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2023 Land Rover Range Rover Sport | First Drive

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Foreign luxury off-road capability and tech all in a small ish package let’s see if that successfully describes the land rover range rover sport and in madrid to drive this third generation iconic british suv so you’re going to be sitting shotgun with me the range rover sport gets a complete redesign almost from the ground up it still rides on the mla flex chassis

That’s the same as the larger range rover but with significant upgrades for stiffness strength and flexibility that chassis can also accommodate three different powertrains a three liter turbocharged inline six mile hybrid you can get that same combination but tuned for a bit more power in the p400se version there’s also a phev that pairs that six cylinder with a

105 kilowatt motor that gets a 32 kilowatt hour battery and is good for 48 miles of pure electric range oh and they also make a v8 so you could have all the things that 4.4 liter twin turbo turns out great power too but the numbers on that plug-in hybrid especially that torque number are super compelling these are tough choices speaking of if you’re cross shopping

The range rover sport look no further than the bmw x5 mercedes-benz gle audi q5 genesis gb80 and the xc90 but truth be told i’m not sure you’re going to find many of those options quite as off-road capable as the range rover sport even if you’re looking for a luxury vehicle kbb can help you find a great price just follow the link on the description below and

See what i mean okay so now let’s take a look at the outside this smaller range rover sport looks a lot like its bigger brother the all-new range rover it gets similar design elements and clean smooth lines this looks streamlined with its flush door handles but there’s still enough of the previous body style that keep it recognizable honestly i think this looks

Even better in these smaller proportions but you might know by now that i prefer smaller cars and trucks land rover does understated details and elegance so well and this is no exception this might be a less expensive alternative to the range rover but that does not mean it skimps especially in the looks department the interior not in here either all the way from

The 22-way adjustable heated and ventilated seats on back there’s increased leg and headroom in the second row for more comfort thanks to a longer 32 inch wheelbase and the optional soft closed doors won’t shatter your zen you can surround yourself with an optional meridian sound system there’s one that gets you 29 speakers minimalist design and styling rule in

Here land rover uses some of my favorite materials in the industry they’ve got sustainable fabrics faux suede carbon fiber and even piano black plastic on the center console that doesn’t feel cheap and isn’t super prone to fingerprints a nitpick about the interior this surface here it’s piano black and some chrome bits that are around some of the knobs here highly

Reflective surface and definitely catches the sun and gets me right in the eye at usually just the wrong time the haptic feedback on the climate controls is not overly sensitive so you will know if you’ve activated the function or not and there are just enough buttons to make me happy in my opinion this is an incredibly successful interior oh and bonus the seats are

Next level comfortable to me the absolute mark of a luxury car is how quiet is it in the inside space for me i am getting a little bit of wind and road noise even though there is an active noise canceling system inside the cabin so it’s not the most quiet place that i’ve ever been but there is definitely sort of a muted sort of serenity about it you’re in an suv

So you are going to get a little bit of noise but i’ll give it a okay the one thing i will say when it comes to sound is the sound system is fantastic another unique feature in the cabin includes an air purification system that even reaches the folks in the second row land rover’s electrical vehicle architecture gets over-the-air updates so it should keep things

Current when they make changes to the software i will admit that i have not always been a huge fan of land rover’s infotainment system right first of all it interrupts a lot i’m just kidding but it has in the past been a little bit laggy and a little bit layered this is the new privy pro system that they have and i am finding it a lot more intuitive definitely

Not laggy i really like the graphics the only problem is it is very prone to fingerprints i did have a classic land rover navigation moment when the red arrow went rogue and off the track but it behaved very well for the most part over two days also the 3d graphics on the nav come in extremely handy when you’re driving in a city with tight or unfamiliar turns

Drivers will also enjoy a digital display which is easy to customize with a lot of options the head-up display has just enough to inform but not too much to be big or distracting you can control some functions in the car using alexa but if you are not into her then you can have wireless apple carplay and android auto both of those are standard the other thing

That is fantastic is standard wireless charging i love it when those two things go together now if only you could actually watch your kelly blue book videos in the car because i know you’ve subscribed right all that luxury does cost money granted not as much as the range rover but the sports price tag might still put a little bit of a lump in your throat pricing

Starts around 85 000 for the p360se and goes up from there hitting close to 105 700 for the phev p440e and that’s stout v8 p530 will cost a cool or hot 123 grand of course the british are going to take care of you with their advanced driver safety systems that get features including automatic emergency braking 3d surround camera which gets a nice variety of angles

And clear resolution you can also see the ground in front of you in case you are taking your capable little luxury suv off-road and you get a lane keeping assist and adaptive cruise control the lane keeping assist works pretty smoothly you can feel it making really slight adjustments as you’re driving but it’s very smooth it’s not obtrusive it doesn’t feel like

Someone’s jerking on the steering wheel but one thing i am a little bit disappointed about is that there isn’t a more advanced like autonomous or semi-autonomous system in here that will help you actually change lanes or kind of really adjust with the navigation system in the same way that like a super cruise does even if you never intend to take your land rover

Anywhere near dirt the company makes sure that these vehicles are exceedingly capable if you don’t believe me there’s footage out there somewhere on the internet of me driving a previous generation range rover sport up something in moab utah called wipeout hill it’s a thing you can probably find it the intelligent all-wheel drive system gets different terrain modes

That make adjustments like shifting torque and adjusting the dampers that system can select modes like mud and ruts snow or sand automatically for you as well but if you choose to select yourself it’s going to operate just a little bit more precisely because it will be able to be predictive instead of adaptive depending on your conditions this range rover sport

Is also the first land rover vehicle to get their new adaptive off-road cruise control the system is an evolution from land rover’s all-terrain progress control and this one includes four settings that you can adjust the speed with they’re called comfort settings and basically what happens is if you set it for a higher speed you are at a higher comfort level if

You set it for a lower speed then the car will just do absolutely what it can with no regard for you or your passengers which i think actually sounds like a lot of fun just push this hill descent button twice and there it is i thought it operated smoothly without fuss if there is a sharp turn coming up i had to get on the brakes if i didn’t want to fling the car

Around its speed but in most conditions i didn’t feel afraid that it was going to get out of control it’s great for someone who just wants to focus on steering the ship the driver can adjust the speed for that system and hill descent control where you’d modulate the cruise control easy for driving on the road land rover has added some really great tech to make what

Was already a terrific ride superb only available on the first edition range rover sport is dynamic response pro which gets operated by a 48 volt mild hybrid motor and helps with roll control that system works in tandem with the air suspension which you can actually adjust with switchable volume air springs the air suspension does come standard it feels really

Comfortable but still controlled but it’s not too floaty or bouncy but it honestly just feels like you’re riding on a pillow which you kind of are all-wheel steering is a next level feature to me and the range rover sport gets the stormer handling package along with torque vectoring software and that all-wheel steering turns are so sharp and you can maneuver so

Easily i’ll be a very happy driver when this function is an option in more cars incidentally that package is only available on the first edition v8 for the time being this car that i’m driving right now is the p400 that’s the higher powered inline six as far as i can tell you know i’m getting plenty of acceleration i definitely feels like it’s quick it certainly

Is really nice and quick around turns when you’re coming out of them i really don’t have many complaints when it comes to the power that this thing generates that’s not to say that i’ve been in the base model they’re not letting us get in that one so you are going to have a little bit less horsepower but as far as the next level up i mean it feels really good i

Also had an opportunity to get into the v8 and that one i really have no complaints about the engine pulls really well it makes a really great growly v8 sound um i mean enjoy it while it lasts guys just one more thing about that v8 i can’t stop thinking about it i loved it gobs of power great sounds even if they’re pumped into the cabin it feels appropriately

Sporty and quick but with those refined range rover chops is that the perfect combination it might be i do have a bonus opportunity to drive the plug-in hybrid phev but please know that this is the p510e which is a tuned version of the one that we will get in the us switching from pure ev mode to hybrid is easy with one button and when you drive in a city center

The car will automatically put you into ev mode if you’ve still got the juice to do it the power in this feels great you really feel that instant torque and you just get going right away even though this is a heavier version of the car it still feels sporty and sprightly so the engineers did a really great job with the balance of this car so even around turns it

Feels really well balanced and weighted when you do turn on save mode you can feel the regen kicking in a little bit but it doesn’t feel like you’ve got a piano on the back it’s subtle so again this is not the version that we’re getting in the united states that is the p400e but i’m going to tell you even the numbers on that are still compelling even if you’re

Buying a luxury car that doesn’t mean you’re not interested in gas mileage uh yowza you do take a hit with that v8 for sure but the phev should even things out a little bit when those numbers are published regardless of which powertrain you select all of them will be mated to a zf 8-speed automatic transmission overall how do i feel about driving the range rover

Sport i’m having a little bit of a goldilocks moment there’s really not much about this vehicle that i don’t like from the seating position that i have my small stature it’s highly adjustable inside the cabin so really i’m very comfortable in here from that to the off-road capability and all of those systems that you have to even the visibility the ride is super

Comfortable and the power and the acceleration is fantastic i even like the way that the pedals feel both the brake pedal and the throttle are both just really really well tuned as far as i’m concerned you’re not going to get a whole lot of complaints out of me all three range rover sport powertrain options have different characteristics and if i had to decide

Which one i’d pick okay it would be the p400 no it would be that v8 it’s pretty raucous and awesome but that phev is pretty impressive too yeah you know what i don’t know it’s too hard to tell they’re all good so you’ll have to decide what’s right for you it’s great to have options the reimagined land rover range rover sport is pretty much the complete package if

You’re looking for a luxury suv put it on the top of your list

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2023 Land Rover Range Rover Sport | First Drive By Kelley Blue Book