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2023 Lexus RX Presentation

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Lexus pioneered the luxury crossover segment with the launch of the first RX more than 20 years ago and never looked back. Today, Lexus redefined what the RX means to guests with the global reveal of the all-new RX at the Lexus New Product Showcase. And as the first luxury brand to offer a hybrid in the segment, it’s only fitting that RX returns with a variety of electrified powertrains. The 2023 Lexus RX, the fifth generation for the Lexus core model, is completely redesigned from the wheels to the roof rails, featuring a new global platform, two all-new grades, available Digital Key, Lexus Safety System+ 3.0 and Lexus Interface Multimedia System.

Now when we talk about the future of the brand it’s impossible to not talk about the history of rx it is the franchise years ago we saw the need for a product that had the amenities of a sedan but had the right height and feel of an suv the rx created the luxury crossover suv segment and we’ve never looked back now while we had the foresight to create a vehicle that

We thought our guests would love we had no idea just how much they would love it think about it we sold almost 400 000 units in that first generation and it became the best selling lexus model and it still is today just a couple years later the second generation offered the lexus first hybrid electric system and the world’s first hybrid suv you know electrification

Has always been important to us and like i said even if it wasn’t popular at that time we began the conversation and the education that electrified vehicles can be capable powerful and luxurious environmentally conscious and really fun to drive and as we move forward we are proud of that legacy and the legacy that that vehicle has built but since we set the bar

Well we can raise the bar so introducing the all-new 2023 rx when was the last time you were moved felt the joy of moving do you remember how it feels some feelings we will never forget i know it’s cool huh now continue the next chapter for lexus product the rx is redesigned from the the ground up and proof of the transformation that’s happening at lexus

Right now under satoshi’s guidance changing the rx our our core model was the single best way to show our brand’s evolution you know we adopted a global platform to reduce the weight lower the floor decrease the overall height and lower the center of gravity all resulting in what improved handling at the same time we kept what makes the rx and rx by honoring the

Ride comfort and quietness excellent grip feel and refinement of drive force control that is crucial to rx’s distinct driving feel this is the rx 350 premium plus grade in head turning iridium color now you’re going to notice that the iconic spindle grille has now evolved to a spindle body design to seamlessly connect the grille through the body to the back for

A unified grounded look we’ve also continued with the refreshed lexus brand mark at the rear of the vehicle to simplify the brand image the 2023 lexus rx comes standard with lexus safety system and lexus interface with voice command technology and the rx 350 premium plus shown here comes standard with a host of features to provide a welcoming in-cabin experience

We maintain the foundation of what guests love about the rx but we’ve taken their daily drivel driver and leveled it up this is the first rx powered by a spirited 2.4 liter turbocharged engine that outperforms the current generation with 275 horsepower and 317 pound-feet of torque and an estimated combined 24 miles per gallon the premium plus unit will be the

Centerpiece of dinner tonight so you’re going to have time to check it out thanks

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2023 Lexus RX Presentation By DPCcars