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2023 Lexus RX 500h F-Sport Performance – Luxury SUV

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The new Smart Assistant is Lexus’ way of going up against Amazon’s Alexa. It’s undoubtedly more accurate than the voice recognition system in the old RX, but it doesn’t live up to Alexa’s standards. You should still say, “Go to …” when setting a destination to the navi, for example, where a competitor’s product like Mercedes-MBUX can recognize alternatives. #lexus @MISTER OTOPRO

Thank you thank you all right the first luxury crossover has dominated since its debut in 1998 but a new version of the popular people drive will hit the market in 2023 see how it competes with the outgoing rx as well as competitors like the acura mdx and bmw x5 the 2023 rx 500h combines a powerful turbocharged engine with a rear electric motor that

Is almost twice as powerful as the standard hybrid high quality materials are used throughout the cabin with genuine leather seats f-sport leather aluminum pedals and dark aluminum accents the lexus rx 2023 the luxury brand makes an interesting compromise this mid-size suv takes a new platform and adds a variety of new features including a new advanced voice

Assistant system it also added two new hybrid drivetrains with a plug-in hybrid to follow but the overall package is more evolutionary than revolutionary and that’s probably what’s needed over the years the rx has gone through a series of updates but hasn’t strayed far from its traditional formula the model 2023 moving into a new market segment was dubbed mid-lux

By industry insiders as a marketing language that means almost nothing to the average potential customer that doesn’t mean automakers haven’t changed things for 2023 the rx moves to the gawk a platform along with several other lexus models including the s sedan and the smaller nx crossover but this fifth generation rx has the same overall length as the previous

Crossover closer inspection reveals the wheelbase has been slightly stretched the hood is longer creating a sportier look aided by a slight increase in track and a drop in the roof by almost an inch the rear axle meanwhile moves back 2.4 inches visually the changes are subtle too starting with an updated version of the often debated lexus spindle grille which

Varies by trim package the new wider led headlights and new air intake curtains add a slightly sportier look as does the new floating roofline now you may be asking about the three-line version of the lexus rx 2023 the simple answer is no during a media background briefing company officials confirmed that demand was not that strong the fuller story is that adding

An extra line to the old rx didn’t quite live up to expectations so it’s widely expected that lexus will soon launch a new addition to the crossover family a tx model that’s rumored to offer three rows and up to eight seats oddly enough the cabin of the new rx is slightly smaller than that of the old crossover as it moves the a pillar to the rear by shortening

The rear overhang there’s no real compromise for seating space and at 29.6 cubic feet behind the second row nearly double the cargo space one place where the new rx shows a clear improvement is in the choice of interior materials the outgoing model has too much hard plastic for a luxury vehicle lexus has been upgraded with improved materials a softer surface and

Better grain even the base model gets faux leather on the plus side lexus retains not only the volume knob but also the conventional range of controls for the climate control system depending on the trim level you choose the 2023 rx is packed with tech features multiple usb ports wireless smartphone charging onboard wi-fi hotpoints great when you take the family

On long trips in the latest version of the lexus plus security system 3.0 the 2023 is a performance hybrid the lexus rx 500h it uses a different motor layout and the 2.5 li4 is now turbocharged a combination that produces up to 366 horsepower and 406 pound-feet it’s also offered in a wd only and drops from 0 to 60 launches to 5.9 seconds the new smart assistant

Is lexus way of going up against amazon’s alexa it’s undoubtedly more accurate than the voice recognition system in the old rx but it doesn’t live up to alexa’s standards you should still say go to when setting a destination to the navi for example where a competitor’s product like mercedes mbu-x can recognize alternatives thank you thank you foreign

Foreign thank you thank you

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2023 Lexus RX 500h F-Sport Performance – Luxury SUV By MISTER OTOPRO