2023 MAYBACH S-CLASS S680 by Virgil Abloh V12 S680 Interior Exterior Walkaround

I AM BACK with the all new 2023 S-Class S680 V12 Maybach by Virgil Abloh on our YouTube Channel featuring a stunning paintwork in two tone with sand tone and obisidian black! 😍

One of the last projects that virgil hablo worked on i love the look of these wheels how do you guys like them mybach virgilablo 150 there we go it moves back in you see that should i take it home or give it away to you guys hello guys i am back today welcoming you all with this right in front of me we have the s-class mybach the s-680 mercedes maybe by virgil

Hablo guys as you know mercedes-benz and virgil hablo have worked on plenty of cars first of all they started with the project galendervar back in the days i filmed it for you look at it here and after that they released the project mybach which is the car standing right over there i will be doing a separate video on this so stay tuned for that they did this

Project the project mybach after they revealed this car you know guys they they want to present it in miami to celebrate hundred years of maiba the brand at that point virgil ablo he passed away a few days before presentation and on base of this car they presented this special edition the mercedes-maybach s-class by virgil upload you see a lot of color tones they

Have literally taken these from the project mailbox which i showed you and in today’s video i will be doing a full walk around of this crazy looking thing afterwards also look at the interior because it’s extremely special and finish it all off with a resume so let’s get it on and talk about it this is a limited edition a production series vehicle limited to 150

Pieces only unfortunately virgil himself he passed away rest in peace at this point honestly just a few days before they literally announced these new vehicles this is one of the last projects that virgil hablo worked on but nevermind let’s start with the front all in all this is you might say it’s a 580 but no that’s a 680 version of the s-class mybach they just

Dechromed the front bumper which i don’t understand but it still looks very cool we have a two-tone finish here on the bottom with a nice sand finish i just love the color on this and bruh and looking at the front we have the base s-class headlights digital light option the mybach-specific front grille and the mybar specific bonnet with the chrome bar and the

Mercedes-benz star which is essential looking at the front bumper this is the v12 option but they dechromed the front normally if you go for the v12 this would be full chrome this is how the front looks i really love the look of this car the color is just amazing looking at the side first of all 680 long wheelbase my bar as always but there’s something very cool

Which i i really like i really like and not only like i love it the mono block wheels also finish in this nice two-tone color style these are 20 inches here give the perfect look v12 badge on the side which shows you that this is the 680 option the two-tone finish on this is extremely well done as soon as i swipe on the border right here you have no transition

This literally feels like one layer of paint literally takes the mercedes-benz factory guys one week to finish this paint and it costs a lot seamless door handles as we always have on the s-class and the maiba yeah they pop out as soon as you unlock and lock the car the maybach emblem on the c-pillar as well we have the re-axle steering on this 10 degrees four and

A half degrees it’s optional but it looks extremely nice i love the look of these wheels how do you guys like them now it’s time to talk about the rear and here we have the virgila blow s-class rear i really like it honestly guys this would be car would take looking at the rear this is based on the normal s-class my bar but the two-tone finish is just beautiful

For black here and this sand color which i’m a huge fan of the maybach badge finished in chrome the mercedes-benz star and the 680 badge as well the exhaust tips the maybach specific mod look like a usbc charger port i don’t get it i wish they were a bit bigger or something else but they they look very decent so how do you guys like the rear of this s680 mybach by

Virgil hablo and now it’s time to talk about the interior because it’s way more special than the exterior in my eyes unlocking this and now it’s time to step inside the virgilablo mybach s-class first of all before we step inside guys there are a lot of details we have to mention when we do this video yet again the interior color is obvious this is one of virgil’s

Favorite colors and it looks absolutely nice it’s a very bright shade of saddle brown it’s a nice scent brown finish i really like it and you even have this color on yeah the gloss parts here you see that normally you have this finishing piano or something but in addition with the leather finish and this it merges perfectly we have the black here in contrast yet

Again also the 4d sound system with the nice bowmaster covers finished in chrome the entrance board is the special one mybach virgilablo one of 150 the velour floor mats also with the maybach initials looking extremely nice get some brake pedals also my box specific ones the seats are the exact same ones as we also have in the s-class but looking at the cushion

Kits and this one is finished in leather and as soon as you have a closer look it literally says mercedes-benz virgil blow 150 the steering wheel a two-tone finish and yeah let’s just jump inside guys as soon as we are inside there’s something cool i have to show you first of all is this the animation and the second one there we go love it i really like it and i

Also love the color shade on this we are right now inside the my bar by words loblow just look at it i just love the details here even in the infotainment system we have the virgil upload 150 badge in here as well finished in black you see this trim finish in the sand brown i love it in addition with the nice seeds and the color and the nice contrast with the black

Here on top everything is finished in black the steering wheel as well black gloss and the nice scent finish here with the maybach initial as well you see the boom is the speaker covers as soon as i turn up the volume what oh okay weird music but as soon as i lower it again it moves back in i love the movement on this and the details all in all guys the interior

Is extremely nice but the back is even nicer so we have to check it out let’s go now it’s time to talk about the rear as soon as we open it up we have this welcoming us let’s just jump inside something very cool on this one is that we have the comfort doors you see that and it closes automatically so we are right inside guys and we have the executive seats here

The finish the leather finish is just beautiful i am in love with it also here these gloss parts finish in the exact same color tone you can put that down and you have a fridge where you can store up to three or two champagne bottles and normal bottles as well you put that back in and as soon as you push this up you have the glasses right inside here unfortunately

We don’t have them here right now but i i wish the glasses are also finished in the same color tone that would be so cool but normally they are finished in chrome also with the maybach initials yet again here with the nice kosher kiss and i like it a lot with gilablo 150 and also here the normal pillow virgilable 150 and the back again in my box style as always

Should i take it home or give it away to you guys but this comes with every mybach virgilabo edition sitting right in the back here since we have the executive seats you also have the tables yeah you can just sit in the back and nice the leather here is also finished in the same leather tone as you have it on the seats as well just close that back in and yeah

Easy usbc charger ports hdmi ports wireless charging everything as soon as you also have your bottles you can just push this button and then it opens up this here the compartment to put the champagne glasses you see there and also yeah the bottles or else and the climate control so all in all guys how do you like it please let me know in the comment section below

I’m honestly really sad that word gelabo himself couldn’t really unveil this car and see it in full flash because it’s very special i like it a lot you guys know i love the maybach and yeah it’s very sad it’s literally very sad rest in peace to virgil upload i wish his family and his entire team a lot of patience and peace guys let’s finish it off with the video

So that’s it basically for today’s video guys how do you like this mybach by virgilable 150 would you rather take this mybach this special edition byword dillable or would you go for a stock mybach leave it in the comment section below all in all i’m honest with you guys they’ve done an amazing job on these two projects and on this in specific i really like it how

Do you guys like it leave it in the comment section below looking forward to see you all again and wish you an amazing day i will be back you

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2023 MAYBACH S-CLASS S680 by Virgil Abloh! V12 S680 Interior Exterior Walkaround By Mr. Benz