2023 Maserati MC20 Cielo – World Premiere

When Maserati introduced the MC20 last year, we knew it would also create a convertible version of its junior supercar. What we couldn’t know until now, with the first official images you see here, is that the MC20 Cielo would be this handsome. Driving manners are certainly important in this part of the market, but so is design—and regardless of the dynamic experience, the decapitated MC20 is a spectacularly good-looking car.

So so well good evening everybody and thank you for being here to see the car that is coming from the skies what do you think nikki what’s the driving i mean it’s phenomenal really i can’t really describe it it really is one of a kind um it’s it’s in a league of its own the driving sensation was incredible i am still on cloud nine having

Driven it um and what i love about it is it has this racing dna which of course is reflected in the name the mc20 cello the mc for maserati corsa the 20 for the new era of maserati the 20 years and then of course cello up in the sky and it’s just it’s a timeless classic isn’t it with that racing dna well it’s um you know for us it’s going back to the roots

Of the car of the of the brand right coming from the tracks going to the track but this one specific version is giving the driver the feeling of driving a coupe a crazed car but with uh and with the comfort of it and the driving performance of that but with the opportunity then to remove the the rooftop and it’s the fastest way of removing the roofs off in

Each segment only 20 seconds to do it um and you can do it as you drive up to 50 kilometers so it’s quite unique uh technical solution that allows them to touch the sky hence the name cello got it i mean 12 seconds that is phenomenal state of the art retractable glass roof and what i love of course is while you’re driving with the roof on you’re very much

Focused on the road ahead you can feel all the driving dynamics the innovations and you’re kind of you’re in the cockpit you’re kind of channeling well i was channeling my racing driver uh i i can channel i don’t know sterling moss you can channel if i’m um well fangio um and really focus on the road ahead but if you want to in 12 seconds at 50 kilometers

An hour you’re then experiencing the entire environment around you you are kind of you know enjoying it’s a bit of an assault on your senses um and it’s just such a wonderful feeling and the only thing i’m a little nervous about and maybe you have a solution to this is it’s wonderful having the roof open when you’re in a hot sunny climate like in italy

But what happens if i want to enjoy the amazing environment around me but it’s raining because i live in london of course well we have the solution for you because this car is named chelsea sky because actually you can connect with the sky even with the rooftop on because the liquid crystal the technology that we have sounds a little bit like a a substance

But it’s not it’s a technology it’s legal the liquid it’s legal it’s a liquid crystal technology allows you to actually be completely transparent and see the sky without touching the sky as you can do when the rooftop is down so you can enjoy the sky even in the rainy skies of london i love it perfect you’ll be okay so i’ll be all right then so i can enjoy

The sky or of course at the touch of a button you can enjoy the privacy um let’s talk about the amazing engine tell me more about v6 well you know this is the heartbeat of mc20 which is the brother or sister of the cello and you know it’s um it’s a proprietary engine not only technology of maserati with amazing power efficiencies and technical solutions

Actually this is the only engine in the last 10 years has imported technology coming from formula one wow okay and you have actually got the exclusive pattern on that formula one technology none of the formula one teams do but you are the first to actually use it in a road car which is pretty impressive yeah the team has been very very creative and inventive

In finding this solution with a pre-combustion chamber that i could speak for hours about probably it’s better if our technical experts will do that later just for you know the respect of the crowd here yeah leave it to them so we’ve talked about how this is really unique by design it is innovative by nature and it’s also powered by passion now not only

Is it made here in italy is it well i mean all maseratis are made in italy um uh no man in italy no maseratis so you know beware of the you know the fakes that are around uh but actually but this one and the brother or sister the mc20 not only is completely made in italy but it’s completely made in modern wow so it’s um it’s um it’s defining moment for us

To be moderna with this car which is made in maurya with with this distinguished crowd and audience of friends and family of the maserati large families because it’s thanks to the majority family which is based here their passion the energy their talent and the hard work these type of babies are born and delivered to the world so and aren’t we lucky to

See it here today and um i hope you don’t mind but i enjoyed my drive so much i’ve planned like a three-month road trip uh with the empty cello and myself if that’s all right oh did you i didn’t i didn’t i wasn’t aware if you don’t mind to wait until tomorrow because first of all you know i would like uh this again distinguished audience to come here and

See the car you know from closer and touch the car and maybe sit in the car but also later on i’d like to invite you and the distinguished audience to a special experience and dinner in a special place how about that i’ll delay it till tomorrow morning but just because of the special guests thank you thank you with this um thank you very much enjoy the

Car enjoy the rest of the year thank you for being huge round of applause thank you you

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