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What interior color changes is Lincoln making to the Corsair for 2023?

Hey guys this is sam here with south hills lincoln today i’m going to talk to you about the 2023 corsair interior colors they added two new colors they got rid of one from the 2022 and i want to talk to you a little about what we can expect in these colors and really what they are before i get to that something i’d like to say is very interesting about these colors

As well as the exterior ones i did a video on the exterior and i also did a video about all the changes that they’re making to the 23 corsair these interior colors as well as the exterior colors are both corsair exclusive right now so you cannot get these colors in any of the other models for 2023 year but onto the colors shall we the first color seems to be getting

A lot of buzz online it’s called eternal red it’s a little bit of a darker red it’s not a fire truck red or stop sign red but it’s far more on the red side than the burgundy side of things and you can expect that it’d probably be a little bit darker than that red carpet color uh that they had on the corsair for a couple years ran as an interior color is a little

Bit significant for makes like ford or lincoln to be doing right now other makes like bentley and ferrari have been doing it for some time now most megs like ford for example i’ve heard of them putting out red interiors as far back as the 1940s the 19 ford ease right i don’t know bad dad jokes right i’m not even a dad anyway a lot of other brands right now and in

The last couple years have started to try re-popularizing this interior color so i’m i’m very excited to see how it looks on the vehicle in person and by the way i’m gonna do videos of all of these colors the exteriors and interiors when we start seeing them in person now i’m currently sitting in a 2022 corsair this corsair has an interior color called ebony and

Medium slate it’s a two-tone mostly the leather is gray but the seed backs and the leather on the dash and around the top of the um around the top of the doors it is a black with a little bit of a two-tone black and gray steering wheel this is a very very popular interior color that a lot of our customers love especially with that pinstripe aluminum but lincoln

Decided they’re going to replace it with something else and that’s something else is called smoked truffle that’s their second new interior color for 2023. this is going to be an earth tone gray with a very very very so slight green here’s what lincoln said about it lincoln said that it’s a mid-tone neutral space with medium to dark soft trim accents to create

A warmer more rich environment that’s just about it folks as far as the 2023 corsair colors on the inside let me know what you think in the comments below i’d love to hear what you guys have to say and also make sure to check out our other video about all the 2023 corsair changes and the exterior color changes that they’re making if the 23 corsair is something

You’re very very interested in i have no idea how high the demand is going to be for these because of all the different changes that they’re making for it so all the allocation spots we have are probably going to be filled pretty quickly but we are able to take orders on them and that is what matters so if you’re very very interested in the corsair give us a call

At 724-941-1600 and always ask for sam or extension 522 and i’ll take it from there i love love working with you guys and i’m going to get you the corsair of your dreams other than that i am trying to work with as many people as humanly possible so i will pay you for every person who comes in and buys from me saying you referred them if they come in and buy from

Me and we know you refer them we will send you a check as a thank you for anybody who doesn’t want a brand new lincoln we have a very generous pre-owned inventory most of which is lincoln’s and certified at that we have a ford store i can sell through as well new and used and for anybody who lives far from pittsburgh pennsylvania we do deliver but i hope you guys

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