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When it comes to performance suvs it doesn’t really get much better than the 2023 lamborghini urus how’s that well to start the euro 641 horsepower v8 helps make it quicker than most sports cars in edmonds testing the ura sautran a ford mustang shelby gt 500 itself a pretty outrageous piece of machinery to 60 miles per hour and through the quarter mile it also is

Shockingly composed and grippy around turns and has enough lamborghini-based styling elements to make it look italian even if much of its underlying structure hails from germany while lamborghini hasn’t officially announced any changes for the 2023 model year its president and ceo stefan winkelmann has told members of the media that a refreshed euros will debut at the

Concur d elegance at pebble beach in california in august 2022 this timing aligns with spy photos showing updated exterior styling as the updated euros undergoes final testing before its debut winkleman is also quoted as confirming that the 2023 urus will be more powerful and lighter in weight with electrified powertrains arriving for 2024. the euros doesn’t have

Many rivals though the aston martin dbx707 certainly could serve as a credible alternative to the lamborghini otherwise you can shop the performance-tuned versions of more popular luxury suvs such as the audi rs q8 bmw x6m and porsche cayenne turbo notably the audi and porsche are related to the urus the bentley bentega may also catch your eye but it emphasizes

Luxury and comfort instead of outright speed for now there’s nothing else on the road that’s quite like the lamborghini urus but keep an eye out for ferrari’s all-new suv the purosanc which will undoubtedly challenge the urus for the ultimate in super suv status whether you’re a fan or not lamborghini’s urus suv has proven to be a huge hit for the italian mark

Despite the ongoing pandemic lamborghini managed to deliver a record 8405 vehicles in 2021 with the urus accounting for almost 60 percent of this tally the exact number was 5021 units of the high-riding raging poles lamborghini is known to be preparing a facelift for the euros to keep sales booming as prototypes have been spotted on multiple occasions we’ll likely

See the updated suv arrive revealed shortly as a 2023 model the euros first hit the market in 2018 as a 2019 model the latest prototype wears almost zero camouflage gear allowing us to clearly see the new front fascia with additional vents at the outer edges these are known as air curtains and help direct air flow around the flanks of the vehicle there’s also

A new hood with its own vents while additional vents have been added to the rear vehicle just behind the wheel arches the interior of the upcoming lamborghini uras in 2023 seems far more sophisticated than previously the manufacturer upgraded the materials for 2023 making this suv more luxury the jet fighter look remains and the new uras features plenty of faux

Suede and carbon fiber dot the urus as before is loaded with the most up-to-date connectivity and infotainment features there are two touch screens incorporated into the center stack as well as a fully digital gauge cluster a night vision camera adaptive cruise control blind spot monitoring rear cross traffic alert and self parking assist are among the basic and

Optional driver assistance technologies available there is also likely to be some tweaks inside top of the list is likely to be an updated infotainment system we could also see some more advanced electronic driver assist features added lamborghini hasn’t mentioned plans for an updated euros though the automaker has confirmed we’ll see a fully electrified lineup

By the end of 2024. it’s possible a hybrid option is introduced with this update the likely bet is the same system featured in the porsche cayenne turbo se hybrid whose mlb evo platform also underpins the urus the system generates 670 hp from a 4.0 liter twin turbocharged v8 and electric motor the eures currently comes exclusively with a 4.0 liter twin-turbo

V8 that delivers 641 hp it’s enough for zero to 60 miles per hour acceleration in about 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 189 miles per hour the current model is using the latest lamborghini’s infotainment system 3 list 3 that’s connected to the two resolution touch screens the top screen operates features like sat nav radio vehicle settings telephone while the

Secondary screen predominantly controls the climate settings however as before the same seating layout remains and euros can fit up to five passengers offering maximum comfort we should also expect it to come with more advanced electronic driver assist features the voice controls respond to natural language and support your phone when using android auto or apple

Carplay connectivity includes four usb ports total although no usb c wireless charging and 412 volt outlets the clarity and presence from the optional 21 speaker bang and olufsen stereo make it a worthy upgrade 2023 lamborghini uras is an upcoming five-seater suv in usa working on all-wheel drive engine the car arrives with eight-speed automatic transmission

The suv can sprint to 62 miles per hour from a standstill in 3.6 seconds and has a top speed of 190 miles per hour it has a more powerful and more efficient engine giving 641 horsepower 626 lb 4 torque and rack pinion steering gas is primary fuel of lamborghini uras and the fuel tank capacity is 22.5 gallons euros suv gives 12 mileage in city and 17 mileage on

Highway inside the car there is a powerful 0.0 liter twin-turbo v8 engine front and rear suspensions multi-link respectively the lamborghini car comes with aluminum wheels of the size 23 x 1.0 front and 23 x 11 back the tire size of lamborghini urus is p285 35 year 23 for front and p325 30 year 23 for the rear co2 emission rate of lamborghini uras is 15 miles

Per year 12.6 tons per year lamborghini uras in following gorgeous colors arancio borealis pearl jello indy pearl and verde mantis pearl talking about dimensions lamborghini uras measures 201.3 in of length 64.5 in of height 79.4 in of width 118 118.2 in wheelbase and 6.2 in of ground clearance lamborghini uras offers hd radio bluetooth connection satellite

Radio smart device integration wi-fi hotspot auxiliary input and mp3 player for comfort there are various features like climate control cruise control keyless entry multi-zone ac power drive seat power passenger seat remote trunk seat keyless start and telematics safety includes back camera abs tire pressure monitor brake assist stability control and traction

Control there are airbags for driver front head front side passenger and rear head the warranty of lamborghini urus is up to three years slash unlimited miles basic 12 years slash unlimited miles corrosion three years slash unlimited miles drivetrain three years unlimited miles maintenance and three years slash unlimited miles roadside assistance the expected

Launch date of lamborghini urus in usa is february 2023 while the expected global price is between 220 800 to 380 900 dollars you

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