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The #Sportage is Kia’s longest-running American nameplate, arriving in the mid-1990s before compact SUVs were really even a thing. Well, as we all know, the #Kia brand has grown a lot since then, and so has the Sportage. So, let’s check out this 5th-gen Sportage, and see how much more it offers to reel in today’s savvy crossover buyers. #KiaSportage

Motorweek is made possible by lucas oil and tirerack.com the sportage is kia’s longest running american nameplate arriving in the mid-1990s before compact suvs were really even a thing well as we all know the kia brand has grown a lot since then and so has the sport hit so let’s check out this fifth gen sportage and see how much more it offers to reel in today’s

Savvy crossover buyers the sportage has grown up that’s the best way to sum up this 2023 kia sportage it not only looks much larger than before but every exterior dimension of this compact utility has indeed increased it’s more than seven inches longer than before with a wheelbase stretch of 3.4 inches height and width grow less dramatically both by about half an

Inch all helping it transform from one of the smallest vehicles in the compact utility segment to one of the largest it looks more mature too with kia’s tiger nose grill taking on a floating design bookended by unique daytime running lights hybrids come with 17 inch wheels but these 18s are an option that larger size allows for 39.5 cubic feet of rear cargo space

Which compares favorably with many mid-size utilities max capacity with seat backs folded is 73.7 cubic feet it also feels more stable too with a ride quality that’s very smooth for a small suv quite comfortable as well some staffers declaring it was even more comfy and spacious feeling inside than kia’s mid-size sorrento adding to the airy feel is an enormous

Panoramic sunroof there’s plenty of glass on the dash as well side by side 12 inch screens for instrumentation and infotainment just below the central screen is a panel with a mix of traditional and touch controls for climate and the radio which in top sx prestige trim is a harman kardon 8 speaker premium system thoughtful placement of the multiple storage nooks

With usb ports for charging adds greatly to overall usability rear seat passengers get some of the best leg room in the compact class along with reclining seat backs standard engine for the new sportage is a 187 horsepower naturally aspirated 2.5 liter i4 but we highly recommend stepping up to this hybrid it’s combined 1.6 liter turbo i4 and 44 kilowatt electric

Motor are truly a best of both worlds scenario delivering 40 additional horsepower 80 more pound-feet of torque and better fuel economy kia even gives you a tried and true six-speed automatic transmission on top of all that the hybrid powertrain just feels much more responsive and allows more than 500 miles of driving on a tank of gas you can still get all-wheel

Drive too which comes with tweak suspension to add an additional inch of ride height though it does impact fuel economy quite a bit government fuel economy ratings with all-wheel drive are 38 across the board for city highway and combined we got close with a 36.5 miles per gallon average on regular the front drive versions combined rating is 43. for numbers of a

Different kind it was off to mason-dixon dragway after launching strictly on battery power the gas engine quickly kicks in the tank sweeps past 3000 rpm and you can really feel some power coming on we had 60 and 7.7 seconds a quite acceptable result for a mainstream compact suv that six-speed transmission that we very much appreciated in daily use felt a little

Clunky here at the track and this little turbo tends to sound more whiny than pleasing but ultimately the quarter mile run is fairly smooth and uneventful completed in a quite good 15.8 seconds at 90 miles per hour being based on hyundai kia’s midsize n3 platform pays major dividends when it comes to handling the hybrid adds 1300 to a base sportage lx putting it

At twenty eight thousand five hundred eighty five dollars all-wheel drive adds eighteen hundred dollars more the hybrid is only available in lx ex and sx prestige trims topping out at 37 485 dollars a plug-in hybrid with up to 32 miles of ev range will soon join the party the sportage has played a major role in the kia story from the very beginning and it seems

We’re really getting to the good part of the book where the main characters go through major transformations that impact where the story goes from here the chronicles of kia are far from their conclusion but the 2023 kia sportage is the plot twist we’ve all been waiting for and will certainly have us anticipating what’s to come next

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