system you got these really nice d-link

Tie down points in each of the four corners and then on the driver’s side you have a 12 volt outlet back here when you’re done come to the driver’s side push the button it’ll beep at you a couple times and then it will automatically close for you so there you have it a 2023 jeep grand cherokee 30th anniversary edition 4 by e if you like the video please consider

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