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2023 Jeep Wrangler SAHARA 4xe | hybrid

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What’s going on youtube and welcome back to our channel here at vagabond builds and today we’re going to be doing a review on a 2023 jeep wrangler sahara hybrid we’re gonna be talking about exterior interior and some specs about the car so before we do if you do like our content please like the video subscribe to our channel because it really helps us out if you

Have something you would like us to video here’s our email below you could email us and we can talk details later and a special special shout out to folsom dodge here in folsom california right outside sacramento let’s go ahead and start guys so let’s start off and talk about jeep and we’re starting off with the front end but of course guys we do have the 2023

Jeep sahara in front of us and not much has changed i mean you’re going to be seeing certain things like different color combos and things of that sort but if you guys want to know starting off with the color it is a sting gray color you get things like the light blue or the sky blue tow hooks pretty much same front end full led lighting you have that same look

That wrangler look you have your drl lights on we left that on for the sake of the video led fogs and your bezels with your like the hyper silver uh plastic round covers or trims around that now you do have the same painted fender flares super cool look but something that i wanted to show you guys on this exact car is you get the 1940 style jeep stamp around

The car which is a pretty cool feature on these cars that we’re seeing and also on the rims we’re going to be talking about the rims right now over on the driver’s side front you get the 20 inch 8 inch 20 inch tall eight inch uh rim full aluminum painted black gloss really cool look now being the sahara remember guys from the rubicon to the sierra to the sahara

Not the sierra but we take our cars to the sierra mountains to ski or snowboard but if you pay attention that the sahara is a little bit more luxury feel so if you’re a creature of luxury you would want to go sahara rather than the rubicon because rubicon a little bit more stiff for the off-road feel being the four by e you have the hybrid plug in right here so we

Just kind of left that open has an e for the electric pop that open and we pop that cap off and you have the plug-in which is pretty cool getting a whole lot better mpg on this car from the regular so if you guys know about jeeps that their mpgs weren’t that good but you also have that little old style jeep stamped on the interior side of that plug-in compartment

Which is very cool feature to have trail rated of course you have the sierra jeep with that light blue outer lining in the wrangler very cool features looks really rich loving the look but come over of course you have the four door now you do have the option of the two doors but this being the four doors and you can still remove these doors that comes off with

Your side mirror side mirror does come blind side assist with heated so take that into consideration super cool fully loaded side mirror of course same same painted fender flares now the fuel cap very cool says fuel now this is an electric open fuel cap where you open it up kind of has a cast iron fill with the jeep stamp on the interior side of that gas lid cap

Which is pretty cool i mean they’re just stay stapling or stamping their car same led rear lighting four by e typically you see like a four by four but this being electric which is very cool and i’m a big fan of the hybrid movement because guys you’re just getting a whole lot more distance for your gas i mean for your i don’t know your purchase of gas i would say

But bumper sensors integrated into the back bumper with that black plastic now very high durable black plastic you do still have the same color uh hitch or tow hooks from the front over to the back which is really cool spare tire with that same stamp on that rim that you’re going to have in that blue all around the car it is locked with your camera integrated onto

That back side of that rim so that’s super cool that you have that all around the car forgot to mention it on the front windshield but you do have that let’s go ahead and talk about the interior side of the trunk space we’re going to open you got that lid and you have this glass that comes up this is tinted very nice privacy glass pop open what do we see we get

That original jeep look in the back on this 2023 some more compartment space and your plug for that electric part of this car 12 volt inlet let’s remove this alpine subwoofer very very nice that they do contract with the alpine because i’m loving that premium sound we’re going to pop these seats forward show you guys that it does connect you can drop these seats

Just like that and we could even drop those even further down but for the sake of the video we’re just going to kind of show you that that’s a possibility but guys we’re pretty much done with the exterior and the interior side of the trunk space let’s go ahead and talk about the interior of this car all right now coming on to the interior side of this 2023 jeep

Wrangler sahara 4 by e hybrid what do we see we do get that same jeep look and feel from that door panel to over the the seats to the front dashboard but before we get in something i want you guys to notice is something that you might see slightly different on certain jeeps are the step side some jeeps will have them some jeeps won’t take that into consideration

And you have that nice black trimmed leather of course you have jeep stamped right in front of you with that kind of square body look on this four-door hybrid off-road suv door panel very nice leather field touch with the black plastic hyper silver look on that handle unlock lock button with your controllable electric side mirrors control unit here for the front

Infotainment card you still have your tachometers in the manual look the rpm gauge is manual digital in the middle and then on the hybrid on the right let me show you guys let’s start the car for the sake of the video you got the sahara starting pretty cool and that manual needle to show you when it’s charging or when you’re running on power digital gas gauge digital

Also uh temperature gauge inside those round circles for those tachometers so it’s pretty cool you can change the infotainment cards with the control see your psi miles per hour things of that sort so if you do find yourself coming down over to folsom dodge and you want to buy this you’re going to spend some time dinking around with your front cluster coming over

To this screen we have a 8.4 inch touch sensitive screen so it’s very nice and simple you don’t have to press hard it’s very reactive to the finger climate controls and here you can control your mirror dimmer it is a dimmer a mirror that dims or auto dimmer you have your heated seats heated uh steering wheel very cool you have your backup camera you press that

And so much more you just have to spend your time going through this e-navi we’re going to load that you have the full navigation system now this does come android support google support with voice recognition activation dashboard leather with that kind of gray stitching in twain speakers on the right and the left you have that nice uh personal belonging space if

You want to throw some chapstick or your wallet up here that keeps it in there very cool now something i wanted to show you guys is you also have that 1940 style jeep that old time look right here on the middle of the shift knob now getting in this car one thing that i just came to realize that i miss and you don’t realize you miss it until you come back to it

Is that manual 4×4 feel because a lot of the new cars manufacturers are just kind of putting a push button and that manual drop that e-brake feel like i’m such a fan of this i would just rather just come pull it real quick instead of just waiting for the engage on those new electric buttons but there are pluses and minuses in both instances but it’s just super

Cool to come back to that uh manual feel of that dropping of the e-brake 12 volt dc plug outlet right here your windows of course control unit right here you won’t see that because if you do take off the doors you won’t have those so that’s why jeep puts these here media usbc usba plug-in with the aux so fully tech friendly now you can control also your heated

Steering wheel your heated front seats from this manual button pad right here this control unit this is a dual climate control unit so for passenger and driver can control something i also want to point out to you guys is right here this little blue battery sign you have the regen button now car is not on but when the car is on it automatically turns on until you

Push the button to turn it off but the what the regen button does is that the moment you take your foot off the gas pedal it uh gives you a help on the braking system as it’s charging the battery at full generation or full potential on that straight to the point glove compartment with your nice kind of leather look stitched gray right here vents of course straight

To the point something that’s also cool on these floor mats jeep stamped with that kind of jurassic park look on that with little dinosaur head up on the front that’s very cool a little bit you know features here and there adding some character to the car not making it so boring deep wide cup holders you know us americans we love our drinks leather stitched seats

Heated now this is something that you will see that’s pretty cool on the jeeps is you have that built for pulling uh that back rest up and down sahara embedded in or stitched on that backrest letting you know it’s a sierra sahara and not a rubicon some more personal belonging space with the usb plug-in here also got your mopar tire screws or lug nuts so guys

We’re pretty much done uh before we go to the back i want to show you guys just two more features that’s pretty cool that you have an option on these jeeps first the front glass this does come tinted and you also have an option of a gorilla front windshield which comes up to three times more sustainable to cracks and things of that source like rock chips and all

That and something that’s super super cool on this car which i’m a huge fan of is the one touch uh button system for that retract retractable top roof and this is great it almost feels like a convertible and you don’t constantly have to manually do it so that is super convenient on the option that this sahara offers on this jeep wrangler led lighting and all that

Good stuff the ambient inside the car but gosh get a feel you just get connected with the outside world when you’re driving the car just making it at such a better vibe when you’re driving this jeep i’m just a huge fan of these things but okay guys so we’re pretty much done with the front side of this interior let’s go ahead and talk second row seating so now coming

On to this second row seating and guys something that we first see that when we open that second door is we see that a lot of manufacturers will simplify the back seating but not on jeep they keep that same look over to the back seats that black leather with that gray stitching now also things you see coming into the cart is you get that four by e on that side

Plastic and on the floor mats jeep integrated sign onto the floor mats with a nice little shovel and a pickaxe just on the driver’s side with that kind of jurassic park rock feel 1940s style old jeep integrated onto the mat i’m loving the characteristic that jeep gave this car now by the pulling up of this seat you have the 600 amp maintenance free battery let’s

Go ahead and lift this seat up too so you can guys can get an idea of it and you also have that same stamp right there with a jeep the one thing that’s cool about this stamp is it has the plus and minus sign with the battery in the back of the jeep that is super cool a lot of cool characteristics that jeep puts in this one let’s go ahead and step inside the car

Now i’m about six feet two inches and you do have some pretty good leg room here pocket space and head clearance is pretty good i mean my head ain’t touching nothing when you’re in drop top mode let’s go ahead and shut the door pretty cool same idea on the door panels with a little bit of pocket space do you have your arm rest with your cup holders smaller cup

Holders so you can fit like a can and things of that sort you have your control units for your windows on the back right here in the center console different and i kind of like the idea that you see this on the center console you have your 115 volt plug and your usbcs and usb a plugs so nobody are fighting for those plugs a little bit of personal room for a phone

Or chapstick or wallet or things of that sort but guys there are pretty much done with the interior side of this car let’s go ahead and talk some specs about this jeep hybrid so now let’s talk about specs on this 2023 jeep wrangler sahara and why it’s so important now guys this engine comes 2.0 liter i4 dual overhead cam turbo eight-speed automatic transmission

Rear axle ratios 3.73 and the full-time four-wheel drive system is a 2.72 to 1 ratio 600 amp maintenance battery most important part i believe is the 49 mpge combined that you get on this car super cool now you do have a full electric range of 21 miles you can set that option just to run the full electric uh before you run into the before you run the gas motor or

You can save that uh 21 miles for later and there are three buttons on the left side of your steering column for that i forgot to mention that on the interior and if you’re running on gas it’s 20 miles per gallon on the gas mileage super cool you have a 3500 towing capacity rating on this exact 4 by e 375 horsepower on this engine and 470 foot pounds of torque so

Guys we’re pretty much done about the specs of this motor now this is why i believe this car is so important that jeep integrated the hybrid into their cars super cool because if you do know jeep had those v6 motors or those six inline motors that we’re just not doing so well on the gas mileage but i’m a super big fan of the hybrid some people hate it some people

Don’t let me know in the comment section below but guys we’re pretty much done with our review thank you so much for watching our channel here at vagabond builds if you have any questions concerns or comments leave in the comment section below stay tuned we got some cool things coming

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