2023 Maserati Granturismo Trofeo, Modena and Folgore EV Officially Debut

The Maserati GT is BACK and now it has the MC20’s exotic twin-turbo V-6 and the brand’s first-ever EV debut in Folgore, Modena and Trofeo trims!

Foreign guys welcome back to ron’s rise news welcome back to the channel and welcome back to another video where this is finally the debut we’ve all been waiting for the new 2023 maserati gran turismo is here yes the next generation gt from maserati is here in three different trim levels the ev which is the first evie from maserati and also the nintendo v6 in

Motorola and chofeo form now maserati has finally taken the wraps off of the new maserati gran turismo and we’ve seen this car tease probably five times before now but maserati has finally decided to reveal the car and they’ve given us almost all the information we’ve wanted and i say this because in the press release there is not one image of the full interior yes

You can see it through the windshield of the car as far as the seat but you cannot see anything thing else in the cockpit so for some reason maserati is not exposing the steering wheel the speedo the new infotainment system which leads me to believe there’s something else they’re working on but the maserati gran turismo is back after being discontinued in 2019 as

Only the grand cabrio convertible was available that year and you can see its familiar shape it looks like the old one but it’s an intentional decision on the company’s part they wanted to give it a familiar look but a significant change lurks underneath the elegant design the new gt arrives with three electric motors and a battery pack becoming the brand’s first

Ev in the fogory variant but remember that’s not the gran turismo’s only powertrain while the new gt shares a design with the previous gen model the two share no body pedals at all and the new gt has a long hood a compact cabin and a low ride height sporting vertical oriented headlights that were introduced on the mc20 and were reintroduced on the maserati gracale

Suv now one of the car standoff styling features is a co-fango which is a you unified design part that combines the hood with the front fenders into a single element now i move the cut line from the top of the hood to the side of the vehicle cutting into the wheel wells and the gran turismo will launch with six new available exterior colors and seven for the brake

Calipers with the maserati first series customization program offering even more options as we all know now the new gran turismo uses the netuno v6 engine which the automaker introduced in the mc20 and there’s a derived version in the gray kale suv so no more v8 as you guys know it from the old naturally aspirated ferrari derived engine and you have all-wheel drive

Standard across the range which has a rear-wheel drive bias and the twin turbo 3 liter engine features a wet sump in the coupe rather than the dry one and is equipped with cylinder deactivation the engine makes 489 horsepower 365 kilowatts a 442 pound-feet 600 newton meters of torque in the modena and produces 550 horsepower 410 kilowatts and 479 pound-feet 650

Newton meters in the trofeo remember i told you guys that i knew the horsepower variants and that the gran turismo was not going to be as fast as the mc20 and here you are 550 horsepower is your max for the trofeo now the fogri on the other hand uses three 300 kilowatt 402 horsepower electric motors one at the front and two at the rear the car which features an

800 volt architecture and lacks a front trunk delivers 750 horsepower 560 kilowatts and 995 pound-feet 1350 newton meters of torque getting power from a 92.5 kilowatt hour t-bone shape battery in the center of the vehicle and the car can discharge 100 of the available power through the rear axle now maserati said that the froggery can go from 0 to 62 miles per hour

Or hundred kilometers per hour and 2.7 seconds and on the way to a top speed of 198 miles per hour 328 kilometers another 12 feo has the same speed and can hit 62 in 3.5 seconds while the motor now needs 3.9 seconds and is limited to 187 miles per hour 302 kilometers now all three versions feature staggered 20 inch and 21 inch wheels with the fogres designed for

Aerodynamics and they cut the evcd by seven percent compared to the nintuno power versions now the fogory also features an area left between the bumper and wheel arch to reduce wind noise exclusive to that trim and four designs with various finishes give the gt seven different wheel options now visually the three versions feature different trims and badging colors

And the fogory has glossy black accents including the grille inserts splitter door handles and dlo trim now maserati finishes the badges and trident logo in a dark copper over while the trophail features carbon fiber accents and side skirts with a trunk spoiler and a gloss black grille slots now the badge and logo are brushed in chrome pieces and the red outline

And the modena has a black grille outlined in chrome with gloss black slats which maserately uses for the badges window trim exhaust tips and the trident now the trident brand made the gran turismo architecture modular capable of accommodating both electric and gas powertrains with minimal changes over 65 percent of the car is made of aluminum the nintuno power

Vehicle weighs 3957 pounds 1795 kilograms while the ev tips and scales at 2 260 pounds 4982 kilograms now the ev might be heavier but it also has a 50 50 weight distribution compared to the others with a 52-48 split now maserati plans to launch the gran turismo the second quarter of 2023 next year with a motorola intro fail versions arriving first and the first

Electric maserati the fogory will go on sale sometime after that but maserati didn’t say a specific timeline now remember we also have the grand cabrio which is the convertible version that will launch next year with both gas and electric powertrains but maserati hasn’t given us a price yet and we still have to see the interior i wonder what maserati is waiting

On to show us that we already know from spy photos and knowing the company’s new design language from the mc20 and gracale basically what it’s going to look like think of the maserati recolle’s interior and with some mt20 styling mixed in and there’s your interior for your maserati gran turismo but i would still like to see it for myself to see if there’s anything

Specific to this car so with that said guys here it is finally after everything we’ve seen and seeing this car fully revealed several times now we have it here with all the specs let me know what do you guys think about the new maserati gran turismo and what do you guys i think about the three different engine options between the fogory ev version the motor node

Trim and the trofeo are they fast enough for you guys do they have enough horsepower and torque are you satisfied do you think it will be priced right let me know what you guys think all about the new gran turismo down in the comments below now if you guys did enjoy the video today make sure you give it a big thumbs up giving the video a like will help get it up in

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2023 Maserati Granturismo Trofeo, Modena and Folgore EV Officially Debut By Rons Rides