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2023 Jeep Grand Wagoneer L first look

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Seven-to-eight-passenger SUV

Hey everybody and welcome to another episode of talk daily hopefully have a great day whatever you’re in the world and let’s get to it this is a 2023 jeep wagoner and jeep wagoneer l uh they’re both wagoneers one is l but it’s not an l uh what you need to know about this car is it was introduced in new york auto show when is it like april 13 and when this article

Was written uh speaking of the article this article comes with a motor trend do check them out they’re really good um elisa priddle is the writer of this article i’ll have a link to this article in the description below as always anything else i’ll show you so let’s get to the meat and the potato uh this machine is a vehicle this massive thing that only can come

From the land of the free america and here it is i want to show you the actual shot because the other shot makes it look skinny that’s that’s a skinny shot that’s like the i’m not so fat am i like no no no turn around there you go look at that that’s all prime beef steak uh okay no more no more puns that’s not even a pun uh 22-inch wheels those are 22’s look at

Them it doesn’t even look 22 so anything like i don’t know 17 that’s 22 that’s how big this machine is so just give you a reference 22-inch wheels that this car rides it very well this suv rides them very very well inline six 500 something horsepower 400 something pound of torque a lot it’s very capable it’s made it an 8-speed transmission that means that you’re

Able to tow about 9 000 pounds worth of material down the road or whichever way you want to go it’s very elegant i like it i think the word elegant it has abuse of its own this this machines only could be building united states of america to have a beauty of their own not a country in the world look at this and say yeah no they don’t they don’t build these things

They don’t build them they just you’re not going to see mazda and ever a wheelbase of what almost 200 here you go the wheelbase is 226.7 inches nah you ain’t gonna find that uh actually longer than 219 inches so that’s what i’m talking about uh the extended rear window does wonder for the proportion of the vehicle so this river just basically extended it just made

Them longer basically that’s what happened uh i keep talking about the exterior the heart of it is an inline six as i said making enough horsepower i mean if you see let’s watch this video right here i mean it’s it’s cute it shows the scar parking i don’t know i guess they’re i don’t know ranch i have no idea pretty nice property but that big house doesn’t it does

Not shrink the car i think the car like still looks really big it’s a big elegant car and that’s what it’s supposed to be supposed to stretch his legs in a wide open country although i am very sure a lot of uh city town cars and taxis are going to be true faring a lot of important people in these vehicles uh because again they’re comfortable they’re roomy they’re

Guaranteed or quiet on the inside and the ride will be very comfortable it shows you you know towing a horse well technically you can put the horse and actually in the car in the back space i mean it’s it’s massive again i i can’t fold these vehicles when you buy you know exactly what you’re buying right you have the cadillac escalade and now you have this you’re

Buying it because i just want something massive so tall ac works so you know i don’t have to worry about anything you know warranty for whatever three years sixty thousand mile of worry-free driving and leisure driving and uh this car delivers it delivers it in the boat loads uh again i really can’t looking at it you it’s not a elegant it’s not don’t use the

Word s don’t ever use s word with it a sporty word no um the large it’s not like the german luxury it’s not like the japanese luxury it’s just a luxury of its own that only america can make which is massive size ex interior space is where luxury comes from literally real estate you get so much real estate inside this vehicle so much real estate that you don’t get

In another vehicle when you’re purchasing it you’re literally purchasing real estate um it’s just amazing uh there’s a lot of pictures on the outside i’m gonna show the inside but oh there you go finally the interior all right again i showed 22 inch wheels but those are 22’s they’re massive they’re massive all right slow shot there good interior um i don’t have

Any issues with the interior i truly don’t again it’s i show other pictures of it it’s just good it’s good that’s it you know it’s not it’s not going to wow you it’s not going to blow your mind away it’s good it’s adequate it’s modern and it’s sufficient again look at the back seat i mean i think this is what most important in my opinion is this configuration

When you look at the backseat you could fold them down you can your trip to whatever cost whatever you know you definitely fill up whatever you want to fill up in the back uh friends and family um hauling material whatever um how to imagine if you’re a little kid i’m an amount of space you have in a bag it’s just be amazing uh growing up in a a car like this

Uh so i like it i i truly do i think it’s uh that’s nice no i mean i’m just i’m just standing at this ain’t it’s pretty but anyways let’s move on uh it’s a different video so anyway uh they keep talking about the engine i thought it’s an inline six and where is it um 3.0 liter making 500 pounder making 510 horsepower that’s a lot so they basically have the same

Engine they have something called a high output engine so there’s a standard engine making 420 horsepower 468 for a pound of torque uh that’s the standard engine for the jeep wagoneer the high output hurricane engine it’s the same engine but it just tweaked to make more power making 510 horsepower and 500 pounds of torque again that’s probably just some tuning

To get the increase of the performance because it’s still the same displacement and now i’m not sure that in tuning require again i don’t want to go too deep into that different pistons or different connecting rods i don’t know but uh regardless the high output engine gives you them more power and it’s made it to an eight-speed automatic transmission and they’re

Talking about there’s no plan to offer v8 uh to me i don’t know i don’t have a v8 i guess emission what not etc but this is this is the kind of vehicle you need a v8 in it but hey it is what it is uh it’s engineered to perform with that combination again it just it truly is a massive car it’s truly massive and yeah don’t forget it’s a four-wheel drive it has a four

Wheel drive so you can drive it in loose gravel condition again i this is not a vehicle you’re going to go off-roading it would i’m pretty sure someone outdoors again we’ll take it off-road but do this weight and wheelbase i would be i don’t know if this car is going to help perform an off-road vehicle but i wouldn’t really want to put it in a category an off-road

Okay let’s just call it an urban vehicle that has a wheelba all-wheel drive to help you drive you know loose condition gravel some snow what not which is again if you’re going to be towing something having all-wheel drive it’s great why not so again the toy here you go 9450 ten thousand pounds pretty close what i said uh what else allows 30 to 70 miles between

Phillips and any more efficient gas engine allowed the jeep to go another or another so what is the range uh i don’t discuss range in these vehicles because it just fill up gas bro like you don’t buy this car and you’re worried about range i don’t know let’s just call it 15 mile combined total you know i’m being generous 50 miles per gallon that’s what you’re gonna

Get out of this car out of in line six uh so now about a cabin trim the interior again after a couple of shots of it i don’t think again it’s not like wow dazzle dazzle it’s not it’s just that’s not like a luxury it’s just space again you want more luxury cadillac but in this case i think it’s nice this is like again roomy spacious um accommodate a lot of people

Very comfortably i mean you can put you get a human being can literally sit on armrests right here there’s literally enough space for it like you know in some countries i don’t know regulate how many people sit in your car you can literally sit right here and extremely comfortable um and these are proper seats i mean when they say there’s three people in the

Back you could fit three adults in the back none of that like cram neck down this is comfortable and look that’s the extra row seating which again looks spacious i don’t think it’s the same comfort i mean look at it it’s kind of really flat because it meant to you know store flat but i don’t think it’s going to be as comfortable as those rows seat or obviously as

The front because you can see some bolstering but that’s still there now you could still sit in it uh comfortably no i don’t think for very long period i’m gonna be very comfortable in the back but anyways looking at it again it’s just massive i think this color suits a little bit better but i don’t know i’ll probably black is going to be a thing where they’re

Going to be just chauffeuring a lot of people is going to be going to the airports picking up vips and who not i mean again looking at her back it’s it’s not bad looking i mean for it it’s size it scares its design quite nice i mean it’s really really massive vehicle it’s truly massive really winter wiper i love the winter wipers i’m a big fan of those things

Um wheel archers i can’t again it’s nothing about this car when you look at it it’s it’s just a big car what you’re buying is that real estate and it’s that’s not about the usb it hasn’t i mean again everything is modern inside so i don’t expect anything less don’t talk about the regular leg room being 42.7 inches of legroom i if you can wrap your head around

That go ahead and to me i’m just something it’s just massive it’s huge uh something i mentioned was the usb it has the type a and type c usb that’s cute uh that’s nice they’re comparing it to the chevy tahoe suburban gmc yukon you can excel on the ford expedition expedition max the larger city segment of this is uh yeah but i i think the wagoneer is going to be

A class of its own i think they’re going to be a cadillac escalade and the wagoners i mean you know about a big machine if you have the extra money you get the cadillac uh you like the way the wagoneer looks you go for the wagon here uh wagon is not going to be cheap didn’t mention the price unfortunately all this article all this english right here blah blah blah

And they did not mention the price but i’m gonna put it out there it’s probably gonna be like 80 000. probably maybe even a little bit more so um maybe the standard edition would be the regular one might be 65 and the top one might be you know fully loaded 80 i don’t know that’s my assumption uh i’ll let you let you know later on when i put up the price how much it

Is but um that’s not the point of this machine the point of this machine is america’s doing well we’re making cars like this so we’re doing well uh and uh again i think i don’t know who’s gonna buy it i think most likely uh people like big cars like massive cars uh and a lot of fleet a lot of probably gonna go in fleet and in service of show faring and that kind

Of business and uh people have ranchers and family i don’t know i you let me know if you’re gonna buy one let us know in the comments below and uh again i think you can go wrong with this car this is i i can’t point at this car i tell you something wrong i would i would love to have a v8 but since the inline six with the technology they have and the transmission

It’s capable of towing almost ten thousand pounds i can’t fault this engine i would love to go on a bandwagon say oh this engine is small but it’s producing is i mean technology you yeah v8 we could do the same but the analysis could do it with better fuel efficiency so why not so i don’t fault them on that an all-wheel drive system i can’t fault it it’s just

Big and why not it’s a wagoneer and wagoneer really you don’t like big cars just don’t buy it and there’s no issues with that so again anyways let me know what you think as always and thank you for watching and if you like this video thumbs up and subscribe always appreciate it as always take care out there and i’ll see you next time thanks for watching bye

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