2023 Maserati Grecale – Full Walkaround & Deep Dive

We check out the new #maserati #Grecale luxury #suv in all three of its trim levels: GT, Modena, and Trofeo. This latest Maserati is gunning after the Porsche Macan, which is a big challenge. Can the Grecale live up to the task?

What’s up everybody jared here with carbuzz.com and i’ve been invited to maserati of central florida to show you a very special new vehicle this is the 2023 maserati gracale it is a new small suv from maserati that is going to go toe-to-toe with the porsche macan and maserati is very confident that this will be superior to porsche’s macan which is already an

Outstanding vehicle so today we’re going to take a deep dive walk around of the new gricale i’m not even going to just show you one or two i’m going to show you three different versions of this new grakale today so be sure to like subscribe and ring the notification bell for more videos but without further ado let’s get into the new gracale so there’s going to

Be three versions that’s why there are three grakalis here you can get the gt the modena which is the one in front of you and the tropheo which is this yellow one in the middle the brown one over there is the base gt model so the modina and the gt both get a similar engine a two liter turbocharged four cylinder with a mild hybrid system so 296 horsepower is the

Base where this moto version has 330 horsepower now that all goes out through an eight-speed automatic transmission to all-wheel drive we’ve got this gorgeous white paint um i’m not usually a huge fan of whites um and inside it doesn’t even show the full breadth of this color but it has this really nice like metal flake to it it is really unique i’ve never seen

Colors quite like it except for from maserati now we’ve got a really new front end here that is different from what we’ve seen on previous maseratis i know a lot of you out there are saying it looks like the ford puma that they sell in the uk which i think is fine because that is a really cool looking car we’ve got kind of this new headlight design here we’ve

Got our classic maserati like sort of sharky grill and we’ve got the gorgeous maserati badge i think maserati has one of the best badges in the business that blue the trident i think that looks all fantastic we’ve got some interesting wheels here on this modena version we’ve got blue brake calipers maserati is going to offer a variety of brake caliper colors

But i think these blue look really good especially with the kind of blue maserati theme and your badge is going to be here so you can see we have the modina here with um the portholes that maserati are famous for buick was also famous for these it’s kind of funny that those two companies both do portholes we’ve got digital like electronic uh releases here on

The handles that are flush with the body so there’s no like physical handle to pull revealing this really radically new interior so we’ve got this sonus faber artisan sound you can either get a 14 speaker system which comes standard on the monitor or you can get a 21 speaker 3d system which is really cool we’ve got some nice lines here we’ve got since this is a

Electronic door handle system this is the button to release the door handles with some nice knurling around it the buttons and switches i know this was a big complaint in the ghibli and the levante these are no longer shared with chrysler by the looks of it they are light up so you can’t actually see what the buttons do until the vehicle is on but these are very

Different switchers than we have seen before so i think a lot of people are going to be happy with that change now on to the main interior we’ve got kind of this light gray here on on this modena version of it i think the seat is pretty cool looking um there are better seats available as we’ll see a little bit later in this video but we do have the nice maserati

Uh crest here on the headrest embossed which is quite nice and i do think that this stitch work looks very nice these seats are heated but i don’t think these are the ventilated seats which are optionally extra because they don’t have the holes that you would need for ventilation now let’s go ahead and step on in the interior i’m going to need to push the seat

Back because whoever was sitting in here before me was probably not that tall and i should be able to start it there we go we’ve got our engine start uh system here on the steering wheel this is a really cool steering wheel in fact i love um the drive mode selector here and the engine start here which is also really cool and we’ve got big column mounted paddle

Shifters so when you move the steering wheel the paddle shifters do not move that is very similar to what you would find on like an alfa romeo uh stelvio quadrifoglio which is quite cool this is all digital here so you are going to be able to change uh what’s on here it keeps flashing like a bunch of warnings on it keep in mind this is a very pre-production car

So what you’re seeing on these screens is not final they’ve asked me to kind of not like go super in depth as to what’s on the screen because this is not what the final version is going to look like that being said i think the screen real estate is very nice not super overpowering this is a 12.3 inch central touch screen here this is powered by uh stellantis’s

Latest uconnect 4 infotainment system which should mean it will work really well we also have a lower 8.8 inch screen here that handles all of your climate controls i do like how all of the buttons here are nice and large i don’t anticipate seeing any problems with using this it doesn’t seem very distracting the one thing i’m not as big of a fan of is we have like

A volume slider here not usually a big fan of those i’ll reserve judgment until i actually get to use it i’d prefer a volume knob and obviously a tuning knob as well but we do have a mute button right here and then interestingly the buttons to put it into drive park reverse and neutral are actually here in between the two screens you don’t have like a physical

Uh shifter like you do in a lot of other maserati models which is quite interesting we also have this digital clock this is a new feature for maserati they’re known for putting their analog clocks here and i don’t have the access to change what this does right now or at least i don’t know how to do it on this you know pre-production software but you can actually

Do a variety of things on this lap timer g-meter you can change what this does i think that is a really cool feature and i can’t wait to try that out properly um what else can i show you here we’ve got a little bit of storage underneath uh underneath this screen here although i don’t see any uh ports there i’m assuming this would be where the wireless charger

Would go if you opt for that and then we have this uh storage area that opens up that is where our usb and usb-c port is this is decently deep although it’s a little bit small to put a phone so i honestly don’t think you could stick a phone in there you’d have to leave it up here we’ve got our cup holders here and then we have a decently sized arm rest down here as

Well we also have a panoramic moon roof i’m assuming that is optional as well there’s a lot of optional equipment here on this um on this gricale so i don’t think everything in here comes as standard all right let’s see i’m trying to get out as i mentioned pre-production so i had to reach outside to get the door open but i did manage to make it happen all right

I’m gonna power it down as we check out the back seats so here we go we’ll check out the back seats so this is a compact vehicle but maserati says you’re going to be getting about seven inches more leg room back here than you’re going to get in the porsche macan which is a bold claim and sitting back here i can tell you this definitely feels more spacious than

A macan so you are getting the size here with the grickale versus uh the macan we do have rear air back here we also have usb and usbc ports back here which is quite nice so that is pretty much all you need to know about the back seats we do have some releases here for the back seats although it doesn’t appear to be working again i believe that is just because

This is a pre-production model and now finally i’ll show you the trunk space which is again an area where maserati is ahead of porsche in terms of space now this would typically be an electronic boot um they’ve not powered these up just you know to save battery a lot of people are going to be looking at these now again this is a pretty decently sized trunk space

For a small vehicle i like that we have these rails here and we had those pulleys to fold down the rear seats in the rear seat but we also have duplicates here in the trunk i love when automakers do that and i hate when they don’t include these because that means you have to walk all the way up to the seat to then drop down the rear seats so i like that maserati

Put that here on the gricale so now let’s go ahead and focus on the tropheo this crazy yellow car that we have here so this is going to be the most high performance version of the grakali so this has a lot more performance than what you’re going to get in a porsche macan gts because of course the porsche macan turbo no longer exists they’ve discontinued that

Model so we’ve got this crazy yellow paint we also have a very different engine under the hood this is a three liter twin turbocharged neptuno v6 that is the same engine that you get in the mc20 supercar we actually have one of those over there behind the coffee this produces 523 horsepower so zero to 60 is gonna be about three and a half seconds on this car

With 177 mile per hour top speed so significantly more performance than we’re going to get in either the modena or the gt model here and i bet you that nituno v6 is going to sound really good as well you could definitely tell that this vehicle is a little bit lower than the modena or the gt and you can tell that it has a little bit more sporting potential we’ve

Got these really gorgeous y-spoke wheels we’ve got some red brake calipers and we’ve got our trofeo badge with a little bit of red outlining here now i’m not going to take you on as full of a tour of the inside but i can show you the interior here on the trofeo and how it differs a little bit we’ve got this black leather interior with this really nice yellow

Stitching so instead of embossing we have stitching here of the maserati logo i think these seats look gorgeous we also have a little bit of different uh materials here on the trofeo we’ve got a matte carbon fiber which also looks and feels really nice and then as you can see the digital clock on this one is set up a little bit better that looks really cool i hope

You can kind of play around with the dial um you know the different fonts and things like that because that is a feature that i could see a lot of people having a lot of fun with so that’s like the interior of the trofeo and then just to show you one more version we have the gt which is going to be the most affordable version of the grakala it’s in this matte

Brown color that i think looks really cool honestly like i’m a big fan of brown cars i know not a lot of people are but i think it looks great these wheels actually look great too as well with the yellow brake calipers you kind of have this trident style which matches the maserati trident i think the wheels look great you get your gt badge over here and then

They’ve done this particular car up to kind of match the exterior so you can see we have this kind of brown mocha interior these have the perforation so i think this one actually has the uh ventilated seat package and things like that and this one has some wood trim down there so you can get carbon fiber you can get wood and i think you know if you want to do it

This way you know you don’t like carbon fiber you don’t like aluminum you like that wood finish this is a really good way to do a grickale and i i think this car looks really really good in the brown if i do say so myself so pricing on these is just become available so i can deliver you that let’s see i’ll go to wide angle here so 63 500 is going to start you at

That gt model that doesn’t include options or destination if you want to step up to the monina which again gets a little bit more power a bump from 296 to 333 horsepower that’s going to cost you 72 900. now we’ve got the mack daddy over here the gercali troffeo that’s pretty expensive 102 500 significantly more than a porsche macan gts but as maserati pointed

Out this is larger has more feature content and more power than the equivalent macan now next year there will be a gracale folgore version which means electric electricity in italian an all-electric version of this we don’t have any specs on it but we know that it is coming next year and i’m going to be super excited for that one that’ll be one of maserati’s

First tvs they’re also going to be launching a gran turismo full goure that’s going to be absolutely gorgeous as well so i’m really excited to see that maserati is going mild hybrid to start and then full electric as soon as next year i really hope you’ve enjoyed this deep dive of the maserati gracale for more videos like it be sure to like subscribe and ring

The notification bell to be alerted of our latest videos and to read more about the 2023 maserati gracale be sure to check out carbuzz.com i’ll see you next time

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