2023 Kia K5 LXS Review The Honda Accord Killer. #kia #k5 #accord

2023 Kia K5 LXS Review The Honda Accord Killer. Today I’m reviewing the 2023 Kia K5 lxs and i want to show you guys why its one of the best options on the market today. I call it the accord killer because when you look at what 2023 is looking like for the honda accord it looks a bit like last year. Kia continues to dominate with their new look. From the k5 to the telliuride, Kia demonstrates that even in a base model like 2023 kia k5 lxs gives you the most value

What’s good guys it’s your boy kev and today i’m going to be showing you guys the 2023 kia lxs k5 you definitely got to watch this one this one is the accord killer thank you wow and look at that beautiful exterior of the kia k5 2023 lxs what i love about this car is that even though it’s a base model you’re gonna have the illuminated door handles which whenever

You walk up to the car they light up you’re gonna have those 16 inch alloy wheels which i’ll get a little bit into a little bit later you’re gonna have that nice wrap around tail light with that two-tone color bumper really nice nice beautiful badging they did a great job with that new badge honestly because that old kia badge was not it but nice nice big body car

You’re gonna have those two-tone mirrors as well in terms of the design they did a great job with this design you know it’s not the gt which gives you a different body style but nonetheless it’s an absolutely beautiful car the standout headlights the standout led daytime running lights this car was designed to pop it’s honestly one of the best looking sedans i want

To talk about this is one of the thing things that i did want to talk about is the wheel size that kia opted to go with on the lxs they ended up giving you a 16 inch alloy wheel on such a big body car so you know when you’re looking at this car online it doesn’t really match it’s almost the best way i could describe it is if you’re a big muscular guy and then what

The hell is that that just came out of my car freaking had a grasshopper on my car but you know it’s like being a big muscular guy with a small package you know that’s the best way i can describe it but uh all right guys and talking about the interior of this 2023 kia k5 lxs just to give you guys a reminder the lxs is the base model trim of this car you can’t get

Any more basic than this what i love about this car is that even though i’m using the word bass there is nothing basic about this car now starting off with the steering wheel gotta love the new kia logo i i did i think they did such a great job removing that old you know very corporate looking logo and gave it this nicer modern touch to it but the steering wheel

Is a regular steering wheel not a d-cut or anything now you could get a decut steering wheel once you start moving up in the trims i believe the gt is going to give it to you the gt line things like that you’re gonna have your standard bluetooth audio uh you’re going to have your page button right here which is going to switch through your uh menu right there now

Talking about your your display right here it’s not so much of a digital dash the only digitalness you’re gonna have is right here and then you’re gonna have your just regular needles right here now i wish they did give you more of a digital dash i believe that at one point they did offer that on other k5s or maybe not in the us but i have seen videos of k5s with

A complete digital dash now if you know what trim that is you know draw drop it in the comments i’d love to know but unfortunately i don’t now one of the things that i do also like about this vehicle and this interior is how the you know the the tachometer and your dash your digital dash right here it just connects you get what i’m saying it’s it’s it’s there’s no

Real separation but you’re gonna have your color touch screen display right here with apple carplay android auto as well you know very flawless design i i absolutely love it i love the interior of this car you’re gonna have your nice trimming right here and you’re gonna have a nice little soft touch as well right here very the the quality of this car now hyundai

And kia do an absolute great job in terms of you know styling materials that they use i absolutely love it now you’re gonna have this is plastic but it’s supposed to look metalish you know very nice you’re gonna have your you know starts stop push button you know dual climate control is a standard option with the kia k5 lxs you have to love that lately my wife has

Been way too hot in the car and or no i’m sorry i’ve been way too hot in the car and she says it’s always freezing so the fact that you can have your own temperature the passenger can have their own temperature i absolutely love that feature in terms of your shift knob i do feel like the shift knob could have been a little bit more modern looking you know this

Isn’t it’s not bad it it looks like a little hammer you know but you’re gonna have your you know push to release button um and then you’re gonna have as well your auto hold electronic parking brake and now with the kia k5 lxs and all kia k5s you’re gonna have a few different drive modes so the way this one works is you don’t press it you just you just turn it and

Now what you’ll see is you’re gonna have those drive modes right there you’re gonna have your normal mode sport mode smart mode and then you’re gonna have have a custom mode which you can set to you know how you like your driving uh me i try to keep it in smart mode because gas is not cheap so if i can drive in any more fuel efficient way i would highly appreciate

That my car would do that now you’re gonna have your 12 volt outlet usb port and then you’re gonna have your charging port as well now these both charge this one i believe is just a little bit faster so nice touch that kia added that now one thing that i didn’t for that i did forget to mention is this right here now if you are in your car and you are parked there

Is a setting where the car will automatically turn off at a certain amount of time now you can also this is also it also happens when you do your remote start because in the kia k5 lxs which again is the base model you do have remote start not a lot of cars not a lot of base model cars are giving you a remote start option and this keys is i love the way this key

Looks you’re gonna have your lock unlock trunk horn and again your remote start but i absolutely love the design of this key talking again more about the interior you’re going to have your automatic headlights daytime running lights you’re gonna have and what i’ll do like is that you know inside this car you’re gonna have your your little bit of gloss gloss black

Here gloss black there gloss black here gloss black here gloss black here there’s a lot of gloss black all right this this right here i love this i love this armrest it is very comfortable i feel like they almost designed it in the shape of you’re gonna put your hand here because it just fits perfectly and then when you’re going to close the door you don’t always

Have to reach for your handle you can just pull it right there as well so definitely a nice touch one of the things that i do miss right because what i did is i gave up my civic sport and i ended up taking this so this is my actual car uh i do miss having the auto down up and down windows for the passenger because it doesn’t give you that option it just gives you

The option for the driver but in terms of again more of the features you’re gonna have your you know lane keep assist now kia is giving you standard all of the safety technology that’s available in this car this car even alerts me when the car in front of me has moved up in position while we’re at a red light so definitely a nice touch you know i i wish that they

Gave you the black headliner uh but because this is again a base model they do not give you that so i i absolutely love the interior of this car you’re gonna have some storage space stereo cup holders i’m already using this storage space but you get a nice little pocket right there as well absolutely great job in terms of the interior design i’m going to show you

Guys a different angle so you guys can see exactly how much space is in this car as well now my only beef with kia right now with the k5 is the fact that they opted i mean then again it’s not so much of a beat because they give you so much standard features but they didn’t give you power seats now i know in a lot of cars that’s not standard but come on could have

Gave us the power seats but nonetheless great great car in terms of the interior fabric very nice very sturdy you know fabric you could tell that this is not going to get way too hot in the summertime it’s going to hold your temperature well and they’re very comfortable seats you’re going to have leather wrapping right here and a lot of standard cars they’re gonna

Give you a fabric also i mean just think of the civics uh the like the new civics they give you that net if you watch one of my old videos you’ll see that i didn’t like the the feeling of that but this one is going to give you that nice material a lot of space in this car guys a lot of space in this car let me show you guys the rear now this is the interior of the

Rear yet it’s still a good amount of space i already do have a car seat installed but just so you guys get a better idea of how much space is in this car all right it’s almost like the accord i honestly i feel like this is the accord killer all right because you’re gonna get so much for your money that honda does not give you but look at that i still have so much

Space that you could tell this this this seat is way more back than the driver’s seat and i still have so much space right here i do like that you’re gonna have your leather pockets right here you’re gonna have some pockets right down here and again you’re gonna have that comfortable hand positioning no matter where you are in this car again you’re gonna have more

Glossy black the interior lights are not leds they’re your regular yellow lights but that’s still fine but again you’re gonna have so much space i can another person can still comfortably sit right here in the middle now just imagine if i didn’t have this car seat here do you know these things these things are bulky imagine this wasn’t here you would you would

See what i’m talking about but you could still fit another person right here comfortably i do like especially if you have kids you know these kids bother you my ipad died this and that you do have two usb ports charging ports right back here so kia did such a great job just adding that on a base model car a lot of base model cars again are not gonna give you an

Outlet back here so kia did such a great job i love the fact that they they also included your cup holder armrest right here very nice touch i i absolutely love what kia did with the kia k5 honestly i also love the smart trunk feature now i’m not going to show you the smart trunk feature right now because the kiara is on and i do have the key in my pocket and

I’m trying to do a quick video but let me just show you guys real quick the massive amount of trunk space you can tell my daughter already claimed this car she already cleaned this car massive amount of space right here and then you can also still have that 60 40 split if you wanted to so space is not a issue in this car now the reason why i call this car the

Accord killer is because if you just take this car right here again the kia k5 lxs base model right if you take this car and you compare it to a honda accord lx the amount of features that you get for your money is is undeniable you know honda accord does not offer you blind spot detection unless you’re in an ex and above and let’s say you even get a sport model

Honda accord sport still doesn’t offer you blind spot detection unless you get a sport 2.0 now again with market adjustments and what’s going on in the market you’re not paying msrp for these cars so if you’re gonna be marked up on a car with less features just because of its reputation versus a car that’s going to be loaded up and still somewhat has a reputation

Because do not play yourself guys hyundai and kiev have been in the top in terms of initial quality for the past few years honda i mean hyundai and kia you are not touching them in terms of quality of car they have been going up they’re going to offer you that 10-year 100 000 mile warranty honda just gives you three years 36 000 miles and then you’re beat hyundai

Has you covered kia has you covered i keep saying hyundai because i’m a hyundai guy but kia and hyundai same brand same same same branch brother sister whatever you are gonna get so much for your money you are not going to be disappointed the only thing that i didn’t like in this car was the fact that i’m missing a panoramic sunroof but i i only drive nine minutes

To work so i i’m never really in the car for a long period of time but other than that i mean they do offer it it’s just i i don’t have it so but to pay so much more you know for something that i’m rarely gonna see just didn’t make sense now in terms of again bang for your buck you cannot go wrong with ak-5 all right now again this is the 2023 version be careful

When you’re looking at these videos there’s a lot of confusion with these kia k5 videos okay number one there’s not a whole lot of 2023 videos i believe this is one of the very few 2023 videos okay now if you’re looking at 2022 videos which is almost the same car watch for the hook because a lot of people are showing 2021s with the old badge or they’re they’re

They’re saying it’s the lxs and it’s a whole different car i you know i i see people showing you a 2022 uh with remote start uh with with regular turnkey and the 2022 is actually a push button so you know make sure you do your research before you land on one of these cars because there is a lot of confusion as to what car is what car you know uh on youtube so but

This again just to reiterate to you guys this is the 2023 kia k5 lxs all right oh it’s been a while with one of these videos but listen they’re coming uh so make sure you like comment subscribe if you picked up a kia or if you’re picking up on the court and i’ve done a lot of videos on accords you know i’m an accord i love the chords but honda needs to redesign

The car already you know they they they’re going on the fourth year with the same looking car you know five years on the same looking car uh you know changed it up a little bit well you know we’re tired we want a new plate we want something different but this is the accord killer for sure it it do if you are debating on getting a kia k5 do it you will not regret

It and if you don’t if you don’t care about features get yourself a lxs i’m guaranteeing you you’re getting a lot more features than the average car on the market the only other car would have took over this would have been a hyundai sonata but market value on that car is crazy and not worth it to me but again much love peace and happiness peace

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2023 Kia K5 LXS Review The Honda Accord Killer. #kia #k5 #accord By Kevin Crespo