2023 Mazda CX 50 | Complete Review | with Casey Williams

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Hi everybody it’s casey williams i love this time of year taking your friends and family to apple orchards and pumpkin patches and we have the perfect vehicle to do that with it’s a 2023 mazda cx-50 let’s give a look at it recent mazda style has been more flowing italian very elegant but what i like about the cx50 it looks a little more subaru outback perhaps but

It looks a little more rugged definitely looks like it could go across a pumpkin patch and make hay but i like this town a lot you know it’s got mazda’s grill the recent traditional grill i like it in black i like it on the vehicle the way it’s done the ledge here led headlamps and just you know kind of the way mazda’s been designed i like this too it’s kind

Of the way the hood kind of wraps over it just it just looks like it’s kind of folded fabric and i think looks really very nice but the plastic wheel wells and i really like kind of beefiness of the design i like the accentuated fenders front and rear looks really good you know size wise it looks like it’s about the size of the cx-5 it’s actually not it’s based

On the cx-30 architecture a little bit smaller but it does give you that impression of being a very large crossover again i really like this form here in the back i like the way it’s creased i like how it kind of bulges out comes over the wheel looks really nice those are 20 inch alloy wheels so they are pretty big tires come around back again everything’s just

Really clean very well integrated very nicely styled power hatch and coming inside pretty big hardware you can definitely you know anything you buy at the farm you can go get that in here okay if you need a little more space pull the lever here seats go down another one here as well so very easy to extend the luggage compartment if you want to put bicycles in

Or other gear or baby strollers that’s all very easy to get in here too mazda does interior is almost better than anybody especially in an affordable vehicle and we look at the interior i like this light everything you touch pretty much everything is padded and i like the stitching on the dash it just looks very upscale it feels very designed very intricately

Done i like that a lot and even you like the air vents here you know there’s you know there’s a little strike across here and the urban is just neatly integrated into it just fits right in these as well i like that a lot and there’s a lot of under other understated style here too you know the climate controls instead of having some great big things sticking out

Of the dash they’re just kind of tucked in real neat dual zone automatic climate i like that too up above the infotainment screen real classy just almost an art piece up there and connects to the joy wheel here in the console but some of the things i really like the heated and ventilated seats and i like this color like this kind of adobe color here i think it’s

Really classy but pretty again with the baseball stitching down the middle some that would have been a bmw 7 series years ago with kind of the opening console like this works out really well you got wireless phone charging here there’s a slot also has wireless apple carplay android auto very easy to connect everything bose audio system sounds good dual pane

Sunroof up above like that as well he did another wrapped steering wheel and on the safety front you’ve got a heads-up display projected over the hood you’ve got adaptive cruise automatic emergency braking in the front lane keep assist blind spot warning and rear cross path detection with auto brake so the full suite of safety gear there too one of the things

I share like about mazdas too is just the way they drive and handle you know the steering is just very firm the suspension just very athletic and just really likely to drive you know it feels a little bit italian but it also kind of feels japanese that way it’s just really solid and and well built and this is no exception um you know as i as i told you earlier

This is based on the smaller architecture basically the mazda 3 and the cx-30 architecture and that means instead of having a fully independent suspension in the rear like the cx-5 it has a torsion beam but if i hadn’t told you that you would never be able to figure it out from behind the wheel it just it just really is really well behaved and the powertrain is

Also very well behaved so this has a 2.5 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine delivers 227 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque so plenty of power this has all-wheel drives you can certainly through the inclement weather but plenty of power to move a you know compact almost mid-size crossover down the interstate or through hills and you know we’re talking

About going up to pumpkin patch and and going through the field so that all wheel drive and the increased ride height will come in handy there too fuel economy is really good 23 miles per gallon the city 27 on the highway and i think i think yeah you know getting the vehicle down the road and drive it i think you really enjoy it so i guess the final thing to

Consider about the cx50 is price well the cs50 starts about 27.5 this one fully equipped 43 920 and at that price i think it’s really good competition for the ford escape for the subaru forester and vehicles like that well next week we’ll run the fun car till then storm forward

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