2023 Kia Niro vs. Niro outgoing – 5 THINGS you didnt know

Niro vs. Niro

I introduce newly released genesis, hyundai and kia cars. and i’ll be going back to back with the predecessor and show you the advantage that this 2023 kia niro has got. for the record, i’ve actually gone through the review of this car and also i’ve covered the ev version of this 2023 niro. this is one of the biggest difference i would definitely point out well, it might

Be a little hard to tell looking at this angle, but it’s really evident when you take a look at the second row seat that is not dual pressed. this reduces a lot of noise, coming into the cabin and also going out. let me go back to this one right here and show you. it’s exactly same as what we’ve seen on the second row seat of that niro. full automated window. it’s only

On the driver seat for the previous niro. and one more difference when it comes to the second row seats this is obviously the level 1 and level 2 i’m sitting. again, these subtle differences that add up altogether. and that actually make a better niro of this version compared to that one. so you can use this as a coat hanger, very practical at the same time. i would

Actually point this out to be one of the best. and this is the game changer for the passengers on the second row seats because this actually supports a super-fast charging system, both left and right. so you don’t have to fight over for the charging ports no more. this is exactly the output and the power is essentially the same as the previous model. everything has now

Been integrated right into this one row. and right here for the map, navigation and not their infotainment system as well. so there is an hud and of course, it’s really really vivid and clear to human eyes when you actually hop in the driver seat of this kia niro. the roof rack actually stretches out further on this brand new one compared to the older one. the reverse cam

Is installed here, compared to that one right here. and i think this is the only car that i’ve seen with the rearview cam installed right up there. even from the entire hyundai motor group, i want to say. running on the same wheel size and also the tire spec. as you can see, you can lift off the top portion and actually lower it so you can now put in the extra luggage

That you could not fit because of the height. on the previous model, this is actually a loaded options niro as well. so, probably there is like a personal difference and taste when it comes to the sound system. well, take away is that this is the newest and latest. and actually i like the sound system that this pumps out. let’s dig in underneath the hood and see how

These two differ. so immediately, we can see that there has been an upgrade with the gas absorber. hyundai motor group uses two different colors, one with the pink and one with the blue. so the layout is almost identical; where they are, how they sit. it’s a little bit of an upgrade from the predecessor despite all this, the mpg that these two cars pump out, they are

Nearly identical and same. that the predecessor niro is really, really an amazing and great, great car. well, of course; there is more mileage put on this niro compared to that one right here. i can sense that that is louder and this is more quieter. and i don’t think it’s going to get any better than that because the next generation niro perhaps will be full electric.

Because the industry, when it comes to the vehicle, everyone is going full electric. however, with the limited infrastructure when it comes to the electric vehicle depending on country to another there just are countries that are not fully equipped and ready for cars going full ev. so that being said, this hev niro is still a great, great car and a great competitor when

It comes to the market. i hope you guys liked today’s video, just going back and forth, the brand new kia niro versus the predecessor when it comes to the exterior, i know that it really varies depending on a personal taste, but i really have to go with a brand new one, especially the front. so i’ve gone through back and forth, some of the advantages of the brand new niro

Compared to the predecessor. is that a deal-breaker? is that something that makes you want to get a brand new niro over your older one? just tell me everything about it in the comment below and don’t forget to subscribe, like carscenekorea if you did.

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2023 Kia Niro vs. Niro outgoing – 5 THINGS you didn't know By CarSceneKorea