2023 Kia Seltos review // Amazing value and packaging


We’ve got the kia seltos a popular choice for many this thing packs a lot of value altos but not any celtos the speedy one get some zip to it doesn’t it all right what’s under the hood of this kia celtos a 1.6 liter turbocharged four-cylinder with a seven-speed dual clutch transmission 175 horsepower and 195 pound-feet of torque standard all-wheel drive for

This model the majority of celtos come with a 2-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder and a cvt 146 horsepower and 132 pound-feet of torque front wheel drive and all-wheel drive options are available so this turbocharged engine has been paired down it used to be available in more trims it’s only available on this top trim in canada in the us it’s available on

Two trims all right this is a nice vehicle with loads of stuff that’s one of the selling features what do you get with it what are the key standard features the base trim comes with an 8-inch touchscreen a 3.5 inch instrument cluster apple carplay and android auto a six-speaker audio system heated front seats a manual driver and passenger seat cloth upholstery

Halogen headlights 16 inch or 17 inch wheels and blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert our top trim test model comes with a 10 and a quarter inch touchscreen with navigation and a seven inch instrument cluster it also has a leatherette interior you know what i like about this car andrea lots of buttons but what can we put it in you got to put it in

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Link is in the description below this handles really well for a sub-compact vehicle this one has plenty of power it has a dual clutch transmission i always say to viewers make sure you try it and that you like it because it can be a little bit jerky but so engaging all right so what the hell is a dual clutch transmission it’s a manual transmission think about that

For a second a manual transmission clutch and gears right automatically controlled so the car is doing all of that clutch transmission stuff for you however the sensation of the clutch applying pressure and decoupling you do feel at low speed so the dual clutch is one gear is activated the next gear is ready to go in an instant it changes gears that’s the advantage

It’s pretty fun i prefer it over a cvt for sure but some just don’t like it they’re expect acting more of a smooth ride and you don’t always get it but i think that you can master it you just have to give it some time so if you’re looking for something that is an automatic but not a dual clutch you have to make sure it doesn’t say dual clutch in the description

Because this is small and compact obviously it’s very easy to maneuver in the city easy to parallel park and the cabin is really quiet i mean i’ve been in some subcompact vehicles like the corolla cross it gets a little loud on the highway this isn’t the case with the celtos it’s quite refined there’s so much value packed into this little product it’s just amazing

And you’re going to come away with the basic summary that we have is like man there’s a lot to like here i think that this has a really handsome exterior it fits well in the kia fleet similar to what they’ve already got out there it comes standard with halogen headlights available led 16 inch wheels on the front wheel drive model and 17 inch on the all-wheel drive

Model we’ve got the top turbo trim so we’ve got chrome accents black grille with chrome accents and we’re riding on 18 inch wheels so i made fun when we drove it a couple of years ago or three years ago i guess now where i said it has a kind of a unibrow or the grill and the lights all run together kind of looks like a unibrow i think i’m kind of warmed up to it

Now one of the main things about this so this is in the sub compact class but it is one of the biggest i would say this and the towels from volkswagen are very closely aligned so in this vehicle i think it’s an alternative to going up to a bigger vehicle yeah and it is priced really well so you aren’t competing with that compact crossover category but the taus is

Because that top trim with all those extra features really is at a price point in the compact category kia you haven’t gone to everything in the touch screen you actually have real buttons you’ve got all the buttons under the radio what do you want you want the radio we hit that you want media you want that it’s all there and then the heat controls same thing and

Then below that all of the things for heated and ventil wet ventilated seats heated and ventilated seats in a car like this but the switches are right there yeah this cabin is very open it has excellent visibility you sit up and over the dash and can i just show you one thing sure look at this andrea yeah i am in a sub-compact non-luxury vehicle and i have a height

Adjustment now this is the top trim but still there are other brands toyota even on some of their products they don’t even offer that no this comes with some pretty good standard features but i recommend moving one up from the base model that’s where you’ll find the heated steering wheel a moon roof and you also get the rear arm rest in the second row which i think

Is really important yeah we beat the crap out of the hrv for no arm rest at all it’s in here one up from the base that’s the one you want now you don’t have to move up to this top trim with the 1.6 t in canada the top trim of the two liter four-cylinder comes with all of those extra features that you will want such as a power passenger seat power driver seat heated

Front seats ventilated front seats heated rear seats a wireless charger i mean the list goes on in this vehicle the top trim which we’re test driving will get you the head up display and the bose sound system okay this should be a big asterisk next to all of this yeah because that’s the canadian celtos yeah in the united states they go nope we’re not getting that

You’re not getting that you’re not getting that it’s very different the product planning team south of the border said no no not for you so what’s missing in the united states do you get ventilated seats andrea no okay you don’t get that so you get heated rear seats andrea no what other things have they taken out you don’t get a heated steering wheel and you

Don’t get a power passenger seat come to canada eh it’s way better here eh we’re winning here aren’t we finally we get something i’ve got a really funny story so i was reading some kia forums because i just couldn’t believe this i couldn’t see it in the specs on line for the u.s and then there was somebody in the kia forum who watched a canadian video probably

Hours with our first kia celtos that we did he was so excited heated steering wheel ventilated front seats heated rear seats then he realized it was canadian yeah sorry this is a real winner when it comes to space front row legroom is excellent and you can see with zach in the back seat what did you think zach well no problem i mean you got to remember what it is

It’s a subcompact crossover but this is one of the biggest we’re going to talk about that throughout the video so it is an alternative to getting a bigger vehicle but i would say the comfort is very good considering the class and the only other two vehicles that compete with this second row legroom is the towels and the jeep compass and the cargo area has a nice

Trick the bottom of the cargo floor can be pulled out you can have it at its regular height or you can have it lower it’s really great to have that option it’s just a simple thing you slide it in and out and you’re done and although it has a ton of cargo space especially for this class it’s the volkswagen taos that offers the most all right good questions some

Comparisons let’s get into it time now for questions coffee and cars your questions from instagram i think the celtos looks pretty cool cool i have two teen boys who are six feet tall would they be uncomfortable in the back seat well zach is six feet tall but i have the torso of a giant yeah and i have little haggis legs uh here’s the thing any six foot tall person

Could sit back there it’s how comfortable they’re gonna be but yeah if it’s for shorter trips taking them to errands and things around town it’d probably be fine yeah and if your boys are anything like our boys they do like to stretch their legs they like to complain and i was going to say and because they probably can’t stretch their legs out on a long trip they

Will definitely complain but headroom is very good and like you said short trips no problem how does it compare in terms of price and features with the kashkai corolla cross and taos well i think on size the tallest is the closest to this and that car comes with a standard turbocharged engine this one you have to get this particular model the top trim yeah so

There are some compelling reasons to choose the volkswagen uh except price 37.5 now for the top trim of the taos it does come with some nice features like a panoramic sunroof ventilated front seats you get wireless apple car playing android auto the corolla cross is going to be getting wireless apple carplay and android auto for 2023 and it also comes with some

Nice features and it’s priced well the qashqai is another one but that is priced well in a similar size as well yeah but it doesn’t have much power i mean it’s really lacking in the power department overall they’re all good vehicles to choose from but i would say that this celtos for under thirty four thousand dollars fully loaded yeah is is really tough to beat

We we put out a lot of content each week on the motor mouth youtube channel and it’s so easy to find all you do is go to the youtube search bar and you type in motor mouth the name of the channel then the brand you’re looking for in this case it would be kia and all of our videos pop up it’s that easy how is it compared to the kona that’s a good question the kona

Turbo so we’re in the turbo of this one has now more power than this but this is bigger so i’m wondering if that more powerful version of this engine same engine but more power will eventually make it into this kia it could be they both have dual clutch transmissions which is quite interesting a few people have said to me i tried the celtos but i didn’t really

Like the drive it’s really jerky when i explained that it comes with a dual clutch transmission they said yes i get that now so it’s definitely something that you need to try i find that the kona is more engaging to drive probably because it’s smaller feels like a little go-kart it’s a blast but if you need the space the celtos is the one to get we actually said

In the turbo version of the kona that it reminds us a lot of like a hot hatch like a gti but even with all-wheel drive so that’s smaller more fun more power this is more sensible bigger and just marginally less power yeah and one thing about this celtos i would like to see in here is dual climate control it only has a single i think that kia could step that up

And put the dual in and now it’s time for our hot topic what’s this one andrea i’d buy this in a heartbeat if it was a hybrid what i’m excited about andrea is the new kia niro that’s going to be coming any day soon yeah which might fill your needs for some kind of electrification what do you know about hybrid for this one well there’s nothing confirmed but i just

Can’t see kia not bringing out a hybrid or a plug-in hybrid of the celtos we’ve got the corolla cross coming soon with a hybrid and we’ve got the sorrento and the sportage with both so i think that the celtos will get it i’m a little bit surprised that kia isn’t there yet honestly well think about kona cody at the kona ev so they have a full electric version of

The kona which is the same platform as this so uh it’s going to be interesting to see what they do but nero if you’re into interested and you like the kia products that’s the one you want to look out for coming soon or even the soul sewell’s another great option as well it’s got that boxy design and quite a spacious interior but right now it’s still gas what is

The fuel economy and more in our vital stats let’s start with pricing we’ll do canada first and then we’ll move on to the u.s the base front wheel drive model starts at just over 23 and a half thousand dollars and the top sx turbo trim we’re test driving is just under thirty four thousand dollars canadian in the u.s the lx base model all-wheel drive starts at just

Under 23 thousand dollars in the us and the first front-wheel drive model the s starts at just under 23 thousand dollars in the u.s the top sx turbo is just over twenty eight thousand dollars here’s the fuel economy for the base 2-liter engine 8.8 liters per hundred kilometer city 7.6 on the highway that’s 27 miles per gallon city 31 miles per gallon highway this

Turbo gets 9.4 liters per 100 kilometers in the city 7.9 on the highway has 25 miles per gallon city 30 miles per gallon highway kia does not recommend towing with the celtos it comes with a five-year hundred thousand kilometer or 60 000 mile warranty the subcompact crossover market is hot with some new entries let’s see what else you can buy for your consideration

Four vehicles for you to consider up first is the volkswagen taos with a 1.5 liter turbocharged four-cylinder 158 horsepower and a starting price just over 29 thousand dollars the toyota corolla cross with a two liter four-cylinder 169 horsepower and an all-wheel drive starting price of just over twenty six thousand dollars the honda hrv with a 2-liter four-cylinder

158 horsepower and an all-wheel drive starting price of just over thirty one thousand dollars the mazda cx-30 with a 2.5 liter four-cylinder 186 horsepower and 186 pound-feet of torque it has a starting price of just over twenty nine thousand dollars so there are four sub-compact crossovers for you to consider lightning round two things we like two things we like

To see improve i like how spacious this is i like the value i’d like to see wireless apple carplay and android auto in here is an option i’d like a power rear liftgate loaded with features and price gen just right make sure you put this one on your list a lot of people think they need a compact suv this subcompact has a lot of space this video is brought to you by

Carcass canada get the dealer’s cost list of rebates plus discounted interest rates use the promo code motor mouth to become an expert member and get extra searches the link is in the description below

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2023 Kia Seltos review // Amazing value and packaging! By Motormouth