2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Summit Reserve (High Altitude): Is This The Most Luxurious Jeep Ever?

Today I review a 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Summit Reserve High Altitude!

Hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and today is going to be going over a fully loaded jeep grand cherokee l summit reserve first and foremost a huge shout out thank you to the large miller jeep chrysler here in sandy utah for giving me some time with this grand cherokee l i’m gonna include a link to their website in the description down below definitely check them out

If you have any questions whatsoever just ask for nick or eric and then honestly i don’t know if you’re gonna save time money the next time purchase car link to my carbine guide in the description down below as well let’s get into it under the hood we have a nazi aspirated 5.7 liter hemi v8 that goes for an 8-speed automatic transmission power outputs are 360

Horsepower and then 390 pound-feet of torque with fuel economy being 14 around town and then 22 on the highway thank you now let’s go over the front end of the summit reserves so first off we have these signature jeep grand cherokee hood that’s flat in the center and then it kind of falls off on either side notice the jeep logo has been blacked out and so has the

Front grille been blocked out and then you guys can see here with the lights super bright i mean completely just blinded out the camera filter you got the daytime right there at the top and then down below i’ve got our fog lights and we do have parking sensors here on the front end and i think this looks really good with all of the badges and everything all blacked

Out it has a cool like luxury appearance coming on the side here our tire and wheel setup is 275 45 21 in the front and in the rear as well and these wheels are absolutely amazing like i’m usually not a fan of 21s because i’m like oh it’s a little bit too big but with the coloration on this and the design i think it just looks absolutely perfect now with the summit

You do have air suspension as standards you get into the canister in there and then notice with the fender flares how these are body painted and then the grand cherokee logo also blacked out in the mixture of these side steps here which is pretty cool notice the mirror cap is blocked out and then the entire roof is also blocked i’ll kind of show this to you guys at

The side view in a second and then also on the top of the door handles it’s also been blocked out and if we take a few steps back here’s your full side profile on it which uh looks pretty cool also i accidentally handed that wheelbarrow so awkward so here’s our key fob and yeah it looks really nice we’ve got our unlock function and lock function remote start so

You guys can hear that five seven hemi that’s actually pretty quiet you can tell they’ve they’ve thrown a bunch of mufflers on that to definitely silence it but anyways we press the other button a couple times that’ll open up the hatch here with the grand cherokee notice the trim here at the bottom and then got some more storage space underneath this carpeting

Is really thick yeah it’s interesting so here with these seats it’s pretty cool so we can actually lower down the seats automatically so i press this button and things interesting about the grand cherokee seats is it goes down like super slow but then it comes up faster than the speed that it goes down it seems like and then as for the second row um same thing

You guys can see we can lower the seat down but you can’t raise it up like the third row so i do need to differentiate that now at the headrest you still have to lift them up yourself and then if you want to close the rear just press that button right there and that will close it right back up for the rest of the rear you can see with the taillights they’ve got

This cool sharp design right there and then notice we’ve got our gigantic jeep logo there in the center we don’t have like the connecting bar that you have with some of these and then you’ve got our summit badge down below and then you see the l 4×4 badge and then also the parking sensors and all the black dot trim and then with the covers over the exhaust tips

And then the bezel that would cover the receiver hitch and i think i like this more without like the connecting bar there on the back i think it looks a little bit cleaner here’s the door we’ve got really nice leather trimmer at the top and then look at the beautiful wood trim down below and then you can see the ambient lighting which looks so cool and i love this

Design here on the bottom now with the summit reserve everything is like covered there’s even like stitching here on the lower portion which just yeah looks really cool speaker for the macintosh sound system and then here are these seats so again full leather here notice the design on the side of the bolsters looks fantastic things he perforated there in the center

Definitely like full on luxury car appearance even the seat belts match in coloration but popping in quickly oh these are comfortable so you guys can see the legroom and actually you can slide the seat back for even more room and then notice here with the vent and then we have our little climate control tab here in the back we do have heated and cooled seats here

For the second row got some vents down below and then some usb ports with a full power outlet unless the cup holders are illuminated and then you can see with the center console here for the rear yeah we’re gonna get our own center console with some nice leather and then as for the third row you can fit adults back there but i recommend kids for comfortable trips

Uh longer trips is what i meant but anyways notice the quilted design and then down below sorry about the lighting here it’s night time pretty much but notice here with their arm rests it’s actually padded down below which is nice and it matches in coloration which is also pretty nice and then there are some little buttons right here for the seats as well for the

Third row passengers anyways i’m set at the front now going over the front door leather at the top and then look at the wood trim down below just the attention to detail is fantastic now we have our memory seat function right here with the massage seat function just up above and then this does have blind spot monitoring and then down below look at the design again

And then you guys can see here with the leather trim and look at the stitching continues all the way to the bottom all the windows are automatic and then you can see with the mirrors they do power fold in now this is a cool party trick i’ll show you guys in a second but this like illuminates when you have it on which is fun and then again with the front seats notice

With the summit logo right there and then see the design here on the side and then we have all of our seat adjustments here on the side including the lumbar and then you actually can adjust this as well for your legs which is pretty cool it’s like the thigh bolster and then pretty normal pedal layout down below sorry about the lighting here and then with our light

Control and with all that being said let’s pop in so before we go over the steering wheel i quickly want to show you guys with the summit logo how that’s illuminated and again we got all the ambient lighting here again sorry about the lighting in this video it kind of uh the sun disappeared with the time of me filming anyways we’ve got really nice leather trim

Here all around the steering wheel and then you see the wood trim down below this does come with a dad for cruise control and steering assistance now the cool thing about jeep steering assistance is you just have to have your hand lightly on the steering wheel and it’ll do all the steering for you which is great you don’t have to like grab it like a lot of other

Manufacturers make you do and then we do have paddle shifters here on the back of the steering wheel and then notice again with the stitching around the airbag cover controls here for the center stack foam controls and then you guys can see here with the stocks there on the back like normal and yeah cool setup so we have our full digital gauge cluster here and

You guys can see uh i guess we need to inflate a couple of the tires with this um but notice there’s a bunch of different fusion go through my favorite is the map view so it takes a second to load up but notice you’ve got like that full map view which is definitely fun and you do have like the whole night vision as well with the new grand cherokee which is also

Another kind of fun feature but other than that i do want to go over the drive modes quickly so we’ve got a sport mode notice it kind of change the gauge cluster and then we have an auto mode as well and then we’ve got our snow sand mud and then rock and then the different drive modes will not only adjust the transmission without response but also with the air

Suspension as well now here’s a center infotainment system you guys probably aren’t going to be able to see the controls at the top because of how bright this is and how dark it is outside but i’ll do my best so i’ve got a lane departure there we’ve got stability control hazard lights parking sensors and then notice here for the parking assistance and then this is

For the passenger screen so really easy to see it here because of the low light that we have but this basically allows the passenger to control some different functions so that they don’t have to reach over to the main screen which is kind of a cool feature now as for the main infotainment screen if we pop into reverse we do have a backup camera which trajectory

Lines that turns the steering wheel and this does have a full 360 camera system and then notice we’ve got the zoom function and we even have the trajectory lines here if you ever take this off-road for some reason and then moving from that we do have a dual zone climb system heated and cooled seats and like i said we also have massaging seats so if i press that

Massage seat button on the side it’ll automatically pull that up and then we do have a shortcut bar here at the bottom which helps out with accessing the features now down below we’ve got our analog controls here for the radio analog controls for the climate system and for the heated and cooled seats now this tab i’m horrible at pushing these up so i’m going to

Try to get this done there we go i always mess up usb is down below and then we’ve got our wireless phone charging pad that you guys probably aren’t going to be able to see and we’re gonna close that back up we have our drive mode select right here and then we’ve got the dial shifter here for that eight-speed automatic and then this is to adjust the air suspension

Hill descent control and then we got our four wheel low and then our auto hold a couple of cup holders here with the blacked out trim and then you can see with the center console set up again really nice leather trim here and then also on the side love this interior pretty normal glove box and then look at the ambient lighting all throughout and then more nice leather

Here on the dash and this does have jeeps camera mirror system and then you guys can see we’ve got a full panoramic center which will actually open up the center of even more and then the last thing that’s gonna be kind of hard to see because the lighting is the headliner so this has a nice premium headlamp it’s one of the big benefits of the summit reserve is you

Get that nice headliner it continues onto the pillars as well so this probably isn’t going to focus on the window sticker but this is a 2023 grand cherokee l summit reserve and this has pretty much every single option added to it other than the tvs in the back which yeah anyways total msrp 78 445 and then you’ve got a five year 60 000 mile powertrain warranty and

Then a 3 or 36 000 mile warranty for the uh basic warranty that was bad that’s gonna something except for our video here on this grand cherokee l summit reserve with that being said again a huge shout out thank you to the large miller jeep chrysler here in sandy utah for me sometime with us grand cherokee check out the intro in the description down below if you

Have any questions whatsoever just ask for nick or eric i’ll see you

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2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Summit Reserve (High Altitude): Is This The Most Luxurious Jeep Ever? By Ben Hardy