2023 Lexus ES 350 F Sport walk around. What is new.

Hey this is george i’m going to be doing a video on the 2023 es 350. we just got our first one in this is a es 350 f sport design there will be a handling package that gets you adaptive variable suspension and a sport plus drive mode this one is just a sport f sport design package which gets you the front grille gets you the different front fascia with these vents

Over here does get you the black wheels f sport badging the back this one’s equipped with the spoiler which you can get on a standard es but you have the rear diffuser down here es350 has the visible exhaust out there to the left where’s the hybrid it’s not this one’s finished in cloudburst gray metallic key to the vehicle to get into it just hit the unlock or

You can just grab it handle it has smart sensors to unlock and the lock right there on all four door handles pretty well optioned vehicle it even has the power trunk which there is a trunk release right here along with the back of the camera in the center cargo space plenty of cargo for new first aid kit right there carpeted mats with the red stitching are part

Of the f-sport package and then you also do have a spare tire underneath here this one is actually equipped with a kick sensor so if i zoom out here my foot underneath and out that alerted things that you to step back is also new for 2012 3 check out the back seat first this is our circuit red interior with the aluminum trim that’s part of the f-sport package

The es has always had a ton of rear leg room and back here you do have new usbc ports these were introduced last year and then 12 volt outlet right here you also do have two cup holders right in here and your pass through right here seats do not fold down on es or es any es going into the front of the car now this one’s equipped with the memory seat package so

You have memory seat right there and it’s a powered steering right here so you can adjust it and save it you have auto folding mirrors in this model these are the f sport seats with the embroidered sport logo or embossed right there get in starting up the new es we have a brand new infotainment system and then you also have so this is the all-new lexus interface

So let’s go english cancel yes yes so you’ll have built-in google waypoints for your navigation that is now subscription based you do have to subscribe to it it does come with it free for three years after the three years you’d have to pay a monthly subscription for it you also do have apple music and amazon music uh streaming built into the vehicle you’d have to

Log in with your credentials you can link them on the lexus app also that’s how you sign those in connect the bluetooth device it does also support wireless apple carplay and android auto now we have all of your system this is a much more intuitive system than the older one you can also say hey lexus i’m cold and it would normally respond hey alexis what would

You like to do i’m cold setting the driver’s seat temperature to 63 degrees so it recognizes that i’m the driver and increase my temperature if i was the passenger and said something similar it would change the passenger temperature separately right now these are both synced together but if they weren’t you can do that and then below you do have your heated and

Ventilated seat controls right there and heated steering automatic also so if it’s cold out it’ll kick on the heated seats if it’s hot out it’ll kick on the cooled seats now this whole center console is new for 2023 so these two cup holders placement this one was where it was originally but now they got rid of the one that used to be here that was a two level

Cup holder oh they have the normal more traditional cup holders and they even have a slot over here it’s kind of there’s a compartment a little splitter right there to just hold things here wireless phone charger has been moved from in here to out here and they’ve given you two usbc ports now before you lost the two usbc ports if you got the wireless charger you

Also have a 12 volt outlet right here very cold function also the center console opens from both directions and then up here this is where your usbc port for charging and usb port for apple carplay or android auto connectivity but again it is wireless now the backup cameras have also been improved much higher resolution and now it’ll make the car you’ll be able

To see what’s underneath the car if i start driving see that it’s starting to show me what is underneath the vehicle pull this car back up this one’s also equipped with the head up display right there it’ll flicker like this on camera but not on real not in real life but it gives you a lot of useful information from your compass your rpms you can tell you if

You’re driving efficiently or your radio and lane keep assists so if i turn on and exist right there and if you use the built-in nav it’ll also work with that and give your directions on there as well below this is the digital gauge cluster on the f sport package you can move it by hitting the back button cycle through all the safety technology this vehicle is

Equipped with blind spot monitors lane keep assist lane centering adaptive cruise control forward collision avoidance rear cross traffic alert and pedestrian detection as well super nice suite of safety technology in this vehicle if you don’t want the head up display on all we’ve got to do so right now it is on you can kind of see it back there you just gotta

Hit this button right here and that’ll turn it off go on and off super easy the 360 camera button is right here just give us a display the full surroundings of the vehicle and then it’ll do a zoom out and show you a digitally imposed vehicle right there and just kind of give us a view again the cameras have been updated you can’t really this isn’t really useful

But it’s just a cool way to show off the feature you do have paddle shifters also right here so you can change the transmission manually to the left of the steering wheel beside underneath these controls is a little storage compartment fuel fuel door release the vehicle does run on regular fuel no need for premium and you have a trunk release right there the fuel

Economy the vehicle is rated at 22 city 31 highway and the dry pat driver and passenger seat are both fully powered very comfortable seats these f-sport seats are bolstered but not too bolstered they’re very comfortable on long trips you have homelink garage door openers they can be programmed right in here no sunglasses holder in the es but again you do have a

Slot and maybe you can just store them right in there this vehicle is equipped with the optional triple beam led headlights they were redesigned in 2022 to open up the hood and here is the tried and true 3.5 liter v6 it is a bit around the lexus lineup for a long time and it’s now finally going away in the rx 350 to be replaced with a turbo uh drivetrain now

Um but this is still the v6 still calls for regular fuel i believe it’s rated at 200 and i’m sorry 302 horsepower right there this es says it’s equipped is 54810 right here you can see all the equipment on this vehicle this is where the 360 cameras kind of hide right there and in the front grille right below here so just quick video walk around on the new es

For 2023 this is the f sport model if you guys have any questions just comment below or let me know what you guys would like to see thank you

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