2023 Mazda CX-50 2.5 S Turbo Review

2023 Mazda CX-50 Is More Expensive Than the CX-5

2023 mazda cx-60 revealed with six cylinder and hybrid power due in australia this year the mazda cx-60 marks the company’s first rear-wheel-drive six-cylinder passenger car in two decades and it’s packed with technology luxury and an optional plug-in hybrid driveline nearly three years after it confirmed plans for a new rear-wheel drive platform and inline-six

Engines mazda has revealed the first of four-rear-drive electrified suvs targeted at more premium rivals the 2023 mazda cx-60 do in australian showrooms before the end of 2022 the new cx-60 upper mid-size suv is the first mazda model to write on the company’s new large architecture designed around a rear-wheel drive layout with the option of inline six petrol

And diesel engines or a new plug-in hybrid system pricing is yet to be announced for australia however the cx-60 is positioned as a larger and more premium vehicle than today’s mid-size cx-5 suv meaning it’s unlikely to be as affordable as the thirty four thousand one hundred ninety dollars before on road costs of a cx-5 max automatic the five-seat cx-60

Will form the basis of a long-wheelbase seven-seat cx-80 for europe and japan as well as wide-body two-row cx-70 and three-row cx-90 suvs for the us those final three models remain under consideration for australia measuring 4700 millimeters long and 1890 millimeters wide the new cx-60 is about 200 millimeters longer and 50 millimeters wider than the current cx-5

Which it will be sold alongside enabling up to 50 millimeters of additional shoulder room and a larger 570 liter boot versus 438 l in the cx-5 under the skin is mazda’s new rear-wheel drive platform enabling a new plug-in hybrid all-wheel drive option that pairs a 2.5 liter four-cylinder with an electric motor for combined outputs of 241 kilowatts and 500 nm 60

Kilometers of claimed electric range and a 5.8 second zero to 100 kilometers per hour time buyers will also be able to choose between a new 3.0 liter non-turbo sky active inline 6 petrol engine and a 3.3 litre turbocharged inline-six diesel engine though power outputs for these engines are yet to be confirmed eight-speed automatics and 48-volt mild hybrids are

Standard in the petrol and diesel with a choice of rear all-wheel drive all three options are likely to reach australian showrooms though while the plug-in hybrid has been locked in for a local launch mazda australia is yet to confirm if it will be offered at launch or arrive at a later date inside the cx-60 becomes the first mazda with a fully digital instrument

Cluster using a 12.3 inch panel joined by a 12.3 inch infotainment touchscreen offering wireless apple carplay and for the first time wireless android auto a full suite of active safety technology is available as is nappa leather trim a hands-free power tailgate panoramic sunroof and a slew of luxury features inspired by pricier german and japanese luxury cars

For a full deep dive into everything there is to know about the new 2023 mazda cx-60 scroll through the subheadings below how big is the 2023 mazda cx-60 and what is its new platform the five-seat mazda cx-60 measures in at 4745 millimeters long 1890 millimeters wide and 1685 millimeters tall with 20-inch wheels making it 170 millimeters longer 45 millimeters

Wider and 10 millimeters taller than today’s cx-5 and likely slotting it into the large suv category on the australian sales charts mazda quotes 2870 millimeters between the wheel arch is 170 millimeters more than the cx-5 there’s now 570 liters of boot space including underfloor storage up from 438 l in the cx-5 increasing to 48 liters with the rear seats

Folded there’s also a larger cargo opening than before the 5-seat cx-60 debuts a new large architecture for the japanese brand powering the rear all wheels a vast departure from every car built by the company over the last 20 years excluding its sports cars and utes which have been based around front-wheel drive with the engine now mounted longitudinally with

The cylinders running along the length of the vehicle rather than along its width like in a transverse car mazda has been able to fit a new range of inline six-cylinder engines as well as plug-in hybrid technology this new platform will spawn a larger cx-80 for the european and japanese markets effectively a long wheelbase cx-60 with three rows of seats like how

Today’s cx-8 is a longer cx-5 as well as wide-body cx-72 row and cx-93 row suvs for the us plans for a new mazda6 sedan have stalled only the cx-60 has been confirmed for australia thus far the others under consideration where it will be sold alongside the current cx-5 cx-8 and cx-9 cx-9suvs for the immediate future the cx-8 and cx-9 will be phased out overseas

However in place of the cx-80 and cx-90 under the cx-60 skin there’s the same kinetic posture control chassis technology is the mx-5 sports car which we’ve reviewed here multi-link rear suspension electric power steering and a stiffer chassis with the battery placed low between the axles 2023 mazda cx-60 engines including two six-cylinders and a plug-in hybrid

Made possible by the mazda cx-60’s new longitudinal architecture is a pair of inline six cylinder engines a 3.0 liter non-turbo petrol unit running mazda’s breakthrough skyactiv x technology and a 3.3 liter turbocharged diesel engine both engines are mated to eight-speed multi-clutch automatic transmissions the first mazda automatic with more than six gears as

Well as new 48-volt mild hybrid systems term dem hybrid boost a choice of rear-wheel drive or full-time all-wheel drive is offered

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