2023 Maserati Grecale Revealed With 523 HP & EV Soon

The 2023 Maserati Grecale is the New Entry Level SUV In Maserati’s Line Up! It has a Engines from Turbo 4-Cyl. & Hybrid as well as Twin-Turbo V6 with 523 Hp and a EV coming Soon! If you like this video Please Subscribe & Check out My Channel or the links Below!!!

Hello and welcome back to the channel everyone this is motorbike media and as always i’m motorbike and today well a brand new maserati just drops we gotta talk about that doesn’t happen very often this is the new entry-level suv it’ll start around 65 000. so it’s not cheap but it’s finally the first stepping stones for maserati to get more premium to be more

Tech focused and to be powerful we’ll talk about that in a second let’s talk about styling the front end a nice maserati grill with the triton right in the middle i really like the headlights it’s a nice overall design i’m not the biggest fan of the lower bumper but on different trims that will change a little bit which is nice side profile good body lines a

Nice silhouette it’s a little bit sporty it’s got the italian flare but also feels premium and on the front fenders you have the gills or the hood vents a lot of people like that it’s nice throwback to other maseratis having them right there on the fender now the rear end red has sharp lights i like how the overall structure of the vehicle slopes down the sporty

Vibe and the interior everything’s very premium in here that was what uh old maseratis were missing they felt cheap plasticky lots of part sharing this feels premium it feels like it can compete with mercedes and bmw nice leathers fine stitching comfortable seats tech focused interior a 12.3 inch digital gauge cluster a 12.3 inch touchscreen below that to control

Your climate controls and other features an 8.8 inch screen and that clock that’s not analog that’s a digital clock lots of tech in here with premium materials real leathers real woods you have real metals and on the higher trims real carbon fiber this truly feels premium and it is powerful like i said so what powers this thing multiple power plants a two liter

Turbocharged engine that makes about 296 horsepower which isn’t bad you want more power when you pair it to a hybrid system that turbo plus a hybrid well that’s 325 horsepower and about 332 pound-feet of torque but if you want more power you go to the highest trim what does that get you that’s a three liter v6 twin turbocharged engine that makes 523 horsepower and

About 457 pound-feet of torque that number is insane for a vehicle like this maserati has finally gotten more premium that’s what their name staple is now it has that tech that makes it futuristic more modern in most cases but has that power too which is cool to see and there’s going to be ev soon they showed us some pictures you can see the ev wheels it changes

Up a little bit the styling because this is an ev we don’t know range or power on the ev just yet but that will be coming soon now i like this thing it’s got that italian flair it’s finally premium it’s full of tech and you have multiple power plants this will be a good seller for maserati as they want to expand fill out the portfolio and stolantus is giving them

Money to do it but i wonder what you guys think or things you like and don’t like about this vehicle do you think it’s the right stepping stones for maserati do you wish they would have changed things up a little bit more let me know in the comments down below and if you haven’t already and you want to please check out my channel i keep trying to give you guys more

And more content it’s all cars trucks crossovers and suvs combustion engines and evs a little of everything but please like comment subscribe hit the notification bell that way you guys save the date the latest and greatest for my channel and as always i truly truly appreciate you all for watching and i’ll see you all in the next one

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2023 Maserati Grecale Revealed With 523 HP & EV Soon!!! By Motor Mike Media