2023 Lexus RX | First Look

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Foreign footage is looping on the wall we’ve got generations of rx here we’re in plano texas at lexus’s headquarters we have everything we need to give you the definitive video on the lexus rx and it’s rich history but we’re not going to do that there’s the fifth one when i say all new i mean it the rx is built atop a new ga-k global platform which is more rigid and

198 pounds lighter than the platform that preceded it the rx has the same overall length but the wheelbase is 2.36 inches longer and as we all know a longer wheelbase tends to improve stability and ride quality the new platform also offers an increase in rear legroom and a new multi-link suspension that i suspect will improve ride quality but i’ll reserve judgment

Until i actually drive the thing you might also notice that the rx looks different perhaps the biggest stylistic change is here the alexis spindle grille is no longer rigidly defined by the edge it sort of blends into the rest of the vehicle one thing i think is really interesting is along the side here this body line eases up here it kind of arches upward and it

Kind of reminds me of what you see on the toyota highlander i don’t know if that’s what they were going for but that’s kind of what i see and then of course you got this blacked out pillar treatment here which is a very lexus rx element to me this all feels like the lexus rx but contemporized and yes contemporized is a word look it up inside lexus is focused on

Simplicity with a minimalist button arrangement and an updated infotainment interface if you ever quietly cursed the old remote touch controller it’s all gonna be okay guys this 14 inch screen comes standard and it’s really easy to use you’ve got sub menus on the left hand side and i kind of like this little feature kind of a ford mustang mach e element here where

The screen shows through the the temperature knobs but elsewhere soft materials i really like the texture over here next to the mark levinson speaker great it feels like a lexus rx should and as long as i’m here i’m just going to throw a curveball and get in the back seat and see how i fit uh oh that’s odd push button door releases that’ll take a little getting

Used to can i sit behind myself yes i can yeah yeah got head clearance here plenty of knee clearance this is great once again i’ll use the electronic release to get out of the rx the future the new rx will also offer a range of powertrain choices standard engine is a 2.4 liter turbocharged four-cylinder coupled to an 8-speed automatic transmission and offered in

Front wheel drive or all-wheel drive you’ll find all that in the rx 350 model the rx 350h is as you guessed a hybrid offered exclusively with all-wheel drive and a top rx mountain is the rx 500h f-sport performance i’m going to let those numbers speak for themselves okay i won’t the 500 h f sport performance uses a hybrid 2.4 liter engine and a rear electric

Motor to run from 0 to 60 miles per hour in a lexus estimated 5.9 seconds speed duty that 500h also uses a six-speed automatic transmission for more direct acceleration feel there’s also a 450h plus plug-in hybrid on the way details on that will come a little down the road rounding out the rx’s many improvements is the inclusion of lexus safety system plus 3.0 that

Mitigates driver incompetence with a range of features like intersection support with motorcyclist detection and curved speed management because only chumps manage curve speed for themselves the lexus rx has been comprehensively improved for 2023 but will that be enough for it to sustain its sales leadership i haven’t driven the new rx but yes the answer is yes

It will sustain its sales leadership look for the 2023 lexus rx to appear in dealerships near the end of 2022. good camera work mike

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2023 Lexus RX | First Look By Kelley Blue Book