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2023 Kia Niro HEV 4 1.6 GDI 6DCT UK Spec

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Sustainable mobility accessible for everyone: Second-generation Niro CUV debuts in hybrid (HEV), plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and all-electric (EV) variants, further advancing Kia’s Plan S electrification initiative

The next generation nero has been designed from the ground up to meet and exceed the expectations of eco-minded consumers with striking styling cues and a commitment to sustainability and connectivity throughout the 2023 nero will launch in the united states with three highly efficient electrified powertrains hybrid electric plug-in hybrid and all-electric

Inside and out the 2023 nero features bold design inspired by the opposites united philosophy that infuses inspiration from nature with aerodynamic refinement the exterior of the 2023 nero embodies a sophisticated and adventurous sense of purpose that takes strong influence from the 2019 habanero concept and it achieves an impressive drag coefficient cd of 0.29

It’s upswing striking daytime running lights drl flank the signature tiger nose grille which has evolved with the new kia brand identity the side profile of the 2023 kia niro is accentuated by the arrow blade a highly distinctive shape that also aids airflow underneath the arrow blade can be painted in body color or in a variety of contrasting colors further

Enhancing the profile of nero hev and nero pheb are optional 18 inch wheels inspired by the habanero dimensionally the 2023 nero retains a compact footprint but is incrementally larger than the vehicle it replaces the all-new key and mirror will arrive in the us in three distinct power drain configurations the nero heb hybrid the nero phev plug-in hybrid and the

All-electric nero ev all nero models are front-wheel drive which provides advantages in adverse weather a six-speed dual clutch automatic transmission is standard in heb and phev the all-electric nero ev is powered by a 64 kilowatt hours battery in a 201 horsepower motor with dc fast charging capability as standard plugged into a level 3 fast charger the nero

Ev can replenish 10 to 80 percent in under 45 minutes at a maximum charging capability of 85 the 11 kilowatts onboard charger also helps recharge the nero vb in under seven hours on a level two charger targeted range for the nero ev is 253 miles an optional heat pump and battery warmer help preserve range in cold temperatures in addition to sport and eco drive

Modes the all-new kia niro introduces green zone drive mode which automatically transfers nero hev and nero phev into ev drive mode in residential areas and nearby schools and hospitals the nero automatically uses electric power based on navigation cues and driving history data and recognizes favorite places such as home and office set in the navigation system

Intelligent regenerative braking enables a variety of regeneration levels to easily slow the car and recuperate kinetic energy to maximize driving range the system can calculate the amount of regeneration required using radar and road gradient information and it can allow all nero models to harvest the maximum amount of energy from its brakes while bringing the

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2023 Kia Niro HEV '4' 1.6 GDI 6DCT UK Spec By AUTO TV